PST Attachment Extractor

Extract attachments from PST files in bulk without losing any data. PST Attachment Extractor is 100% secure and trusted app for the extraction of PST attachments.

  • Extract attachments from PST emails in batch mode
  • PST Attachment Extractor offers multiple naming options
  • Preview PST attachment files in the software panel
  • Keeps the components and content of email intact after extraction
  • Simple and graphical interface to extract attachments from PST
extract attachments from PST
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PST Attachment Extractor Tool for Windows

PST Attachment Extractor wizard gives the best solution to extract attachments from PST mailbox along-with attachments attributes. The interface is clean and intuitive so that anyone can use the software to extract attachment files from PST emails. So, you can quickly extract PST attachments using PST Attachment Extractor tool.

  • Safe extraction process
  • Supports Non-English Text
  • Compatible with all Windows OS

PST Attachment Extractor, the highest rated on top review hubs.

Amamzing Features of PST Attachment Extractor

Extract Attachments from PST

This PST Attachment Extractor allows to extract multiple attachments from PST and save those files like excel sheets, text files, images, documents and others as desired format such as PDF, DOCX, TXT, PPT, MP3, MP4, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and many different types of formats. You can easily export all PST attachments in bulk with high accuracy. Best PST Attachment Extractor to extract multiple files from PST mailbox.

Preserve Meta Properties of Emails

PST File Attachment Extractor will save all attachments from PST files in such a way that all the meta properties and elements of the emails such as Subject, Cc, To/From, etc. will remain same. PST Attachment Extractor is capable to maintain the folder hierarchy and structure during and after the extraction process. This way user can access the emails even after the extraction process.

Advanced Filter Settings

This PST File Attachment Extractor tool allows the smart feature of Filter options. In many cases, user only want to extract attachments from PST that are specific. So, if you are also looking for a tool to extract some particular attachments then this tool can help you in that. By clicking on search bar, you will get different filtering options that you can use to filter out your files like Name, To/From, Cc, Specific date range, Time etc.

Desired Saving Options

The tool is designed in such a way that it allows to save the extracted PST attachment files where you want to save them. Sometimes users have files of many different format so it might be hard to manage all the files if they are saved on the same folder. So, to tackle the situation, PST Attachment Extractor facilitates you to choose the desired destination folder to save the resultant files that will allow you to manage those files in a proper way.

Easy to Use Program

PST Attachment Extractor has easy-to-use interface that enables to extract all attachments from PST emails in just few moments by following some basic steps. You will love using PST Attachment Extraction tool’s comprehensive panel, with advanced features. To export the attachment files from PST, the installation of Microsoft Outlook is not compulsory. This attachment extractor for PST provide 100% guaranty of retaining the data after extraction.

Preview PST Attachment Files

This powerful PST Attachment Downloader software first scans the files and load them in the software panel. From there you can have the preview of all the data stored in PST files including Emails, Contacts and Attachments before the extraction process. To view the file from the list, you have to click on that particular file to have a detailed preview. You can also extract selective attachments from PST files in the preview panel.

Automatic Detection

Outlook Attachment Extractor Tool is efficient to load the PST Files and Folders automatically from the default root folder in the software panel. This feature is important when user don’t know where is the original file save in the system. This tool will detect the location of the file and load in the panel from where you can select the files to extract the attachments from PST.

Support all Version of Windows OS

PST File Attachment Extractor tool is fully compatible with all Windows Operating System such as Win-10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc. This is beneficial for the users to because they can extract all PST attachments from the mailbox without thinking about Windows edition. Also, you will get free demo version to evaluate the working of the tool. So, you can download free PST Attachment Extractor and extract 10 attachments from PST for free.

Software Walkthrough

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Steps to Extract attachments from PST Files are:

Step 1. Run the PST Attachment Extractor in your system.

pst attachment extractor

Step 2. Browse and add folder having PST Files using Add Files/Folder option.

extract attachments from pst

Step 3. Set the desired path and Click the Extract button.

extract all attachments from pst

You're in good hands

Lynne Peterson Arizona

Great tool to extract attachments from PST files. I am really impressed with the working of the PST Attachment Extractor. It’s a pretty powerful and reliable solution and very helpful and responsive customer support. Thank you very much team.

Joe Mark United States

PST Attachment Extractor is an affordable program that is easy to set up. You can extract attachments from PST without knowing a lot about technical part. It is robust enough that it can transfer unlimited number of attachment files in few minutes. Definitely, I would like to recommend the tool to everyone.

Dawn Sr. New York

One of the most versatile and powerful PST Attachment Extractor tool. The software is so easy to use and understand. Having most advanced features that makes the process easier and smoother.

Technical Specifications

System Requirement

System Requirements


Pentium Processors

Operating System

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP


2 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)

Hard Disk

150 MB free space

About Product




Single User


Personal, Business, Enterprise

Language Supported



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*Download PST Attachment Extractor for free to save PST attachments.


How to extract attachments from PST Files?

Steps to extract attachment from PST Files are as follows:

  • Step 1. Download and Install PST Attachment Extractor on your PC.
  • Step 2. Click on Add Files or Folders and add PST files in the panel.
  • Step 3. Choose the destination path to save the file.
  • Step 4. Click on Extract button to complete the process.

This is how you can easily extract attachments from PST Files.

Does this tool maintain the integrity of data?

Yes this tool maintains the integrity of the data and will get the same file as in the original one. This PST Attachment Extractor also keep the structure of the emails intact. So you will not lose any data after extraction of attachents from PST.

Does PST Attachment Extractor have any file size limitations?

PST Attachment Extractor is designed with the advanced algorithms to give accurate results while working with large database. No matter how large the PST file is, the software will easily extract attachments from PST files without facing any error.

Is there any requirement of Outlook Installation to extract attachments from PST?

The software is fully independent tool that is able to extract attachments from PST folder without requiring Outlook installation. Although, auto detection feature will work only when Outlook is installed in your system. But attachment extraction process doesn't need Outlook installation.