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When you split your hard drive into two or more segments and use each segment as a separate drive. This is called Partition a hard drive. And for this, you need one of the best partition manager tool that will make your task easy.

Why do you need to Partition a Hard Drive?

If you want your system more productive then you need to partition a hard drive in two or more segments. Or you want to use multiple operating systems in your PC or laptop then also you need to to partition your hard drive. Or you want an isolated drive for you personal data so that even if your OS crashed then you have your personal data safe. So there are so many advantages of partition a disk.

If you are looking for the best disk partitioning tools then you should definitely try this EaseUS Partition Master. This free disk partitioning tool is so easy to handle without any data loss. But there are some limitations with this partition wizard. For example, system requires a reboot, dynamic volumes cannot be managed and other programs will be installed along with the set up of Partition Master Free Edition. It is one of the best partition software in the market.


EaseUS Partition Master

Pros and Cons of Partition Master Free Edition

  • User friendly interface
  • Flexible in adjusting the size of partition
  • Allows merging of partitions

  • Support only 8TB hard disk capacity
  • Requires system reboot
  • Can’t manage dynamic volumes
  • Doesn’t allow to migrate OS to SSD/HDD

For the professional use you can purchase the paid version of Partition Master Professional. This is one of the best disk partitioning software for Windows with so many advanced features which may lack in its free edition.

Key Features of Partition Manager Tool

  • Migrate OS to SSD/HDD: This professional partition wizard allows to transfer your data from Windows operating system to a new SSD/HDD without losing your original data. Now you can easily copy your data to a new disk using this best partition recovery software for windows 10 and allow you to make a backup file of your data.
  • Wiping the Hard Disk data: This partition manager has a feature of wiping partition that allows you to erase all the previous data in that particular partition. It also has an option to erase the data multiple times for permanent deletion of files. It helps in disk management in Windows 10
  • Make and Resize the Partition: This powerful partition master enables you to make the partition in a quick and easy manner. To resize the partition drive you just have to select the partition drive and click on Resize/Move partition. Enter some basic details about the size of the disk and your work is done with this partition manager software.
  • Optimization and Clean up: This best partition tool allows you to clean up all the junk files on your system or browser. The system will analyze the selected junk files and delete all the unnecessary files without any hassle. Its disk optimizing tool rebuild MBR to fix booting issues, defragment the disk and conduct a disk surface test.
  • Create WinPE Bootable Disk: This feature of disk partition tool makes a copy of partition software on some external storage to restore your Windows system when the OS fails. This advanced feature is really useful at the times when the operating system corrupts. Using this feature you can easily restore your data.

User Manual

Installation of Partition Master

Download Now

  • Click on the file to begin the installation process.
  • Now Click on Run from the dialogue box.
  • Click on Next and check the box I accept the agreement from there.
  • Adjust some settings according to your need location etc and click on Next.
  • Click Install to confirm your previous selection.
  • Click Finish after completion of installation.

Uninstall the Partition Tool

Make sure that the Partition Software is not running in the background.

  • Click “Control Panel“, and then click the “Uninstall a Program” icon.
  •  Right-click on EaseUS Partition Master, and then click “Uninstall“.
  •  Click “Yes” when the confirmation dialog box appears.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the software.

This disk partition software is a comprehensive tool to partition a disk and manage it without losing any data. It has many advanced features that work very well to get your task done. Its a reliable and smart disk partitioning tool that helps you to manage your hard drives in many ways and optimize them for better performance.

How to Resize Dynamic Volume using Partition Tool?

This Partition Master helps you to resize the all different types of dynamic volume. To resize the volume follow the below steps:

  • Select the drive which you want to resize.
  • Click on Move/Resize from the list of features.
  • Drag and drop the borders from right side to set the size and position.
  • Click OK when ready.

How to Merge the Disks using Partition Master tool?

Merging the disk is the best solution for the low disk space. This is because the allocation of the disk size is not proper. Some segments of the disk are too large and some are too small. For this, you need to merge the disk. Here is how you can do it using partition recovery manager:

  • Select the partition you want to merge and click on Merge.
  • Choose the adjacent partition in which you want to merge the drive.
  • Select to merge the drive to 1 of the 2 specified partitions.
  • Click OK when ready.


One of the best disk partitioning tool, I was looking for. It makes my PC optimized and improves its performance. I really liked this software
Tracy Colin
This partition manager lets you merge your disks in few clicks. and it is so easy to use. You don’t have to worry about using this partition recovery manager.
Bella Wing
I am glad that I have used this comprehensive tool. I was not able to manage my PC and all my valuable data was at the risk. And I need to Split my hard drives so I could save my files. And my task was completed by this great partition manager tool.


What if I don't need a selected partition?

If you don’t need a particular partition you can delete it anytime using this disk partition tool. You just need to select that partition and click on Delete option from Feature list. And you’re done.

How can I merge D drive and E drive in Windows 10?

You can merge the two drives by selecting them and click on merge option.

I want to Optimize the performance of my system. How this partition software works for me?

The performance of your system slows down because of improper allocation of the drives. This software helps in optimizing the space using 4K alignment . This software also clean up the junk files from your system.

Do you have some Refund Policy?

Yes. We offer 30-day money-back guarantee. For more info go to Refund Policy
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Specification: Partition Manager for Windows

Operating System

Windows 10/8.1/8/7/, Vista/XP

File System Supported



at least with X86 or compatible CPU with main frequency 500MHz


minimum of 512MB

Disk Space

hard disk drive with 100MB of available space

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Partition Manager for Windows


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