IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool – Migrate Emails to Another Account

Introduction: Do you want to transfer emails from one IMAP account to another? If so, then you will get to know about the best IMAP to IMAP Migration tool. Here we will discuss all about this IMAP Migration Tool and how it works to migrate IMAP email to new server. So let’s start step by step.

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You can download the demo version of this software that allows you to transfer the first 10 emails from each folder. You can install the free trial version on any version of the Windows operating system including the latest Windows 11. This makes it easy for users to check how it works before making any investment.

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Introduction of IMAP

IMAP is known as Internet Message Access Protocol. With IMAP, you can access your email from any device. When you view or read an email message using IMAP, you are not actually downloading or saving the message to your computer. Read from your email service instead. This allows you to check your email from different devices around the world such as from your phone, computer, and laptop.

Overview of IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool

This software is the best and most effective solution to migrate IMAP emails to new server losslessly. It is able to transfer emails from one IMAP account to another directly. You will only be prompted to enter valid credentials and IMAP server details of your account to start the migration. Worried about your personal information being exposed? Don’t worry, your personal information is never stored or shared.

You can also say that this is the all-in-one solution for all your email migration needs. You can smoothly migrate emails from one Gmail account to another and all other IMAP-supported services in just a few minutes.

If you want to see your emails before starting the migration, then this tool offers an option to preview emails with their attached data in different modes. Moreover, IMAP to IMAP migration tool gives you the freedom to migrate IMAP email to new server in bulk mode. Yes, you are free to transfer as many emails from your account at the same time.

In addition, it offers a search option that allows you to search your emails for a particular keyword. This will help you migrate emails you really want instead of migrating all unnecessary emails and save time.

Before starting, the procedure, just download and install the software on your system. After that follow these steps.

Note: If you want to download emails from IMAP services, you can check this IMAP Backup Wizard now. This is an effective software to archive IMAP emails locally.

Steps to Migrate IMAP Email to New Server are as follows;

Step 1. Launch IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool and go to the Open tab.

imap backup wizard

Step 2. Click Email Accounts and select Add Account option.

add account

Step 3. Now, enter the credentials of your IMAP account.

add login details

Step 4. Then click Export and select IMAP from the saving list.

imap to imap migration tool

Step 5. Put valid credentials of your other account and click Save.

migrate imap emails to new server

You are done now!

This is how you can transfer emails from one IMAP account to another in a simple 5 steps.

How Effective is this IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool for you?

This is the best tool to migrate emails that also offers so many useful features that users can use to perform the migration as needed. Some of the great features are listed here:

Direct Migration: It is powerful enough to migrate IMAP email to new server in a direct manner. Yes, you can import emails from one account to another or you can say one service to another directly via their credentials.

No External Utility Required: This is a standalone program that does not require any help from external applications to complete this migration. You just need to download this IMAP to IMAP migration tool to get your job done.

No Limitations: you can migrate multiple emails from your account at once. Also, you can transfer unlimited IMAP emails with no limitations and no fear of data loss. This is a secure and powerful utility that allows you to migrate any number of emails and any size of emails.

Select Folders: You have the option to migrate IMAP emails to new server from all folders in a single attempt. Apart from that, you can also select folders from which you want to transfer your emails.

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Final Thoughts

With the help of this amazing IMAP to IMAP migration tool you can smoothly transfer your emails from one account to another. It is tested by experts and able to migrate emails from all IMAP-based services. So download the tool now and start migrating IMAP emails to the new server.

Real User Reviews

I used this tool last week to migrate emails from my Office 365 to another account. I liked its interface and it allowed me to transfer selected emails from my account, which saves me a lot of time. Overall, this is very useful software to get my work done.

This IMAP to IMAP migration tool is preferred by my friend who works in an IT company. Actually, I wanted to transfer Google emails from all folders to my other account and this software worked great for me. Now I can access all my emails from my old account to the new one.