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Yota Email Converter Tool

Convert emails from a variety of formats, including PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, to formats such as PDF, HTML, PST, CSV and many more

  • Supports wide range of Input and Output file formats for conversion
  • Convert emails from one client to other, such as from Outlook to Apple Mail
  • Allows you to convert multiple emails at once, making it easier for large mailbox
  • Preview the emails before conversion and select specific emails for conversion
  • The tool has a user-friendly interface even for users with little technical expertise
  • Advanced algorithms of tool ensures that the entire process is safe and secure
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Why Choose Yota Email Conversion Tool?

Whether you're moving to a new email platform or you just need to convert some old messages, Email Converter is the tool you need. The tool is quick and easy to use, and it can save you a lot of time and hassle when you need to convert MBOX to PST or PST to MBOX.

Security Features

This Email Converter Wizard uses advanced security measures to protect your data during the backup and conversion process. This includes encryption, secure data transfer, and secure data storage. If you are using this software, then you can have the assurity that there will be no data loss during the process.


Yota Email Converter Software helps business to convert their email data into other usable formats. The software is scalable and can accommodate a wide range of data volumes and types. It makes it a perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. This is best solution to convert multiple emails from one email application to other in a few clicks.

Customer Support

We know it's pretty important for you to be able to reach the customer support team whenever you need them. That's why we've built Yota Email Converter, which offers all time customer support through a variety of channels, including email, phone, and live chat. Whatever your question is, we're committed to help you.

Prime Features of Email Converter Software

Let's look at some highlighted features of this powerful utility.

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Support Bulk Email Conversion

Batch converting files can be an extremely time-consuming process, but with Yota Email Converter, that's a thing of the past. This handy tool allows you to choose your desired file format and convert all at once. Being able to batch convert multiple source files into various formats in one go means that you can save both time and money by choosing this app over the other.

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Preserve Data Integrity

With Yota Email Converter, you can rest assured that your email communications data will be kept intact and in its original form. This software is doesn't delete anything or modify the data in any way. It also executes conversion task with precision, ensuring that the data is kept intact and in its original form. The folder hierarchy will also remain intact.

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User-Friendly Interface

This user-friendly tool offers an easy way to convert emails from one format to another without any hassle. With a wizard interface that requires no prior knowledge of computer programming, this software will teach you everything about email conversion in an interactive manner which will make sure your application works flawlessly on both PC and mobile devices too!

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Free Demo to Try

Want to try out a tool before buying it? Yota Email Converter is the perfect choice for you. The free version gives you an idea about how well the tool works, while the paid version will give you full access to all its features and functionality. After proper evaluation, you can purchase the full version of this software and start enjoying its benefits. Download it today and get rid of your worries!

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Multiple File Format Support

With the help of this Email Converter Software users will be able to convert emails and other mailbox items into different formats, such as PST, EML,, MBOX, CSV and PDF. This means that the software is very much capable to handle a wide range of email platforms and file types, making it easier for users to convert their emails regardless of the platform they are using.

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Detailed Preview Option

This Email Converter Wizard offers detailed preview option before making any conversion. This Preview feature allows users to see the email content before converting it, which helps them ensure that they have selected the correct email files to convert. This feature is especially useful when users want to verify the contents of an email before converting it to a new format.

How Does this Email Converter Work for you?

Follow the below steps to convert emails to desired format:

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Common Questions Asked by User

How to convert emails with attachments using this utility?

Steps to convert emails and contacts are as follows:

  • Step 1. Download and install Yota Email Conversion Tool in your Windows PC.
  • Step 2. Go to Open and select Email Data Files. Select the file formats.
  • Step 3. Now upload the files and preview with all items.
  • Step 4. Click on Eport tab and select desired output format.
  • Step 5. Set the location path and click on Save button.

This is how you can easily convert emails into desired format using Email Converter Tool.

Does this Email Converter preserve the formatting and attachments of the original email messages?
Yes. Yota Email Converter tool is designed to preserve the formatting and attachments of the original email messages during the conversion process.
What file formats does the Email Conversion Tool support?
It supports a wide range of file formats, including popular email file formats like PST, MSG, EML, PDF, CSV, MBOX and HTML.