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How to Extract Attachments from OLM files in Bulk?

Best OLM Attachment Extractor to Retrieve Attachments

Summary: Want to know how to get multiple attachments out of OLM files? We know that extracting multiple attachments from one file can be difficult. Also, we’ve noticed that many people are looking for tips on how to complete this tedious job in Mac Outlook. Without further ado let’s take a look at how you can successfully extract attachments from OLM files without any hassle using the best Email Attachment Extractor wizard.

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It’s impossible to successfully run a business without being able to email and share documents with clients. When it comes to business communication Microsoft’s Outlook has proven itself to be the most reliable option, primarily because of its superior mapping and collaborative capabilities.

But, if you want to save multiple attachments from OLM folder, then there is no direct option provided by the application. You have to take the help of any automated tools.

Robust and Professional Solution to Extract All Attachments from OLM files

Yota OLM Attachment Extractor Tool is effective software that can extract all types of email attachments from your Outlook mailbox without any data loss. It can easily extract attachments from OLM files like documents, images, zip files, RAR files, and many other formats.

The wizard has some advanced filtering options, which means before extracting attachments from the Outlook Mac file, you can apply specific filters to the attachments. It allows you to preview all the files before saving them on your local machine.

It lets you select multiple emails simultaneously and extract various attachments from them at once. The software supports all versions of Windows OS. Besides this, it also supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions to rescue your precious data in the most secure way.

Steps to Extract Attachments from OLM files are:

Step 1. Install and Run Yota OLM Attachment Extractor wizard in your Windows system.

olm attachment extractor

Step 2. Click on Open>> Email Data Files>> OLM Files. Now select the required files from the system to add them to the panel.

add outlook mac files

Step 3. The tool will display all the files in list form, once the files get uploaded. You can preview the files by clicking on them. Also, there is a wide range of filter options that can be applied for selective conversions.

apply filter

Step 4. Then, click on the Extract option and select Attachments from the drop-down menu.

extract attachments from olm files

Step 5. Finally, enter the destination path to save the extracted files and hit the Save button.

extract all attachments from olm files

Features of Best OLM Attachment Extractor Tool

Simplified Panel: This is a perfect utility to extract all attachments from OLM files. It has a simple interface with clear instructions to follow, making it more effective in its use case. You just have to follow 3-4 simple steps to extract multiple attachments from OLM files.

Desired Saving Option: This is a tool that helps in retrieving and extracting attachments from Mac Outlook files. It offers the easy-to-use option of saving attachments to the desired location in the system while extracting attachments. However, if you don’t want to give the path, it will save the files at your default location.

Provides Advanced Filters: OLM Attachment Extractor is a powerful tool that can be used to find attachments from the mailbox. With the help of this tool users can easily filter emails based on various attributes such as From, To, Cc, Date, Name, and Subject.

Maintains Folder Hierarchy: This is advanced software that can extract attachments from OLM files in Mac Outlook. It has a user-friendly interface and supports all major Windows versions. It is a powerful tool that manages the original folder hierarchy of the OLM file during and after the extraction process.

Comprehensive Tool: OLM Converter is a comprehensive software solution to help you search and extract your lost or deleted emails from the Outlook data file in an easy way. It is capable of extracting email attachments, emails, contacts, and tasks from any OLM file.

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Mac Outlook has many features that are beneficial and helpful for users, but it also has a drawback. It doesn’t allow the users to export emails, contacts, or attachments from Mac OLM files. So, if you want to extract attachments from OLM files, then you need to use specialized OLM Attachment Extractor Pro software which is one of the most advanced and powerful solutions available in the market today. This software can easily extract all attachments from OLM with just a single click. A free demo of the tool is also available so that you can easily check the working process of the tool.

You can also check out the PST Attachment Extractor Tool to quickly download all attachments from Outlook PST.


Question 1. Can I extract attachments from multiple OLM emails?

Answer. Yes, the attachment extractor allows you to retrieve attachments from multiple emails at once.

Question 2. Does the tool work with Windows 11 PC?

Yes. It is compatible with all Windows versions such as Win 11, 10, and others.

Questions 3. Can I extract OLM attachments without Outlook?

Answer. Yes, the software gives you permission to extract OLM email attachments without installing Outlook client.