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How to Export Emails from Mailbird to IMAP Server?

With the increasing technology, emails play a crucial role in communication and handling clients. There are many users who are using Mailbird as their primary email client due to its user-friendly interface and advanced features. But there may come many situations when they need to export emails from Mailbird to IMAP account. In this comprehensive article, we are discussing step-by-step process to migrate Mailbird emails to IMAP with attachments. So, if you are ready to transfer Mailbird to IMAP using professional Email Migrator Wizard then let’s get started.

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IMAP servers offer several advantages over local email clients like Mailbird. IMAP servers store your emails centrally, allowing you to access them from any device with an internet connection. Additionally, IMAP enables synchronization between devices, ensuring that any changes made to your emails are reflected across all devices.

Do you know why user want to export Mailbird to IMAP?

There are various different reasons why people are looking to forward Mailbird emails to IMAP server. Some of them are:

  • IMAP gives you the freedom to access your emails from any device with an internet connection. So, if you are using a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you can easily manage and view your emails without requiring any other specific email client.
  • It also offers synchronization feature, so that any changes made to your emails, such as reading, deleting, or moving messages, are instantly reflected across all devices connected to your IMAP account.
  • Storing your emails on an IMAP server provides an added layer of security and data backup. In case of device failure, loss, or damage, your emails remain safe.

How to Export Emails from Mailbird to IMAP?

Yota Mailbird Migration tool is an exceptional solution for exporting emails from Mailbird to IMAP server. This tool is especially designed to transfer multiple emails from one account to other IMAP account without any complex process or configuration. It provides a reliable and effective method to move Mailbird emails without losing any data.

With this Mailbird Backup tool, users can easily export Mailbird emails to other files formats and save them locally into their PC. You can convert Mailbird to PST, Mailbird to EML, Mailbird to MBOX, Mailbird to PDF, Mailbird to vCard and Mailbird to HTML. It is compatible with various versions of Mailbird, as well as both Windows operating systems, providing a versatile solution for users across different platforms.

One of the notable advantages of this tool is its ability to support multiple email clients, and webmail services. It offers users the flexibility to migrate their Mailbird emails into various webmail clients. You can migrate Mailbird emails to Gmail, Mailbird emails to Office 365, Mailbird to Thunderbird, Hotmail, Yandex Mail, etc.

Whether you are migrating a single Mailbird email or multiple emails to the new IMAP server, the Yota IMAP Migration tool streamlines the mail migration process. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it an ideal choice for users seeking a reliable and efficient solution to export emails from Mailbird to IMAP.

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Quick Steps to Export Mailbird to IMAP are as follows:

  1. Download and Install Yota Email Converter Tool on your PC.
  2. Click on Open>> Desktop Email Clients>> Mailbird Accounts.
  3. Now, enter Mailbird login details and upload the files.
  4. Go to Export tab and select IMAP from there.
  5. Lastly enter the IMAP login credentials and hit the Save button.

Why to Choose Mailbird to IMAP Import Wizard?

  • Bulk Migrations: This tool allows users to efficiently migrate multiple Mailbird emails to IMAP server simultaneously. This remarkable feature is particularly useful for individuals or organizations dealing with large number of emails, as it can saves time and effort during the migration process significantly. Rather than navigating through the migration steps for each email separately, users can simply select the number of emails and start the process with just few clicks.
  • Preserve Data Integrity: This powerful tool can preserve the metadata of emails throughout the migration process. All the important details such as sender details, recipient information, subject lines, dates, and attachments remain intact during the Mailbird to IMAP migration. And due to this, users can trust that the migrated data in the IMAP server will be the exact copy of the original Mailbird emails.
  • Pause and Resume Option: This Mailbird to IMAP Migration tool provides users the invaluable customizable option using which they can pause and resume the migration process. It provides them complete control over the migration process and manage the migration according to their convenience and preferences.


Moving emails from Mailbird to IMAP account can be straightforward process if you use Yota Mailbird Converter wizard. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this comprehensive article, you can effortlessly export emails from Mailbird to IMAP server while keeping the data integrity same. If you need to extract attachments from Mailbird emails, then also, you can utilize this software.

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We have covered detailed steps to export Mailbird emails to IMAP with attachments with screenshots. The interface of the tool is very simple and straightforward. Any novice user can also use it without any issue. It comes with free demo that you can download for free. This trial version allows you to migrate few emails from Mailbird account. After testing the tool, you can buy the upgraded version of the tool.