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How to Extract Attachments from Hostinger Emails in 4 Easy Steps?

Introduction: Are you using Hostinger and looking to download attachments from from your mailbox? Attachments are very important as they contain some valuable information or any other crucial document. Users want to save attachments into their PC for backup purpose. So, if you are also interested in knowing how to extract attachments from Hostinger webmail account, then follow this blog. Here, in this comprehensive write-up, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process to save multiple Hostinger attachment files in few moments. Download Yota Attachment Extractor tool on your Windows PC and see how amazingly it works for you.

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Save Hostinger Email Attachments Manually

  • Log in to your Hostinger webmail account and enter your login credentials like username and password.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the inbox or the specific email folder where your emails are stored having the attachment file.
  • Select the email that contains the attachments you want to export.
  • Open that email by clicking on it and you will see the email message, including the attachment file.
  • Click on the attachment link or thumbnail and choose Save option. This will download the file on your decided folder.
  • You can repeat the process for each attachment you want to extract from Hostinger account.

Limitation of Manual Method

While manual methods can work well for extracting a small number of attachments, they may not be the efficient solution for handling large number of attachments or when you need to extract attachments regularly. Here are some limitations that you might face during the process:

  • Manually downloading attachments from each email can be time-consuming, especially if you have a large number of emails.
  • It lacks advanced features such as filtering options, file type selection, etc.
  • Encountering technical difficulties can lead to data loss or unnecessary complications.

How to Download Attachments from Hostinger Emails?

  1. Download and Install Yota Hostinger Attachment Downloader.
  2. Click on Open>> Email Accounts>> Add Account.
  3. Next, enter Hostinger login credentials and preview the files.
  4. Click on Extract tab and select Attachments from the options.
  5. Enter the desired location to save the files and hit the Save button.

Extract Attachment from Hostinger Webmail in Bulk

Yota Attachment Extractor tool offers a precise and efficient approach to extract and save attachments without losing any data. It is an especially designed tool for saving multiple attachments from Hostinger webmail account in bulk. This tool is also known as the best Hostinger Backup Wizard because it allows you to save emails into different file formats on your PC. You can export Hostinger emails to PST, Hostinger to EML files, Hostinger emails to PDF document files, Hostinger to MBOX as a mailbox format, Hostinger to HTML, Hostinger to CSV, and Hostinger to TXT files.

To enhance the user experience, the tool provides an advanced search option. Users can choose specific criteria such as sender, subject, date range, or keywords to search and extract only the required attachments. It is a very helpful feature for those who is having bulk emails with a number of attachments and need to extract attachments from particular files only.

This software also includes a file extension filter, utilizing which, users can select particular file types and streamline the process. Also. it is able to maintain the formatting of extracted attachments. Whether it’s documents, images, or other file types, the tool ensures that the extracted files retain their original formatting and integrity.

Step-by-Step Working Procedure of Hostinger Attachments Extractor

  • Start the process by downloading Yota Hostinger Attachment Downloader on your Windows machine. Read all the instructions carefully and install it.
  • Next, go to Open tab and and select Email Accounts>> Add Account option.
  • Now, you need to fill the correct credentials and configuration details of Hostinger email account. It includes your email address and password.
  • After configuring your account successfully, it will display the folder structure of your Hostinger email account. From there, you can preview all your emails with other details.
  • After selecting the required emails from which you want to extract the files, click on Extract>> Attachments. You can choose various filter options to extract files from selective emails.
  • Lastly, enter the desired saving location and hit the Save button to extract attachments from Hostinger account.

Why to Choose This Automated Tool?

  • Batch Extraction: This software is capable to save attachments from you mailbox in bulk. Instead of downloading each file manually, you can use this feature to save time and efforts both. All you need to select the multiple emails or folders that contain attachments and the tool will automatically extract attachments from Hostinger account.
  • Choose Desired Destination: Yota Hostinger Attachment Extractor tool lets you to designate a specific folder on your PC. That means you can save the files at your desired location. This will help you to organize your data and makes it easier to locate and access your extracted attachments for future use.
  • Preserve Data Integrity: While using this powerful email backup wizard, you can be assured that there will be no modification or alteration done to your data. The quality and integrity of your attachments will remain intact. It ensures that the extracted attachments retain their original file formats and eliminate the risk of losing data.


Downloading attachments from Hostinger account may seem to troublesome. But using right tools and techniques, it is very easy to extract attachments from Hostinger email. By following the above steps and suggested tool, anyone can easily save their attachments without any hassle. Plus this is the best email migration wizard and comes with free demo version. You can test the working features of the tool without spending any money. After that, you can go for the upgraded version. So download the tool now and get the error-free results!

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