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How to Extract Email Addresses from IceWarp Account Directly?

Summary: Want to extract email addresses from IceWarp in bulk? If yes, go through this article, which provides you a detail step by step solution. It explains an effective and genuine way to save email addresses from multiple IceWarp mailbox without manipulating the data. Just download Yota IceWarp Converter in your Windows PC and see how it make your task easier that ever before.

IceWarp is an integrated email, calendaring and collaboration platform that enables users to connect to the global email network from any device, using any web browser. IceWarp was designed with the modern user in mind, providing a feature-rich client experience with a simple and intuitive interface. So many people are using IceWarp mail application. Last week we received a query for a user;

User Query: Hey, I am Jerin, working in a company in Marketing department. Here, we are using IceWarp mail client for all email communications. Now, I have to extract all the email addresses of our clients. Since I have to look at past 5 year data and it has so many emails. So, I want a solution that can help me in extracting all email addresses from IceWarp folder. Do you have any professional tool that can fetch all the email addresses from IceWarp in a single process?

Like Jerin, there are so many users who are looking for the same. Have a look at detailed guide for extracting bulk email addresses from IceWarp email account.

Professional Solution to Extract Email Addresses from IceWarp

Yota IceWarp Email Address Extractor is a specialized tool that allows users to quickly extract email addresses from all IceWarp mailbox folders. The application is safe, fast, and reliable, and it has been highly recommended by experts. This application work independently and does not require any installation of utilities. It is the perfect tool for users who want to get all email addresses from their all folders like Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, etc. With this software, you can export all email addresses in bulk with no file size limitations. This tool is reliable, safe, and fast. It is also easy to use.

Steps to Download all Email Addresses from IceWarp Account are as follows:

Step 1. Start with downloading and installing Yota IceWarp Email Address Extraction tool on your Windows system. Click on Open>> Desktop Email Clients>> IceWarp Accounts.

Step 2. Add the required files from which you have to fetch the email addresses. Or, click on the Search icon to apply filter for selective migration.

Step 3. Thereafter, click on Extract option and select Email Addresses from the drop down list.

Step 4. Finally, enter the location where you want to save the extracted data and hit the Extract button. Then the tool will extract all email addresses and you can click on Save button.

That’s it! You have successfully extracted all email addresses from IceWarp account in bulk.

Why use Yota IceWarp Email Address Extractor?

Extract Email Addresses in Bulk: This IceWarp Email Address Extraction tool has the ability to upload the bulk files in the software panel. It provides options to extract data from single or multiple files. Once you have selected the batch files the tool will extract all email addresses from IceWarp in one click, without any hassle.

Preview Feature available: As soon as you upload the files into the software panel, the tool will generate the detailed preview of the email with all important data. From here, you can view the files before extracting the files. You can also select or deselect the folders from the same window and extract email addresses from required files only.

Freedom to Choose Location: This tool gives its users an option to save the extracted data into the desired location. You can browse the location on your PC or create a new folder to save the files. By default, it choose the desktop location. This way, it become very easy for the users to save and access the files in future.

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Advanced Filter options: Yota IceWarp Email Address Extractor provides array of filter options that can be used by user to extract the data from specific dates, from subject, from specific keyword, from attachments and others. You can even get the option to filter out the emails between particular date range.

Try Before you Buy: This is the best feature provided to users using which they can download the tool for free. Using the free demo, you can evaluate the software and check its working procedure before purchasing the tool. After getting satisfied, you can switch to the upgraded version of the software.


If you are looking for a tool that can help you extract email addresses from IceWarp mail client, Yota IceWarp Email Address Downloader is a good option to consider. This software comes with a free trial version, so you can test it before purchasing the license keys. It also allows you to extract 10 emails from each folder.