Zoho Mail Backup Tool

Export emails, attachments, contacts and all folders of Zoho Mail account and save them in your hard drive.

  • Backup Zoho emails in standard formats like PST, MBOX, EML, etc.
  • Shows a preview of all Zoho Mail folders in the software interface.
  • Zoho Backup Tool offers various filter options for selective backup.
  • Users are allowed to select the destination path for saving the emails.
  • Displays a live conversion report during Zoho email backup process.
  • Keep the attachments, components, attributes, subjects, etc. intact.
  • Capable to convert an unlimited Zoho emails without limitations.
  • Compatible with all latest and older version of Windows OS.
zoho backup tool

Advanced Software

Powerful Zoho Backup Tool for Windows

Yota Zoho Mail Backup Wizard is a reliable and error-free solution that can export Zoho malbox items like emails, attachments, etc. into many popular formats like PST, MSG, EML, PDF and MBOX that too with 100% security. After taking backup of Zoho emails, users can use the resulting files with multiple email clients, email services, email servers, etc. Before starting the backup process, the tool displays all the data in the software window so that users can select specific Zoho email folders for migration.

  • Save Zoho emails with Attachments to Hard Drive
  • Preserves folder structure of Zoho emails uring backup
  • Provides very accurate and error-free results

Why Yota Zoho Mail Backup Tool is Best?

Simple Process, Unlimited Zoho Email Backup

Zoho Backup Tool for Windows is especially designed to backup Zoho emails in various file formats. The software has a well-designed graphical interface that makes it easy to use even for a new user without prior technical knowledge. The application also allows users to export Zoho Mail from Personal and Zoho Small Business accounts to Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. without altering important data.

Date Range Feature: This amazing option of Zoho Mail backup software allows users to filter the selctive items from the mailbox according to the specific date range and export them into different formats.

Fast and Efficient: Now export thousands of Zoho emails with the help of this wonderful utility. It is fast enough to backup unlimited number of Zoho Mail data.

Backup Zoho Mail to Hard Drive: If you want to save Zoho mailbox items in your PC and any external hard disk, then this tool also allows you to do the same. You just have to select the file format and set the desired location where you want to save the file.

Incremental Data facility:This option allows you to save disk space by storing only the new items from your mailbox. This Zoho email backup software saves time and space.

zoho mail backup software

Yota Zoho Backup Wizard, the highest rated on top review hubs.

Detailed Features of Zoho Email Backup Software

Save Zoho Emails to Mutiple Formats

Yota Zoho Mail Backup Tool is best email backup tool with conversion of emails to multiple formats such as Zoho to PST, Zoho to MSG, Zoho to EML, Zoho to PDF and Zoho to MBOX. You can migrate emails from Zoho mailbox to various email clients. There is no risk of data loss during the entire backup process as this software is fully authentic and safe to use.

Backup Zoho Mail in Bulk

Zoho Email Backup Tool has the capability to upload and backup mailbox items from different folders like inbox, drafts, sent items, etc. With the help of this tool, users can easily batch transfer Zoho emails to various email clients, email services and file formats. One can easily save the mailbox items such as Emails, Images, Attachment, etc. using Zoho mail backup tool.

Backup Selective Zoho Emails

Using this tool, users can export selective items from Zoho mailbox. As soon as emails are uploaded in the software panel, you will get the detailed preview of the emails. The users can select the necessary folders to download Zoho emails in desired format. It's a great feature of the utility as it allows users to avoid unnecessary folder backups by selecting only the folders they need.

Date Range Filter Available

Zoho Email Backup Tool is equipped with many advanced features like Date Range feature. Using this feature you can easily extract the emails according to the specific date. This tool lets you avoid the emails that are not required by you. This option is useful for those who have large number of emails and they don't want to backup the entire mailbox. So, it saves your time and space both.

Export Zoho Mail to Outlook

Zoho Mail Backup Tool is an outstanding utility to export Zoho emails to Outlook without any hassle. Utilizing this best Zoho email archive tool, users can convert any number of Zoho emails and messages to PST format and import them in MS Outlook for further use. You can also save attachment files along with the emails in your computer using this Zoho Backup Tool.

Generate Log Report of Backup

After the backup process is completed, the Zoho Backup Wizard automatically creates the Log report in .csv format, which contains all the important information about the resulting data such as start date and time, storage type, selected source, folder path, converted objects, destination path and Status. You can save this report for further use.

Pause & Resume Feature

While using this Zoho Backup Wizard to back up Zoho Mail, users have proper control over the backup process. If the internet connection is weak or due to a power outage, your backup process will be interrupted and the software will stop working. So, you don't have to worry. You can continue the backup process as needed using the Pause / Resume option.

Intuitive GUI

Users can easily use the tool because it has a simple interface. All of the tool's instructions and features are easy to understand, and no special knowledge is required to run the tool and convert Gmail emails to other file formats. Zoho backup tool is completely an independent application that does not require the installation of any external app to create Zoho email backup.

Maintains the Meta Properties

This Zoho Mail backup software maintains the structure of folders and subfolders while downloading emails from Zoho to the local computer. And also, all meta properties, attributes, components, attachments, sender's email, the recipient's email such as Email ID, Subject, Email Signature, HTML Formatting, etc. This will not modify the data even after the backup process finished.

Incremental Backup Feature

The Zoho Backup Tool has a very special feature that make it a unique product from the others. It offers the Incremental Backup option. This means that only the newly recieved emails will be downloaded and the previously saved emails will be skipped from the Zoho account, saving a lot of storage space for backup so that user can take the backup of new emails from Zoho Mail account every time.

Deletes Emails after Conversion

Zoho Mail Backup Tool also offers a feature to delete emails from the mailbox once the user has created a backup of the Zoho account in the computer. Once you have created a backup file for Zoho emails, you can check the Delete after download option and clear the account area after taking the backup from Zoho Mail account in your desired file format successfully.

Compatible with Windows Version

Zoho Mail Backup tool is compatible with all Windows operating system, including the latest version of Windows 10. If the user has an older version of Windows, they can also use this software without any problems. Also, Zoho Mail Backup Utility also supports 32-bit as well as 64-bit version of the Windows OS. And you will get all time customer support whenever needed.

Free Demo Available

Zoho Email Backup Tool is providing a free demo of the product. The free Zoho backup software for Windows allows you to convert Zoho emails containing up to 100 emails for free. The user can use the demo version of the software to evaluate the performance of the software and convert 100 Zoho emails. Utilizing this quick trial will help you to understand the features & functionalities of the tool.

Supports Multiple Language

Zoho Mail Backup tool comes in 10 different languages. The language preference can be selected during the time of installation process of Zoho archive tool. These languages are English which is the default language, German, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Netherlands, Indonesian and Japanese. One can select any of the language according to his choice.

Software Walkthrough

Steps to Backup Zoho Emails are as follows;

Step 1. Download the tool and login to Zoho Backup Tool using Login ID and Password.

zoho backup wizard

Step 2.Select the file format and set the location in which you want to save file.

backup zoho emails

Step 3.Apply Email filters according to your need.

zoho backup tool

Step 4.Click the Start button and wait for the program to download the emails.

zoho mail backup wizard

You're in good hands

Aubree USA

Thanks to developer of this best Zoho Mail Backup software with the easy-to-use functionality. It has the ability to convert Zoho mailbox items in batch mode to save time and effort. It's good!

Judith Belgium

After downloading and using the demo version of Zoho backup tool, I got 100% satisfaction and then I have decided to purchase Zoho Mail Backup Tool Pro. And now I can proudly say that it one of the best software to backup Zoho emails into various formats.

Maddy Smith London

I would like to recommend this Zoho backup software to all users who are looking for a simple solution to export Zoho mailbox to different formats. With it, one can easily convert multiple Zoho emails to Outlook and other email clients.

Technical Specifications

System Requirement

System Requirements


Pentium Processors

Operating System

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP


2 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)

Hard Disk

150 MB free space

About Product




Single User

Trial Limitations

Demo Version of Zoho Backup Software allows backup Zoho emails to PST / archive Zoho mail folders to hard drive / EML / MSG / PDF within limit of 100 emails

Language Supported

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish



Prefer to Try
Before You Buy

*Big or Small, Zoho Backup is accessible to all. Start your trial version.


How to Backup Zoho emails using Yota Zoho Mail Backup Tool?

Steps to backup Zoho emails using this tool are as follows:

  • Step 1. Download and install the Zoho Mail Backup Tool in your system.
  • Step 2. Login to the Zoho Mail Account by entering your Login ID and Password.
  • Step 3. Select the file format in which you want to create backup of Zoho account.
  • Step 4. Select the destination folder and Apply filters accordingly.
  • Step 5. Click the Start button to continue the backup process.

This is how you can easily get Zoho mail backup in just 5 simple steps.

Does it keep email attachments during Zoho Mail backup process?

If you are using this Zoho Backup Wizard to take backup of Zoho emails, then all the attachments of the emails will also be migrated without missing a single file.

How can I export emails from Zoho to Thunderbird?

You can export emails from Zoho to Thunderbird by selecting the file format MBOX and then import those MBOX files to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Does the Zoho Mail Backup Tool run on a Windows 10 operating system?

Yes, this software is compatible with all the latest and previous version of Windows including Windows 10.

Can I convert 45 GB Zoho emails at once in PDF format?

Yes. You can convert unlimited number of emails from Zoho to PDF using this powerful Zoho Email Archive Tool.

I want to save Zoho emails to my computer. Is this Zoho Backup Wizard helpful for me?

Yes, you can surely save Zoho emails to hard drive of your computer in which ever format you want. You just need to select the desired format from various saving options and you are done.