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Yota Yandex Backup Tool

Yandex Mail Backup tool is a Windows utility that allows to backup Yandex Mail into various email clients & file formats such as PST, MBOX, EML and more.

  • Convert multiple Yandex emails in one single attempt
  • Retains all the metadata of email along with attachments
  • Provides multiple options for file naming conventions
  • Compatible with all the lates versions of Windows OS
*Download Demo Version of Yandex Backup Wizard and save 10 items per folder for free.

Why Yota Yandex Mail Backup Tool?

This Yandex Backup Wizard is the best way to download your emails after a backup in your hard drive or any other storage device. The tool is easy to use and has been designed keeping in mind the needs of even non-technical users. It doesn't matter whether you are technically skilled or not, our software will work seamlessly for every type of user.

Multilingual Support

The software comes in different language. That means, you can install the utility in different languages like Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, and others. Yota Yandex Backup Solution is now being used world-wide, so we make it easy for the non-English users also.

Single Panel Interface

The tool has been designed in a way that makes the backup task more simpler and straightforward. With the best Email Backup Wizard, you can backup all the emails in single click. The interface is easy to use and only requires single-panel navigation.

Free Download

We are offering the free demo of Yandex Mail Backup Tool. So that you can check the working capabilities and operational features of the tool without spending any cost. It allows you to save 10 emails per folder. After getting satisfied, you can buy the full version.

Highlighted Features of Yandex Mail Backup Tool

Let's have a look at some advance features of this utility.

yandex mail backup

Cloud Migration

Users looking to switch from Yandex to other email account can easily do so with this option that provides easy method to transfer emails from Yandex to other cloud servers. You can move Yandex emails into Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, G Suite / Google Workspace,, Hotmail, etc. It is complete IMAP Backup Wizard that can help you to migrate entire mailbox items including emails, contacts, attachments, and other customized folder.

backup yandex mail to hard drive

Preserve Folder Structure

When you have a load of emails in Yandex server that you need to import into differnt email client, you're going to want a utility that makes sure all your info is well-preserved after migration. The utility is capable to keep the data true to the original structure including important elements like cc, bcc, subject name plus date, time and signature and also hyperlinks and attachments that were included in the original message.

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Pause and Resume Option

Yota Yandex Backup Tool can be paused and resumed according to your needs. It is an option that makes it easy to download Yandex emails during network interruption. This may come in handy when you're working via a slow connection or if you need to take a break during your backup process. The best thing about this feature is that you can resume the backup process easily as per your requirement so your data will not be lost.

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Save Multiple Yandex Emails

If you are looking to backup your Yandex Mail to Office 365 or any other email application in bulk, then Batch Converter features is best for you. This software can not only migrate multiple emails in batch mode but also offers selective option to save only required emails which you want to convert your data in order to save up disk space. It is a one-stop solution to solve all your backup problems. You can also extract phone numbers from Yandex Mail using this utility.

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Migrate Selective Files

Yandex Mail Backup Tool has been integrated with advanced search option that allows you to search the particular file. You can search the emails according to date, subject or with any specific word. You don't have to manually scroll the large number of files in order to search a particular file. It is a great feature that can help you migrate selective files instead of saving all Yandex Mail account data.

More Features of Yandex Mail Backup Tool

Backup Emails Locally

Yandex Backup Wizard has many features that make it an excellent choice for backing up Yandex Mail to Local PC. It will allow you to easily create backups of all of your messages and attachments in just one click and save at your own decided location. All you need is to just choose the location before pressing the Save button.

Migrate Yandex to Office 365

It offers direct option to migrate Yandex emails to Office 365. Users are just required to fulfill the necessary login details of target location and then choose the desired mail folder to save back up. Once the process is completed, they will be able to access their mailbox with emails and attachments in Office 365 with all its data.

Compatible with Windows OS

Yandex Mail Backup toolkit is available for Windows users to backup your data on cloud. It works with all the latest Windows operating systems – from Windows 11 OS to Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, for both 32-bit and 64-bit. The installation process is very simple and straightforward and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

100% Accurate and Fast

The migration process can be completed in minutes, which makes this tool the perfect choice. Yandex Backup Tool is a powerful tool that helps to backup and restore data. It also has some very useful features such as the ability to keep all emails intact by converting them without loss, as well as the option of backing up data with ease.

Free Demo

The user can choose between a free and premium version of Yandex Backup Tool. The free version has a limit of exporting 10 files per folder. The premium version, on the other hand, has no limits on storage space or number of accounts backed up. The trail version is provided for the users who want to check the working of the tool for free.

Independent Utility

This tool offers many file naming options, which enables users who are downloading their emails from one account to another to give their files a more precise name so they can easily find them later on if needed. Since it is standalone, the Yandex Mail backup tool can be used without any help from technology experts or IT specialist.

How does this Yandex Backup Tool Work?

Follow the below steps to backup Yandex emails to hard drive:

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Common Questions Asked by User

How to backup Yandex Mail to hard drive?

Steps to save backup from Yandex Mail to hard drive are as follows:

  • Step 1. Install Yandex Backup Tool in your system.
  • Step 2. Then click Open >> Email Accounts >> Add Account.
  • Step 3. Enter login credentials like ID and Password and preview the files.
  • Step 4. Click on Exract and select desired saving option.
  • Step 5. Set the location and click on Save button to start the process.

Done! You have succesfully saved Yandex Mail backup on your PC using this utility.

Can I use this utility on Windows 8 PC?
Yes. It is purely Windows based utility that does support all Windows OS including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, etc.
How much time will it take to save backup files using Yandex Mail Backup Software?
It has been tested with 40 GB of data and we got really fast results in comparison to other competitive tools. But still, it also depends on your internet connectivity.
Can I preview the files before saving Yandex Mail backup?
Yes. The tool allows you to preview the files before making any changes to the original data. You can click on the file and it will show you all the details along with the attachments.
How many mailboxes can be migrated with this Yandex Mail Backup Wizard?
Since there is no file size limitation while saving Yandex mailbox data, you can add as many as files you want. This Yandex Backup tool is the best solution to export unlimited mailboxes from Yandex account.