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Yota Email Backup Wizard

Powerful and easy to use Email Archive Tool which supports more than 200 email services. The software is available for all Windows OS versions. You can backup your emails to the computer with zero loss of data.

  • Backup Emails from Multiple Webmail Servers with attachments
  • Maintains all the meta properties, email formatting, and structure
  • Download all emails to popular formats like PST, MBOX, EML, PDF, etc.
  • Export emails from one client to other with high precision
  • The Best Email Backup Wizard comes with friendly user interface
  • Option to Choose the desired location to save the emails into PC
  • Provide Advanced Filters to save selective emails and contacts
  • Able to transfer emails from one account to another directly
  • Provide Quick and Full Preview of Email data in Different Modes
*Download Yota Email Backup Tool for free to download all your mailbox data.

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Why Choose Yota Email Backup Wizard?

Download Email Archive tool to protect your data from being lost or deleted. It works by creating a complete copy of your mailbox, and backup all files including emails, photos, videos and contacts. This backup can be stored either on the local memory, or online cloud servers like Yahoo, O365, etc. This software permits you to backup emails from 100+ email services to the PC. User can download emails to multiple file formats and access cloud accounts emails to several email clients. Quickly download your emails and protect emails from hackers.

Zero-Loss Technology

Email Backup Tool is a powerful utility for email mailboxes to save your email messages, contacts, calendars and notes in just one click. There are no file size limitations, you can backup as unlimited files and the software will not become slow or freeze your system while working with large number of Webmail mailbox items.

Work without Limitations

The utility is able to save all mailbox items such as email messages, contacts, calendars, and notes in just one click. There are no file size limitations, you can backup as unlimited files and the software will not become slow down or hang your system while working with large number of emails during email archive process.

Streamlined Process

The best Email Backup Wizard helps you boost your productivity by providing streamlined functionality for downloading multiple emails and attachments just by entering login details. Plus, its self-explanatory wizard offers clients a more efficient and effective way to download emails from Webmail to computer or cloud server.

Prime Features of Email Backup Tool

Let's look at some amazing features of this email archive tool.

yota email backup wizard

Support Multiple Email Clients

It is a comprehensive solution which can easily backup your email account to various email services. One of the main features of this software is, it supports more than 200 email services. So you are free to use this utility to backup various emails from different servers. The tool supports Gmail Backup, Office 365 Backup, Backup, and so on.

best email backup wizard

Save on Local Hard Drive

This is the best Email Backup Wizard which is reliable and easy to use software that is designed with an aim to provide complete backup of mailbox items from source location to target location. The tool is capable of creating offline backup of mailbox data including emails, contacts and calendars and save it on local PC or hard drive without facing any issue or technical complication.

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Maintain Folder Hierarchy

The best Email Backup Software is a smart tool for backing up your emails from all major webmail providers to your desired location. It download emails with the full hierarchy of folders, including subfolders. It does not alter the original messages in any way. This ensures that you'll never lose any single information while saving backup file of emails using this utility.

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Email Filters for Selective Backup

At Yota, we offer you the most advanced yet simple to use email archive tool in the world. It comes with an Advance filter option that can be used to filter out emails based on to/from, email subject and sender's name. In addition, you can can download emails within the specific date range. All you need to enter the starting and ending date in the respective field.

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Download Emails from IMAP Account

For those users who are looking to migrate from an IMAP account, this email backup wizard is a convenient option. It has an option that will automatically detect the default port number and offers email clients as well as file formats for download. After entering the IMAP details, such as the host name and port number, you can easily migrate their data seamlessly. Users can snmoothly perform Roundcube Backup, Rackspace Backup, GoDaddy Backup, and many more services.

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Free Demo to Try

If you want to try the tool without investing your money, you can always download the free version of this software. The demo version will give you an idea about how well the software works. You can check out the features and functionality by downloading the free version first before paying for it. After getting satisfied you can buy the full version anytime.

best email backup wizard

Compatible with Windows OS

This Email Backup Wizard is compatible with most versions of Windows and even the newest version Windows 11, which means that it's a perfect choice for all of those who are unsure whether they can istall this utility on their Windows PC or not. Another reason so many consider this tool is its incredibly user-friendly GUI that makes it very easy to operate no matter what your level of technical expertise is!

Additional Key Features Provided by Email Backup Wizard

Friendly Interface

This is known as the best email backup software that has a simple user interface. In this way, a regular computer user can easily backup their account without the help of a technical expert. So, what are you waiting for, download the tool and start creating a backup of your account to the computer.

Download Emails Locally

It provides support to download emails from your account to the computer or local drive. User can also save their emails to several file formats such as PDF, PST, EML, MBOX, CSV, TXT, and others. After saving emails to these formats, you can access your emails on multiple email applications and browsers.

Zero Data Modification

The Email Backup Wizard is designed using a sophisticated algorithm that doesn't change a single piece of information throughout the process. Users can safely download emails without losing data. The software is 101% safe and free from all viruses or malware.

Cloud to Cloud Email Backup

The software also comes with an advanced facility to cloud or cloud email data migration. Now, user can easily move emails from one account to another in a direct manner. For example- one can transfer from one Google account to another account. Or user can move emails from Google account to Office 365 account.

Pause & Resume

If you are unable to continue the running backup process due to weak internet connection, power cut, and other reasons. Then don't worry, you don't need to start the backup from the beginning. Email Backup Wizard gives you a pause and resume option so that you can pause and resume the process at any time. The process will start from where you paused it.

Windows Supportive

No matter which Windows operating system installed on your computer or laptop, the software is compatible with all latest and earlier versions of Microsoft Windows. You are free to download this tool on Windows 11, 10, 8, and other editions. After downloading , you can install it on both 32 & 64-bit machines to start the backup.

Virus and Ad Free

This software is totally free from viruses and advertisment. You can undoubtedly download it on your Windows PC or laptop and securely backup your account emails along with all attachments. Plus, the email archive tool is powerful to download unlimited emails from your account without showing any limitation bar.

Keep Data Original

Email Backup Wizard is known for its fast and accurate backup results. It keeps all email properties like To, From, CC and others. The software also maintains the folder hierarchy of the emails during the process. Once you have downloaded your emails on PC, you can easily access them in multiple email clients by saving emails in file formats.

How to Download Emails Using the Best Email Backup Software?

Follow the below steps to save emails in hard drive:

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Common Questions Asked by User

How to backup emails with attachments using this Email Backup Tool?

Steps to download emails to PC are as follows:

  • Step 1. Download and install Yota Email Backup Wizard on your Windows PC.
  • Step 2. Go to Open and select Email Accounts. Enter login credentials of your account.
  • Step 3. Click on Export and select desired file saving option.
  • Step 4. Finally, select the path to store data and click on the Save button.

This is how you can easily download emails into desired format using Email Archive Tool.

Is there any file size limitation for performing hotmail email backup?
No, there is no such limitation on file size or number of files. You can easily perform Hotmail backup process without worrying about the file size.
Can I download emails from specific date using this Email Backup Wizard?
Yes, the best email backup software have in-built filter options that can help you in downloading emails from specific date range without any efforts.
Does this tool compatible with Windows 11?

Yes, this email backup tool is compatible with all the latest and previous version of Windows including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, etc.

Is Yota Email Backup Wizard safe?

Yes, this email archive tool is totally safe and secure which gives you 100% accurate results in just a few simple steps.

Can I transfer emails from my one Google acocunt to another?

Of course, the software permits you to transfer all your emails from one Google account to another just using their login ID and password.

How to protect emails from hackers?

To save your emails from hackers, you can follow these serveral steps:

  1. Use strong and unique passwords
  2. Enable two-factor authentication
  3. Use a secure email platform
  4. Keep your software and devices up to date
  5. Regularly Backup your emails using Email Backup Wizard