Privacy Policy

Yota Software is primarily committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all information shared by users. We do not sell or distribute information about you or your purchases to third parties.

We use your information only to improve the user experience on our website and share information about our products and services with your permission. increase.

Read our privacy policy to learn about your privacy and how we protect the sensitive information you share with us.

Information Gathering

Every time you make a purchase on our website, you will receive the information required to complete the transaction at checkout. Please provide the correct information to process your order. Your perfonal information is stored securely and cannot be misused by others.

We collect your information for the following processes:

The information you provide when ordering will be used to send your order and email confirmation. We may also contact you to clarify your request.

We use the personal information you provide when you submit a question to a technical support team. Your email address will be used to send replies from our support team.


We may use cookies to record time or visits to pages. If you are not satisfied with this, you can disable the acceptance of cookies in your browser settings. Even if cookies are disabled, you can still use our website to meet your needs, such as online order forms, emails, and live chat with our support team.