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How to Extract Attachments from Opera Mail Account Directly?

Introduction: If you’ve found yourself on this post, you’ve probably been searching for the right way to download attachments from Opera Mail. Because there are so many manual ways in which you can lose your data. I’m going to tell you about a solution that I know works and that guarantees 100% accuracy. Download Yota Attachment Extractor to extract attachments from Opera Mail Account.

Email attachments nowadays play an important role and contain the most crucial information. Email is a simple yet efficient way of communicating with someone without having to meet them or speak to them directly on the phone.

The process of sending emails relies on email addresses that are unique and known by only one user. However, there are instances when you’re unable to get the email attachments due to some reasons or others– for example, if you’ve just started your advertisement agency and you want to keep them safe in a different folder.

Whatever be the reason, users are looking for a professional way to extract attachments from Opera Mail. Here, in this blog, I’ll be sharing the manual solution and expert solution to save all attachments from the Opera Mail account.

Download Opera Mail Attachments Manually

Step 1. Launch Opera Mail application in your system and open it.

Step 2. Now, select the emails from which you want to extract attachments.

Step 3. Next, you double-click on the attachment file and it will ask you to save the file in the desired location. Click on the Save as a button.

Step 4. Now you can access the file from the folder where you have saved it.

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Instant Solution to Extract Attachments from Opera Mail Account

If you’re looking for an email extractor to help you with extracting the attachments from your Opera Mail account, then Yota Opera Mail Attachment Extractor is the right choice to make. This tool can extract emails, contacts, and calendars along with attachment files.

The software supports all versions of Windows including Win 11, 10, and other variants of the OS. It lets you view the files on your local machine with a single click.

Also, it doesn’t require any technical expertise to operate it. The interface of this tool is extremely user-friendly which allows even a novice to use it without having any technical skills.

It is an efficient application designed to download all types of attachments and save them to your local PC. The tool has been developed by a team of expert programmers, keeping in mind the requirements of the users and their needs.

We are providing you with a free demo version that lets you understand the tool in a better way without spending any money.

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Steps to Save Multiple Attachments from Opera Mail Account are;

Step 1. Install and run the Yota Opera Mail Attachment Extractor on your Windows PC.

attachment extractor

Step 2. Now, you have to click on the Open>> Desktop Email Accounts>> Opera Mail Accounts. Next, you have to add the files to the software panel.

select opera mail account

Step 3. After uploading the files into the panel, you can preview the items with all details. You can also apply Data Filters for selective extraction.

preview attachments

Step 4. Next, you have to choose the Extract option and select the Attachments option from the drop-down list.

extract attachments from opera mail

Step 5. Lastly, enter the location where you want to save output data and hit the Save button.

opera mail attachment extractor

After a few minutes, you will get the completion message and you can access the files from the folder where you have extracted attachments from the Opera Mail account.

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Prime Features of Opera Mail Attachment Extractor Tool

Standalone Tool: This automated tool does not require any other application to extract attachments from Opera Mail. If you don’t have Opera Mail installed in your system, you can easily extract the files if you have Opera Mail files saved in your system.

No File Size Limitations: The does not impose any file size restriction while extracting email attachments from the Opera Mail server. You can upload an unlimited number of files without worrying about the mailbox size.

Selective Attachment Extraction: There are many users who don’t want to extract attachments from the entire mailbox. To tackle this problem, the tool provides a significant feature that lets you save attachments from selective files. This can save a lot of disk space and time.

Preview: This software comes with a preview mode, which allows you to see how your file will look after migration before you actually migrate it. It also allows you to preview attachments from your Opera mailbox before extracting them.

Straightforward Panel: This Opera Mail Attachment Extractor tool has a graphical interface that can be used by all types of users. It also has a wizard-based interface with simple steps and no technical skills required. It provides a self-explanatory panel that will take you through all the steps involved in the process.

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With the help of this article, one can easily extract attachments from Opera Mail account and even save them to a local PC. Here, we have disused the manual method with an automated approach to saving multiple attachment files from Opera Mail. The manual method has some limitations. Thus, to avoid any inconsistency, one can go with an automated approach Opera Mal Email Attachment Extractor. It is very fast and more secure than an ordinary one. Moreover, you can use this tool as Opera Mail Converter which will do your work with no errors at all.