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Yota IceWarp Converter Tool

Advanced Solution to Migrate IceWarp emails and contacts without any error. Download the free demo of the utility to evaluate the functionalities of the tool.

  • Convert IceWarp emails, contacts, calendars with full accuracy
  • Option to migrate selective files/folders from IceWarp account
  • Capable to export large number of IceWarp emails in batch mode
  • Quick Scanning and Preview of the files is also available
*Download IceWarp Migrator tool for free to evaluate the working of the tool.

Your all-in-one solution for IceWarp File Conversion/Migration

Why Choose Yota IceWarp Converter Wizard?

Yota IceWarp Migration Tool is an easy to use email migration utility that enables you to import your email messages, contacts, folders and other items from the source location. It allows you to conveniently migrate mailboxes from one account to another. The tool supports several formats of files including EML, MBOX, TXT, HTML, etc. It also supports to export IceWarp emails to cloud based services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc.

Remarkable Features of IceWarp Converter Wizard

Here are the some outstanding features of this software.

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Export Email into Different Formats

Yota IceWarp Converter is a best utility that helps you to convert IceWarp files into PST, PDF, HTML, MBOX, HTML and other file formats. The tool ensures the security of your data during conversion process. You can export emails, contacts, attachments, calendar, etc. in very convenient method.

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100% Accurate Results

This IceWarp Migrator is a powerful tool for exporting the files to your desired format. It permits to save IceWarp emails in more than 200 email applications. It has an accurate file conversion algorithm; and its user-friendly interface will be appreciated by both first-time and experienced users.

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Email Filter Options

This tool has multiple options for exporting emails from IceWarp User profile, such as filtering emails by date, subject, to/from. file size, file name, etc. You can also export emails from the particular time frame by selecting data range option in which you have to select the two dates of your choice. The utility will show you the only required data.

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Retains Folder Structure

It is a Windows-based software application that will retain the email attributes like To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject and Signature of emails migrated from IceWarp to any mail server. The program will also preserve the folder and sub folder structure throughout the process. You will not lose any mailbox item including attachments.

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Migrate Emails to IMAP Server

IceWarp Migrator is an application for migrating folders from one IceWarp to IMAP Server. The program does not require any prior preparation of source or destination servers - you can copy your email between any two IMAP servers without any configuration changes on either side. You just have to provide the neccessary deatils.

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Automatic Detection

IceWarp Converter tool is a reliable and all-in-one solution for IceWarp email client users. It is capable to detect the location of the file if you don't know the exact location of the file. But for this iyou have to configure IceWarp settings in your system. However if you have emails saved in your system, you can easily upload them using 'Choose Folder' option.

How Does this IceWarp Converter Tool Work for you?

Follow the below steps to export IceWarp emails and contacts easily:

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Common Questions Asked by User

How can I convert IceWarp emails to PST format with attachments?

Steps to export IceWarp emails to PST format are as follows:

  • Step 1. Download and install Yota IceWarp Converter in your Windows PC.
  • Step 2. Click on Open. Go to Desktop Email Clients>> IceWarp Accounts
  • Step 2. Add and select IceWarp emails and click Export. Now select the desired saving option, here PST.
  • Step 3. Set the desired location and click on Save button to migrate IceWarp emails.

This is how you can easily convert IceWarp emails into different formats with all attachments.

Can I migrate 10,000 emails from IceWarp mailbox into Zimbra mail?
Yes, you can easily export large number of files or folders from IceWarp mailbox into your desired target location in bulk.
Does it support latest Windows 11 operating system?
Yes. You can easily install this application on all the latest and advanced Windows operating system including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, etc..
Do I need to have IceWarp email application in my PC while using this software?
No, this software is an independent tool which does not require any other application. So, there is no need to install any other supported email client while using Yota IceWarp Migrator.
I want to preview my emails and attachments before making any conversion. How does this tool help me?
You can have the detailded preview of files and folders along with attachments. This comes with in-built Preview option that can let you see the emails in different modes.