yota phone number extractor

Yota Phone Number Extractor

Quickly extract all phone numbers from email files in a separate folder without facing any difficulty using the best Phone Number Extractor.

  • Extract contacts from PST, MBOX, MSG, DBX, EML file formats
  • No extra application is required to fetch the mobile numbers
  • Shows the entire list of phone numbers before extracting them
  • Able to export hundreds of contacts at once in batch mode
  • Designed with advanced algorithm yet having the simple panel
  • Free demo of the tool is available for evaluating the performance
*Download Phone Number Extractor for free to evaluate the working of the tool.

Why Choose Yota Phone Number Extractor?

This tool offers a solution to users who want to extract phone numbers from Computer files. All you need to do is to add the file or folder that contains the phone numbers and then click on the Save button. You can save time by using this software when you have several files with phone numbers and you need to export them all at once in a single folder.

Remarkable Features of Phone Number Extractor Tool

Here are the some outstanding benefits of this software.

extract phone numbers from email file

Export Phone Numbers from Different Files

Phone number extractor is a free tool that has been built to provide a simple way of extracting contact information from Microsoft Outlook files like PST, OST, MSG and other email formats such as EML, DBX, MBOX, etc. The tool also allows you to fetch phone numbers from multiple email clients.

fetch Phone Number from multile email files

Fully Secured and Safe Tool

It is a reliable tool with no malware or spyware. Moreover, the software is completely secure and does not store any of the extracted data on internet servers or in its own databases. So it can be safely used by anyone without having to worry about his/her privacy being compromised.

preview of contacts list

Quick Search and Preview

Phone Number Extractor is a handy tool that provides the user with an overview of all the contacts in their mail account. It is a powerful tool which provides the user with all their contact numbers in one place. It not only extracts and saves their contact numbers from emails, but also allows them to search for contacts in an email and view a preview of their contacts list.

easy to use

Easily Extract Multiple Attachments

It is a desktop application that functions as an easy to use and efficient way to extract phone numbers from different file formats in bulk. The tool can upload as many number of files as you want. It can extract numbers of mobile numbers irrespective of the file size and there is no problem with data loss also.

free phone number extractor

Free Demo of the tool

Free Trial of the tool has been provided which helps the users to easily check the functionality and efficiency of the tool before investing money. Using free Phone Number Extractor, you can export mobile numbers from first 10 files. The demo version has all the features and functionality same as the pro version.

How Does this Utility Work for you?

Follow the below steps to extract all phone numbers from a mailbox folder:

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Common Questions Asked by User

How to extract phone numbers from emails files in bulk?

Steps to fetch phone numbers from computer files are as follows:

  • Step 1. Download and Install Yota Phone Number Extractor on your PC.
  • Step 2. Click on Open and select the files from which you want to fetch the contacts.
  • Step 3. Click Extract and select Phone Numbers to proceed.
  • Step 4. Choose the destination path to save the file.
  • Step 5. Click on Save button to complete the process.

This is how you can easily extract multiple phone number from any mailbox folder in bulk.

Is there any file size limitations to add the files?
No. There is no file size limiations. You can easily extract unlimited mobile numbers files without any issue.
Can I install this Phone Number Extractor on my Windows 10 PC?
Yes, you can easily install the tool on all your Windows OS including Win 11, Win 10, Win 8, Win 7, etc.
I want to extract 10,000 phone numbers at once. Is this tool capable in doing it without any hassle?
Yes. This tool is very much capable in extracting thousands of contacts in a single process without missing a single detail.