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With this Free Email Reader, you can view your email in a variety of different formats, including HTML, text, and rich text.

  • Standalone tool that does not required any other tool
  • Automatic Search option is available for quick search
  • No File Size restriction with this Email File Viewer utility
  • Offers a detailed preview of emails with attachments
  • Support all Windows OS including Windows 11, 10, 8, etc.
*Download Email Viewer for free to evaluate the working of the tool.

Why Choose Yota Email Viewer Tool?

Yota Email File Viewer is one of the most user-friendly tools available in the market. It is easy to set up and use, and it provides a variety of features that are designed to open and read emails more efficiently. It is a great choice for those who value security and privacy. All of your email data is stored locally on your computer, so there is no risk of it being accessed by anyone else.

Significant Features of Email Reader Tool

Here are the some outstanding features of this software.

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Automatic Scan

With Yota Email Viewer software, you will get rid of the tedious task of scanning email files manually. The software has a powerful and automatic scanning of email files. You do not need to get worried for scanning, finding, and viewing email files, no matter where the folder and files are being located. Advanced algorithm of this software makes it work like a master.

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Different Preview Modes

With this Email File Viewer software, you can browse and view all email files in multiple preview modes, including Hex View and Message Header View. Additionally, you can also view corrupt files using this solution. Yota Email Reader provides advanced algorithm that automatically repair damaged files.

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Access Unlimited Data for Free

The Email Viewer is a standalone application that does not require installation and is compatible with Windows Operating System including Win 11, Win 10, Win 8, Win 7, etc. Additionally, there is no file size restriction associated with this Email Reader, which means that users can browse and view emails of any size.

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View Email with Attributes

Yota Email Viewer is one the best software which is used to read and view emails for free. It shows the proper formatting of emails and also all the additional information like subject, from, to, sent date, received data etc. With this user can easily view PST files, MBOX files, EML files, and others.

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Simple User Interface

Email File Reader has been created with the latest technology and an easy-to-use interface for users' convenience. This tool does not have any security or data loss issues associated with it, making it a safe and easy way for users to read and view email data files. Anyone can download the tool and work with it without any problems.

How Does this Email File Reader Work for you?

Follow the below steps to view emails using this Email Viewer Utility:

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Common Questions Asked by User

How to view EML files using this tool ?

Steps to open EML files are as follows:

  • Step 1. Download and Install Yota EML Viewer on your PC.
  • Step 2. Click on Open and go to Email Data Files>> EML Files.
  • Step 3. Select the files That you want to open.
  • Step 4. The software will display the EML files in different preview modes.

This is how you can easily open EML files without any email client support.

Is is possible to add multiple email files?
Yes. There is no file size limiations. You can easily upload as many as files you want in Email Viewer Tool interface.
Does this Email Reader run on Windows 11?
Yes, the tool is specifically designed for all latest Windows operating system. So it can be smoothly installed on Win 11 PC.