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Are you in hurry for finding the best solution to import contacts from eM Client to Android phone?  Do you want to know how to export contacts from eM Client Account to other devices? If you also want to migrate contacts from eM Client to vCard then you are in the right place. 

Migrating contacts from one platform to another is not an easy task. It became more difficult when you have 1000s of contacts to migrate from eM Client to VCF. The main purpose behind writing this blog is to help all those users who wants to know how to import contacts from eM Client to vCard without misplacing any valuable details. So, keep reading the blog to find out an easy way to convert eM Client contacts to vCard format and can be accessed easily without having any difficulty. 

Migrate from eM Client to vCard Professionally 

To export contacts from eM Client to vCard, you should take the help of eM Client converter wizard. This tool will convert all your eM Client contacts to VCF format in a batch. The resultant output file will get saved in vCard folder which can be imported to many other devices and platforms. Follow the given step by step process to work with a tool to migrate from  eM Client to VCF file in four easy steps. To migrate the contacts from eM Client to vCard, you need to download the Yota eM Client Converter first.


Steps to Migrate from eM Client to vCard are as follows: 

Follow the 4 simple steps to convert eM lient Contacts to vCard format

  1. Run eM Client Converter in your system. 

  2. Click on Open menu and select eM Client Accounts from there. 

    em client converter

  3. Now click on Export and select vCard option to save the file. 

    em client converter

  4. Set the destination path by Browse button and hit Save. 

    em client converter

This is how you can migrate from eM Client to vCard format by using the above tool. 

Benefits of eM Client to vCard Converter

  • Retain Originality: This is an amazing tool that allows you to migrate contacts from eM Client to VCF without manipulating the original data. The information will be maintained every time you use the eM Client to vCard converter.  
  • Desired Saving Options: This ultimate eM Client to VCF converter allows you to choose the desired saving path after the extraction of contacts complete. This feature makes file management tasks much easier and you can easily migrate from eM Client to vCard. 
  • Easy Interface: The user interface of eM Client to VCF converter is simple to understand and it will not take much time to understand the functionality of the tool. You will need to perform 3 or 4 simple steps to migrate from eM Client to vCard format. 
  • Free Trial: It has a free demo version that is available to all the users who want to export contacts from eM Client account. It will allow you to export 5 contacts per folder. You can check the worth of the tool and if you find it worthy, you can go for the paid version also. 
  • Standalone Tool: The software is developed in a unique way so that it does not require any external software in the conversion process.  
  • Support and Compatibility: This eM Client to VCF converter has been designed to perform conversion on all platforms of Windows. Almost all the latest and below versions of Windows are supported by the app including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2019, 2016, etc. 


With the above article, users can get a safe and easy way to migrate from eM Client to vCard format. We have answered the question “how to import contacts from eM Client to VCF file format successfully” Users can take a free trial of the application before investing his money into the upgraded version. Plus, the software supports all versions of Windows OS. I hope we have discussed all the steps in detail and now users will be able to conduct the conversion without any issue. 


Can I migrate multiple contacts from eM Client emails at once? 

Yes, you can import multiple contacts from eM Client emails in a single process without getting any error. 

Does this converter allow users to export only selected contacts from folder? 

Yes, with the help of this eM Client to vCard Converter tool one can easily export contacts from only selected eM  Client email files to vCard format. 

Can I install the above tool in my Windows 8 PC?  

As this tool is purely designed for Windows based machines, it will smoothly run on all the Windows operating system including Windows 10 and 8. 

Is there any size limitation to perform the conversion? 

No, there is no file size limitation on importing contacts from eM Client account by using eM client to VCF converter tool.

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