Convert MSG Contacts to vCard Format Without Outlook – Know How?

Are you among those users who have Outlook MSG files which having important contacts? Now, do you need to convert MSG contacts to vCard format? If you are looking for the same, then this article will help you out. Here I am introducing you to the best MSG to vCard Converter that lets you save Outlook messages contacts to VCF file format.

Outlook is the most popular email client for desktop nowadays. It is available for Windows and Mac OS in different versions. Outlook allows its users to easily create MSG files by simply dragging and dropping processes.

Most users created or have MSG files that contain contacts and now they want to export into VCF file to access their Outlook contacts to another email client or devices.

Why Need to Convert MSG Contacts to vCard Format?

vCard is widely used in business settings and they are efficient when it comes to sending contact information.

One of the most common reasons is when you want to access contacts on the phone, other email clients like Thunderbird, and another operating system.

Another reason is that you want to share your contact information with another person so they can reach out to you without having to go through a long process of finding your contact info on their own.

In the section, below I am going to provide a quick overview of the best MSG to VCF converter to accomplish this task.

MSG to vCard Converter – Best Solution to Export Outlook MSG Contacts

Are there multiple tools available to convert MSG contacts to vCard file format? Yes, you are right. But which one is perfect and safe for you, finding difficult for the users. After testing and trying some of them I found Yota MSG to VCF Converter Tool. This will help you to convert MSG contacts to VCF format without Outlook installation.

The software permits you to export contacts from multiple MSG files in a single attempt. An individual can smoothly perform MSG file conversion from Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and previous versions. It is easy to access even by novice users because it comes with a simple graphical interface that makes it more useful for conversion.

To begin the process, first, you need to download the tool on your computer.

Steps to Convert MSG Contacts to VCF Format are as follows;

Step 1. Open MSG to vCard Converter and click Email Data Files and select MSG Files.

msg to vcard converter

Step 2. Preview all contacts and select vCard format after clicking on Export.

msg to vcf

Step 3. Select folder to store contacts and hit the Save button.

convert msg contacts to vcard

Finished! This is how one can smoothly convert MSG contacts to vCard file format without Outlook installation.

Now the question arises why you should choose Yota MSG to VCF Converter. The answer is simple. This tool has all the features that every user would want for their conversion. In the following section, I will explain some features of the tool.

Why Yota MSG to vCard Converter Recommended?

Completely Secure Utility: This tool is 100& safe and an efficient way of saving time and money by converting MSG contacts to VCF format that can be used in different platforms. It saves you the hassle of manually typing out your contact details or emailing them to yourself.

No Limitations: The conversion process is easy and fast. It only takes a few steps to convert MSG contacts to vCard format. You can also use this converter to export multiple MSG files in one go. Moreover, it has no limitations, one can easily transfer unlimited Outlook messages with no loss of any single contact.

Compatibility: MSG to VCF Converter does not have compatibility issues regarding Windows OS versions and Outlook versions. It enables you to save Outlook messages in VCF file format on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and others. Also, it supports Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and previous version messages.

Search Option: Yota MSG to vCard Converter also has an advanced feature which is search option. With this, you can search your contacts by specific keyword and export them into VCF format. It helps you to save time and space by avoiding exporting unnecessary contact details.

Free Preview: The software provides a free preview of Outlook MSG contacts after being added to the panel. You can click on the particular contact and the tool will display a quick preview of all contact details.

Download and Try Demo Version of MSG to VCF Converter Tool

I know we don’t pay anything without going through a process. Right? I also had the same concerns and that’s why I downloaded and tried the demo version first. I was satisfied with the trial version, then I tried the full version to convert MSG contacts to VCF file format without any limit. You can also first try the free version to test efficiency.


Hope you get the answer on how to convert MSG contacts to vCard? Here I shared my personal experience and which solution helps me to accomplish this task. MSG to vCard converter works great and provides fast results. So, download the tool on your system and give it a try.