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How to Save Google Takeout to PDF? – 2 Simplified Methods

How can I save Google Takeout to PDF file? If you too have the same question and are looking for a solution, then read this post to the end.

Here you will learn about manual and automated solutions to save Takeout data files to PDF format.

Takeout is a service provided by Google that allows users to download copies of data from various Google products. This includes data from Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and other services.

The downloaded data is saved in a ZIP file and after extraction, all your data is saved in MBOX file format. This file format is supported by multiple email clients such as Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc.

Benefits of Saving Data in PDF Documents

There are multiple advantages to save Google Archive Data to PDF format:

  • PDF is a widely recognized portable file format. This means that after saving your data to Adobe PDF data, you can easily access it from any device without the need for any special software or applications.
  • This is a reliable file format that preserves the original format of data such as fonts, images, and graphics.
  • Easily share with others via email or other file-sharing methods without worrying about compatibility issues that other file formats can cause.
  • PDF files can be password-protected to protect data from unauthorized access.
  • It can be easily converted to other file formats as needed, making it a versatile and flexible file format for moving data.

Quick Approach to Save Google Takeout File to PDF File

Yota Google Takeout Converter Wizard is the perfect tool to save Google Takeout to PDF file format. This allows you to save all data without data loss. It also provides you an option to search emails by a specific keyword and move the required data only.

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The software saves attachments too including their emails without any file type and size limitations. It gives you a useful option of saving PDF files at the desired destination so it is easy to access after conversion.

Apart from that, you can directly transfer Takeout to G Suite, Zoho Mail,, Amazon WorkMail, and many other email services.

With this tool, you can see the preview of all data including all the attached information. Plus, the software supports all versions of MS Windows such as Windows 11, Windows 10, and others. Users can download and install it on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems to save emails in PDF file format.

Note: If you have an MBOX file and want to save it into PDF and other file formats, then you can go with the best MBOX Converter Wizard on your PC.

Detailed Steps to Save Google Takeout to PDF With Attachments are as follows:

  1. Launch the Yota Email Converter Tool and go to Open > Email Data > Takeout takeout converter
  2. Now choose the folder and preview your data with all details in different view modes.
  3. You can apply filters on emails to move only specific emails.export google takeout to pdf selectively
  4. Hit the Export option from the top then select PDF format.export google takeout to pdf
  5. Now, choose a location to store the PDF and hit the Save button to start conversion.convert google takeout file to pdf

It’s Done!

Also, check out the video and learn the step-by-step instructions on how to save Google Takeout to PDF format.

Manually Save Google Archive to Adobe PDF File

There is no direct manual method to move Google Takeout to PDF format. It is divided into 4 different steps.

Step 1: Download the Desktop Email Client

You can download the Mozilla Thunderbird application on your system. It is a free and open-source email platform that uses the MBOX file extension to store all data files.

Step 2: Configure your Account to Desktop Based Clients

To configure your account, follow the steps provided.

  • First, open your Thunderbird client.
  • Click on Menu Application and New then select Existing Email Account.
  • Then enter “email address, password, name, host details, etc.”
  • Finally, click the Done button.

Step 3: Import Google Takeout to Thunderbird Profile

Step 4: Save Takeout Data to a PDF file

  • Open your message folder.
  • Select the messages you want to convert to PDF file format.
  • Right Click >> Save Selected Messages >> PDF Format.
  • Now, select the folder to export attachments.

Comparison of Methods

  • The manual method is not direct and has 4 different stages
  • Requires installation of Mozilla Thunderbird and other email clients supported by MBOX
  • The manual method is tedious and takes many hours
  • On the other hand, the conversion tool will help you save Takeout to PDF in barely a few minutes.
  • The software allows you to convert all or selected data items
  • Also, the tool does not require any supporting application to be installed

So, you can choose any of the methods to save Takeout archive to a PDF file.

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Final Thoughts

We have shared the 2 best methods to help you save Google Takeout to PDF file format. The manual method is tedious and on the other hand, the conversion tool will help you to save all data in an Adobe PDF file. If you want quick results without data loss, it is suggested to go for the automated tool.