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How to Extract Attachments from Mailbird in Bulk? – 4 Step Guide

Are you looking for a method to download multiple attachments from Mailbird account without running any programming? In this article, we will give you the easiest method to extract attachments from Mailbird without any manual efforts. We will also share with you the need of the saving attachments and challenges along with it. Then we’ll recommend you the best Attachment Extractor that allows you to directly fetch all Mailbird attachment files without any technical skills. Follow the below blog till the end to get the more details about the method and tool.

What is Mailbird?

Mailbird is a desktop email client that has been designed to provide you with an intuitive interface. It offers you the best in class features to help you manage your inbox and send emails in style. Mailbird supports all IMAP and POP3 accounts from different email providers, such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Exc. It also provides an intuitive user interface with a variety of features to help you manage your emails more efficiently.

User Query: “I am working in an advertisement company and using Mailbird application for sharing emails. Now, I want to extract attachments from the mailbox without any extra efforts. Also, I want to some selective extraction of files. Can anyone suggest me the best and professional solution that can help me in downloading all attachments from Mailbird account.”

Do you know how you can extract attachments from Mailbird?

If you have less number of emails from which you have to download your attachments then you can go with the manual method. First you have to login into your Mailbird account and then manually search the emails to save the attachments. But if you have hundred and thousands of emails from which you have to fetch the data then you must go with an automated solution. Follow the below blog till the end to get the more details about the method to extract attachments from Mailbird.

How to Extract Attachments from Mailbird Account?

Yota Mailbird Attachment Extractor is a multi-purpose tool which can be used for extracting attachments from the emails stored in Mailbird. The program has been integrated with an intuitive interface that provides easy control over all its features and options. The software is capable of extracting all types of attachments including documents, images, audio and video files from the emails stored on the computer without manipulating the data of the main mailbox items. It can save the extracted files at the desired location based on user requirements. You can also preview the files before extracting the files.

It is a versatile solution that enables you to convert Mailbird emails to PST for Outlook, Mailbird to EML with attachments, Mailbird to MBOX file format, Mailbird to PDF with attachments, Mailbird to HTML to open emails in web browser, Mailbird to vCard to export contacts.

You need to install the utility on your PC, which can be easily done by launching the setup file. Once you are through with downloading and installation process, you can run the tool conveniently as per your convenience.

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Steps to Extract Attachments from Mailbird are as follows:

    1. Click on Open and Desktop Email Clients>> Mailbird Accounts.Note: If Mailbird is already configured into your system then the tool will automatically detect the files.
    2. Preview the files before extracting the files. If you want selective conversions, you can apply wide range of filters.
    3. After that, click on Extract button and select Attachments.
    4. Finally, select the desired saving path and hit the Save button.

That’s it! These are the few steps to extract attachments from Mailbird file in bulk. The tool is very quick and gives you accurate results every single time you use it.

Prime Features of Yota Mailbird Attachment Extractor

  • Extract Bulk Attachments: This Mailbird Attachment Extractor comes with highly advanced features that will let you extract attachments from large number of emails. You don’t have to add the files manually as you can upload the entire folder into the panel and extract the files at once.
  • Preview Option Available: The tool has in-built preview option that allows you to view the files before extracting attachments from Mailbird emails. User can easily analyze the files and get the confirmation of getting the accurate and satisfactory results without missing any data.
  • Automatically Detect File Location: If Mailbird is already installed in your system then you should select the Open Configured Files option in the wizard. The tool will then automatically detect the location of the files. And you don’t have to waste time in searching of your file.
  • Retains Data Originality: Mailbird Converter is a perfect tool for users who want to extract attachments from Mailbird. This software maintains the formatting of the file like text formatting, file structure etc. It also keep the metadata of emails intact.
  • Advanced Filter Options: The tool has wide range of Filter options that user can use to get the files extracted from few selective items. To filter the data you can select to, from, date-range, subject, having or not having attachments and many more. This feature can save your lots of time and effort.


Users of Mailbird are looking for a way to extract attachments from Mailbird without losing any data. The best and easiest solution to this problem is to use a third party tool such as Yota Email Attachment Extractor tool. This software can convert your Mailbird files into PST format. It can also export your Mailbird files in various formats like PDF, MBOX, EML, etc. You can download the free trial version of the software from the below button and test the working of the tool. You can buy the pro version of the tool if you are satisfied with the working of the free Mailbird Attachment Downloader.

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