How to Backup Yahoo Mail to PC with Attachments? – 100% Working Solution

Creating a backup of Yahoo emails to the computer is an important step to avoid losing important emails. Yahoo Mail has many features to help you manage your email, however, it’s always a good choice to have a backup copy of your important emails in case of unexpected data loss or account hacking problems. This blog will teach you how to backup Yahoo Mail to PC step by step.

In this write-up, we will discuss the best and 100% working solution to backup Yahoo email to computer. Here, we going to introduce an effective and expert-recommended tool to accomplish this task. Download the free demo of the Yahoo Backup Wizard 2023 from the below button.

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Nowadays emails play an important role in everyone’s life. And most of us share some important data through Yahoo Mail and other email clients or accounts. That is why creating a backup has become a necessity now. By protecting email, you can ensure that you have secured and protected. However, many users don’t know how to archive Yahoo Mail to hard disk or PC securely. This post explains how to use a professional tool to back up your Yahoo mailbox to the computer.

How to Backup Yahoo Emails to PC?

In general, there is no direct option to transfer Yahoo emails officially. While there are some methods that you can use to complete this task, they are not reliable solutions. To overcome all these problems, Yota offers the best email archiving software to users. For this reason, most companies are choosing this outstanding tool to take backups of Yahoo emails.

Yota Software allows you to backup Yahoo Mail to PC in popular file formats. You can then access these files into your respective email clients. This tool also allows you to export selective emails from your Yahoo and save them to your local PC. It is developed with an advanced coding system but has a simple user interface that will allow anyone to download the tool and backup Yahoo emails to computer without any prior technical knowledge.

Let’s get into the detailed steps on how to backup Yahoo emails to a local PC. But first, download the free demo version of the tool from the below download button.

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Note: The demo version of the tool allows you to take backup of Yahoo emails but you can export only 10 items per folder from your Yahoo mailbox. This will allow you to test the tool and evaluate its capability of the tool before making any investment.

Steps to Backup Yahoo Mail to PC are as follows:

Step 1. Install and Run the Tool on your PC. Go to Open >> Email Accounts >> Add account.

yahoo backup wizard

Step 2. Login to the panel using Yahoo Credentials.

enter yahoo mail account credentials

Step 3. Select the desired file format from the list.

backup yahoo mail to pc

Step 4. Define the location. Click on the Start button to begin the process.

backup yahoo emails to pc

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Why is it so Important to Backup or Save Yahoo Emails?

Today, email plays an important role in personal as well as business communications. Your personal data, business invoices, contracts, and other important documents can be saved in Yahoo email. It can be safely transmitted from one place to another. Ever thought about what will happen if all your Yahoo emails got deleted? Accidents can happen at any time. Important emails get corrupted or permanently deleted for whatever reason. In such a situation, data recovery becomes almost impossible if there is no backup available. However, backups are often neglected.

Some Prominent Features of the Tool

Safe and easy to use: It is the most reliable and secure tool to backup Yahoo Mail to PC. One can easily get the exact files without manipulating the originality of Yahoo emails. This application is also very easy to use. Both technical and non-technical users can easily operate this application without any technical assistance.

Backup emails in bulk: If you are looking for a solution that permits you to take backup of Yahoo emails to PC in bulk, this is the best tool for you. The batch mode feature makes it easy to backup multiple emails from the Yahoo mailbox at the same time. All you have to do is select and upload the required files that you want to back up to your PC.

Backup of Complete Yahoo mailbox: The tool supports the complete backup of Yahoo emails to PC. You can back up all folders like draft, inbox, sent, and other folders from Yahoo Mail to PC. All your attachments will also be transferred.

Retains all email properties: If you are using this tool to backup Yahoo Mail to PC, then it retains all email properties during and after the backup process. No changes or modifications will be done to the original format of the emails. The tool also allows you to save the files at your own preferred place.

Completely standalone application: It is a completely independent tool. That means you do not need to install a supporting application to accomplish this task. You can also easily install or run this software on all the latest and earlier editions of the Windows operating system.

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This article explains how to backup Yahoo Mail to PC using the best tool. Since the manual solution has some limitations or disadvantages, consider using a professional tool for better and quick results. I Hope, this blog is helpful for you to backup Yahoo emails to computer.