How to Print Multiple Emails in Yahoo as PDF? – Best Method Discussed Here

Introduction: Are you looking for a solution to print emails from Yahoo account? Or you want to save Yahoo email as PDF format? Do you have emails in your Yahoo mailbox that you cannot afford to lost? Then, this particular blog is for you in which we will discuss, “How to print multiple emails in Yahoo as PDF file.”

PDF is a universal file format that is supported by all platforms such as smartphones, laptops, and PCs. Users can protect sensitive data of PDF files by putting a strong password in it. There are no restrictions on word limitation and on saving images and graphics in PDF files. To share legal documents in the law firm as well, PDF files are the best option.

So now look at the detailed process of printing multiple Yahoo emails as PDF format.

The Quick Solution

Try and Download Yahoo Backup Tool from Yota to save Yahoo email as PDF format. This all-in-one solution is perfect for anyone looking to save emails from Yahoo to PDF format.

Before we jump over the steps to print Yahoo Mail to PDF file format, first download the tool from the below button.

How to Print Multiple Emails in Yahoo as PDF?

Steps to save Yahoo email as PDF file format are as follows:

Step 1. Download Yahoo to PDF converter tool in your Windows PC.

Step 2. Enter Login ID and Password of Yahoo account and tap the Login button.

Step 3. Add Yahoo mailbox items that you want to print.

Step 4. Select PDF as saving format and set desired location to save converted files.

Step 5. Finally hit the Start button for saving emails as PDF.

This is how you can easily save and print multiple Yahoo emails to PDF file format.

Prime Features of Yahoo to PDF Tool

  • Reliable and Error-Free Solution

Yota Yahoo Mail to PDF Converter is a stable, efficient and reliable application. This backup tool is 100% safe and trustworthy if you want to print multiple emails in Yahoo as PDF without any error. The integrity of data is maintained throughout the process. Also, email properties such as sender and recipient details, embedded attachments, hyperlinks, images, formatting, font styles, etc. are preserved.

  • Multiple Options to convert Yahoo mailbox data

Apart from the PDF option, this tool has many storage options that can be used for mailbox conversion. Yahoo to PST, Yahoo to MSG, Yahoo to EML, Yahoo to MBOX, etc.

  • Supports Multiple Email Clients

This software offers the option of transferring the mailbox account to other desktop based email clients. You can migrate Yahoo Mail to Windows Live Mail, Yahoo Mail to Outlook, and more.

If you manually do the conversion, you may end up losing your sensitive data from Yahoo mailbox. The result – you have to start all over again! Certainly, you don’t want to suffer through these situations.

Why Yota Yahoo Mail to PDF Tool is best?

Yota Yahoo to PDF Converter wizard is direct and perfect solution to the question how to print multiple emails in Yahoo as PDF. The tool just needs login details of Yahoo email account and that’s it! Now, you can convert Yahoo mailbox to PDF format with all email properties preserved. It comes with numerous benefits as given below:

  • Requires only Yahoo credentials to save Yahoo email as PDF.
  • No other application or software is required to be connected with PC to save emails from Yahoo account.
  • Advance settings option to avail the filter options for transferring few selective data items.
  • You can also save and print Yahoo emails to PDF with corresponding attachments.

Windows OS Compatibility

The users can download this Yahoo to PDF Converter software on almost every Windows OS. It runs on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, etc.

Free Demo

Are you not sure to invest your money on buying the Yahoo Mail to PDF Converter Wizard before testing it? There is no need to worry anymore! We have got a free trial version of software for you. But, it has few limitations – you can convert only 100 Yahoo emails into PDF format. And after using the tool, if you are satisfied with all the functioning and features of utility, then you can happily go with the full version of the tool anytime.


The above blog discussed best possible solution of how to print multiple emails in Yahoo as PDF. The expert recommended Yahoo to PDF converter software helps you to save Yahoo email as PDF file. It will give you 100% precise results.