Import eM Client to Gmail using Free eM Client Converter

Are you one of the users who are having a thousand of eM Client emails and looking for answers to the queries like “how can I migrate all my emails from eM Client to G Suite”? Then you are at the right place, here I will help you to import eM Client to Gmail and your attachments will also be transferred along with the emails. In this particular blog post, I am describing the step by step process for moving eM  Client email folders to Gmail.  

User Query regarding eM Client to Gmail Migration 

“I have been using eM Client for some months but now I want to migrate all my emails from eM Client to Google Account so that I can access these emails from my mobile phone also. Is it possible to import eM Client email folders to Gmail without losing any data? If yes, then let me know, how?” 

This the query I have got from one of my clients. So, I decided to write this article for her and for many users who are looking for the same. 

Best Method to Import eM Client to Gmail 

Although you can import emails from eM Client manually, but considering the limitations of manual method, users search for some alternative solution to migrate eM Client emails to Gmail. Using a professional utility like eM Client to G Suite converter, you can successfully migrate all your emails to the Gmail account. It is capable of migrating unlimited emails from eM Client in a single process. But before getting to the steps, download the Yota eM Client Converter for free. 

Steps to Migrate eM Client to Gmail are as follows:

Step 1. Run eM Client Converter Wizard in your system. 

Step 2. Click on Open menu and select eM Client Accounts from there. 

Step 3. Now click on Export and select Gmail option to save the file. 

Step 4. Set the destination path by Browse button and hit Save. 

This is how you can easily export eM Client files to Gmail using these 3-4 easy steps.

Prime Features of eM Client to Gmail Migration Tool 

Complete Migration: The eM Client to Gmail converter allows its users to migrate the entire mailbox items including emails, contacts, calendar, notes, etc. along with the attachment files without altering the data.  

EM Client installation is not needed: This eM Client to G Suite converter tool is a mind-blowing app that does not require any other software in order to export email folders from eM Client to Gmail account. Hence, it’s a straightforward tool to convert eM Client files to Gmail. 

Preview of Emails: It allows the preview feature so that the user can have a detailed preview of emails as soon as the files get uploaded to the panel. You just have to click on a particular file to view its content and attachments. 

Supports Bulk Conversion: This powerful converter has a wide range of features that make the whole migration of data faster and safer. The tool allows the user to migrate emails from eM Client to Gmail in batch. 

Data Integrity Intact: This powerful tool will always maintain the integrity of the data during and after the migration process. You don’t lose a single bit of information if you are using this ultimate eM Client converter. The formatting and key elements of the emails will also be intact. 

Choose Destination Path: You have the freedom to choose the destination folder where you want to save the output file after conversion. You can provide the location by clicking on the browse button. By default, it will save the file to the desktop location. 

Compatibility: The eM Client to Gmail migrator is highly compatible with all Windows OS. This tool can smoothly run with 32 Bit/64 Bit processors as well as on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2000, etc. 


EM Client and Gmail are two different email clients that support different file formats. Hence, it is not an easy task to migrate data from eM Client to G suite easily. In this blog, I have suggested a professional method that will allow you to import eM Client to Gmail without much trouble. Also, the tool I have recommended is the best eM Client file converter and has been tested with different file sizes and every time 100% accurate results are gained. So, I hope this blog is helpful to you.