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How to Extract Attachment from IceWarp- Know Complete Steps

Summary: Are you looking for a way to download attachments from IceWarp account? Do you want to save all the attachment files in a separate folder without manipulating the actual data? If yes, then we are here to help you. Read the blog till the end and get the perfect solution to extract attachments from IceWarp account using Yota Email Attachment Extractor.

IceWarp is an email, messaging and collaboration service for small, medium and enterprise level businesses. It is designed to be easy to use, secure and scalable. The software provides a range of features for small, medium and enterprise level businesses. It includes email encryption for both inbound and outbound messages. It also offers the ability to have different levels of access on the same account.

IceWarp provides a wide variety of features that are essential for any business. These include:

– Email server with Microsoft Exchange compatibility

– Collaboration tools for file sharing, video conferencing and cloud storage

– Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices

– Webmail client with drag-and-drop attachments

Why users want to Extract IceWarp Attachments in Bulk?

Lets take a user query to understand the need of extraction of IceWarp emails:

User Query: “Hello, I am working in a travelling agency and using IceWarp account for all my email communications from past few years. I want to extract attachments from IceWarp account in bulk so that I can save them in a separate folder to access them for later use. Do you have any solution to tackle this problem? Please, keep in mind that I cannot lose my data during the process. Thanks in advance!”

Recommended Solution: IceWarp Attachment Extractor

IceWarp Attachment Downloader is on of the most innovative solution to fetch multiple attachments from the mailbox. The interface is simple and intuitive, but there are advanced features for professional users. In order to use this tool, your don’t need to have any technical skills, only basic knowledge is sufficient. Using this utility, you can easily save the resultant data at your own location, so you can access them for later use only.

Steps to Download Multiple IceWarp Attachment Files are as follows:

Step 1. Download and install Yota IceWarp Attachment Extractor in your Windows PC.

Step 2. Click on Open>> Desktop Email Clients>> IceWarp Account. Now, you need to upload the files into the panel from which you wish to extract the files.

Step 3. The tool will list all the files and you can view the files in the preview window itself. If you want to extract attachments from selective files.

Step 4. Then click on Extract option and select Attachments from the given list of option.

Step 5. Finally, select the preferred location to save the files and hit the Save button.

Prominent Features of IceWarp Attachment Extractor

Maintains Folder Structure and Hierarchy: If you don’t want that your data would be altered while extracting attachment files, then you should go with this advanced utility. It ensures that the folder hierarchy and email formatting will remain same throughout the process.

Extract Attachments from Bulk Files: It is very difficult to extract attachments from individual file, specially, if you have a large database. So, save your valuable time by extracting attachments from bulk files in a single process. You just have to add the folder containing multiple files.

Support Multiple Formats: Yota IceWarp Converter also support multiple files formats. This means, using this utility you can also convert IceWarp files to PST, MBOX, PDF, EML, TXT and other file formats along with all elements. This way you can easily access the files in different email applications.

Able to Extract Attachments from Selective Files: If you don’t want to extract attachments from entire database but from only few selective items, then this selective feature helps you. The tool has in-built wide range of filters. Users can apply date range filter to upload the files between two specific dates.

Free Demo: You will get to evaluate the working of the tool by downloading the free demo version to extract attachment from IceWarp. The free trial lets you extract attachments from 10 files only. For unlimited benefits, you can purchase the upgraded version of IceWarp Attachment Extraction tool.

Detects Automatically: This IceWarp Attachment Extractor automatically detect the location of the file if IceWarp is already installed in your computer. However, it is not mandatory to have IceWarp account to extract attachments. The tool can work independently without taking any help from any other application.

Compatibility: This software for downloading attachments is compatible with all Windows OS including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc. The user interface of the utility is very attractive yet simple so that any type of user can handle it without any technical expertise.


Users can extract attachment from IceWarp server easily with the help of IceWarp Attachment Extractor. It offers a wide range of output formats to save email attachments in user-defined location. The software offers excellent features, such as batch extraction, support for both 32-bit & 64-bit Windows OS, etc. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the tool, feel free to contact us anytime via our contact page.

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