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How to Export Google Takeout to Office 365 Account?

Summary: Google Takeout is a data portability tool offered by Google to its users. It allows them to download the contents of their respective Google accounts to local drives, which can be saved locally on your PC in .zip format. But, nowadays, people want to export Google Takeout to Office 365 with all emails and attachments. This article aims at giving you an overview of why one might need an application like Google Takeout Converter Tool and how it may benefit you, followed by steps on how to import Google Takeout emails to Office 365 account.

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Office 365 is a popular cloud-based office suite that provides users with an array of features. It’s powerful enough to support your day-to-day needs and yet easy enough to use. And its user-friendly interface gives you the freedom to be productive and efficient on all your devices, even without an IT administrator.

It includes email, calendar, contacts, and meeting support. But it also offers a variety of other features for collaboration, content creation, and storage as well as security and data protection.

Export Google Takeout to Office 365 Account with a Professional Tool

Using the Takeout export program, you can directly import Google Takeout emails to Office 365 account and even access them with ease. It provides a user-friendly GUI interface so that anyone can easily execute the process. With the help of an advanced interface, users can effortlessly transfer files with one click.

The application also comes with an option to export Google Takeout to Outlook PST file, Google Takeout to HTML, Google Takeout to PDF file, Google Takeout to CSV Excel, Google Takeout to EML, and Google Takeout to Text files for easy reading. Users can also check the preview of the converted email once it gets exported into the destination folder.

How to Import Google Takeout Emails to Office 365 Directly?

Follow the below steps to export Google Takeout to Office 365 account: 

  1. Install and Run Yota Email Converter Tool Tool in your system. 
  2. Click on the Open drop-down menu and select Email Data Files>> Google Takeout files.
  3. Click on Choose Files or Folders to upload the files in the panel. 
  4. Select the files to load them and click on Export >> Office 365.
  5. Now enter the login credentials of the Office 365 account. Finally, click on the Save button.

Done! This is how you can easily import Google Takeout to Office 365 account with emails and attachments. 

Also, watch this video to learn how to transfer Google Takeout emails to Office 365 directly.

Some Unique Features of the Google Takeout Import Tool 

  • Easy and Intuitive Tool: This is a desktop-based tool that allows users to export their data from Google services like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and more into Office 365 account. It’s an easy way to migrate the data while getting the benefits of using cloud storage.
  • Batch Conversion of Emails: It includes the ability to batch export multiple Takeout files to various file formats, or to create a single Takeout file. Besides, it also performs all the remaining work automatically in the background so that you don’t have to put extra effort to export Google Takeout to Office 365.
  • Standalone Utility: It can convert all of your Takeout files into the required format for the migration process without any loss in quality. The tool does not require any installation on your system. And you need not worry about an error during the migration.
  • Maintains Data Originality: In this tool, when there is an option for including a header or not, you can choose the option as per your requirement. In addition, there is no alteration done in the original file during the migration process. Moreover, when using this tool, all the meta elements of the emails will also be exported.
  • Compatibility: It is important to note that Google Takeout to Office 365 migration tool is fully compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows OS. This helps in making sure that they are not limited in terms of compatibility with the software. One can run this software on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, etc.

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This migration software provides you with an easy way to import Google Takeout emails to Office 365 account. It is an outstanding tool, which helps you to upload emails in bulk. By using this application, you can perform the conversion of Google Takeout into various formats. This utility not only allows users to migrate but also converts each and every data item from Google Takeout into Office 365 mailbox with intact structure and formatting properties.

We hope this article helped you to export Google Takeout to Office 365 account. For further assistance, please contact the support team.