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Yota MBOX Viewer

  • Open and View MBOX Files along with attachments
  • Simple and Intuitive interface, easy to operate
  • Different Preview modes available to open MBOX emails
  • Designed for all the latest and older Windows OS
*Free MBOX Email Reader is available for download to open MBOX files.

Why choose Yota MBOX Email Viewer?

MBOX File Viewer is one of the most powerful, easy to use and highly trusted software. It can open corrupt, inaccessible and damaged files with the originality maintained. It has user friendly interface which allows you to open multiple MBOX files at a time without any extra efforts.

How this Free MBOX Viewer Tool Works for you?

Before starting the process, make sure you have downloaded the tool from the given link. Follow the below steps to open multiple MBOX files at once:

Advanced Features of MBOX File Viewer Tool

Let's look at some highlighted features of this powerful tool.

mbox viewer tool

Open Multiple MBOX Files

If you are having multiple MBOX files in your day-to-day tasks, this viewer is the ideal tool for viewing all of them in one place. With its multiple file selection feature, you can view the mailbox data of selected files at the same time, allowing you to thoroughly examine them to see the MBOX files with all the important details.

preserve data

Preserve Meta Properties of Emails

This is a program that can be used to view, scan, read and open MBOX files. This software doesn't cause any modification to your files. Also the email formatting, meta properties and all the other elements remains the same. The tool will completely scan the files before uploading them into the panel. It is highly trusted app that does not let your data missing.

open mbox file without thunderbird

No Thunderbird Installation Required

EML Viewer is a free, simple and easy-to-use utility that allows you to open MBOX files without Thunderbird installation. It also enables you to view multiple MBOX files along with their attachments in one window. The tool supports all kinds of documents including emails, folders, contacts, tasks etc.

easy to use

Simple and Easy Solution

MBOX Email Viewer has a very intuitive GUI, which is easy for any type of user to operate. It doesn’t need any technical knowledge from the part of the user, so people who have no previous experience with the utilities can use it without much effort. Due to its simplicity, the utility can be used by a large number of people all over the world.

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Common Questions Asked by User

How can I view all MBOX files on my system using this utility?

Steps to open multiple MBOX files with attachments are as follows:

  • Step 1. Download and Install MBOX Viewer Tool on your system.
  • Step 2. Click Open >> Email Data Files >> MBOX Files >> Choose Files.
  • Step 3. Now add and choose the files from the your system. The tool will automatically detect the files.
  • Step 4. Here you can easily open or view the files just by clicking the email files.

This is how you can easily open or view the MBOX files along with attachments.

Can I read the files without installing Thunderbird?
Yes, it is the standalone tool that does not require any other application to open the MBOX files. This tool does not depend on any email platform to provide you the results.
Can I install this utility on my latest Windows 11 OS?
Yes the MBOX Viewer tool is designed for all the Windows OS. So, you can install it on any latest or older Windows machine.
Can I open corrupt MBOX files without any trouble?
Yes. The tool is very much capable in opening the corrupt or damaged MBOX files without any efforts.

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