How to Export Emails from Hostinger to EML? – 2 Best Tricks

Introduction: In today’s post, we are going to cover one of the top search queries made by users: “How to export emails from Hostinger to EML”. If you also use Hositnger webmail and have the same need, this is the perfect place for you. This blog will guide you stepwise to convert Hostinger emails to EML using the manual method and the automated Hostinger Email Backup Tool for Windows.

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Hostinger vs EML

Hostinger is a web hosting provider that offers affordable hosting solutions for individuals and small businesses with a wide range of hosting options including shared, cloud, and VPS hosting. It offers 24/7 customer support in over 20 languages and an easy-to-use control panel for managing your website and servers. Hostinger also provides a webmail service that allows users to access and send/receive emails online in any browser.

So what’s wrong?

Since Hostinger Webmail works in the cloud, there is always a risk of account attacks or ransomware attacks. To protect your email account and important emails, creating a backup is the best solution to avoid losing your data. Therefore, many users want to convert Hostinger emails to EML format on their desktop or hard drive.

EML is a file extension which is stands for Electronic Mail Format. It contains email messages and email file attachments, as well as email metadata. Attachments are encoded as text and will not be visible when viewing the source file with a standard text viewer. EML file is supported by many email clients or email accounts such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Zoho Mail, etc.

How Do I Export Hostinger Emails to EML Format?

  1. Download and Install IMAP Backup Tool.
  2. Go to Open, Email Accounts, and click Add Account.
  3. Enter credentials of Hostinger Mail Account.
  4. Hit the Export option and select EML format.
  5. Click on the Save button to start the conversion.

Manual Way to Export Emails from Hostinger to EML

Hostinger webmail has an inbuilt option to convert Hostinger emails to EML file format. Follow these steps to achieve this:

  1. Firstly access the Hostinger webmail on your browser.
  2. To do so, simply go to and enter your account credentials.
  3. Then select the emails which you want to export. You can also go with the Select option to do so. export hostinger emails to eml
  4. After selecting your emails, click on More >> Download >> choose EML format. export emails from hositnger to eml
  5. An archive of all your emails will be downloaded to your PC.


  • You can only download the EML file for one email at a time.
  • No filter option is available to export specific time and date.
  • You cannot export multiple emails at once with this method.

So what to do next if you want to export multiple emails from your Hostinger Mail account to EML file format? You can try the alternate method to accomplish this operation that is mentioned in the below section.

Professional Way to Convert Hostinger Emails to EML Format

You can download email backup wizard free on your Windows PC to effortlessly export emails from Hostinger to EML files. This is a powerful software that gives you the freedom to convert multiple Hostinger emails at the same time. The software also comes with an advanced filter and search facility to convert only selective emails.

It also offers a simple interface that can be easily understood by any new computer user who doesn’t have much technical knowledge. With this software, users can export Hostinger emails to EML file format including all attachments. Plus, you do not have to install any supportive program on your system to accomplish this task.

The tool enables you to backup Hopstinger emails to computer in several email and document formats. So you can also export Hostinger emails to PST file format, Hostinger to MBOX as a mailbox format, Hostinger to PDF, Hostinger to CSV Excel file, Hostinger, to Text, and Hostinger to HTML format.

Plus, you can transfer Hostinger email to Outlook by importing the PST file using the import/export option. But before that please make sure that you are using an upgraded to the pro version else you will get the import export greyed out in Outlook issue.

This wizard does not impose any limitation bar which means you are able to transfer unlimited emails from your Hostinger mail account. It also gives you an advanced option to export all email folders in a single attempt with a maintained folder hierarchy.

Full Steps to Export Emails from Hostinger to EML With Attachments

To start, download the tool and install it on your system. After installation follow the below steps to convert Hostinger emails to EML format.

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  1. Run the wizard > go to Open > Email Accounts > Add Account. You can also select the open configured IMAP account option.hostinger email backup tool
  2. After that enter Hostinger webmail email address and password. Then click Add to continue with the export process.add hostinger webmail credentials
  3. The software will auto load the complete mailbox data of your account to the interface. Select the email folders and view your emails with attachments in different folders to convert hostinger emails to eml
  4. Then search or filter your emails according to date range, time, subject, from, cc, and others.export emails form hostinger to eml selectively
  5. Click on the Export option from the top and choose EML format from the saving list.export hostinger emails to eml
  6. Finally, browse for a destination where you would like to store your EML files and click on Save to start Hostinger to EML conversion.hostinget to eml
Related Solution: If you want to migrate emails from a Hostinger mail account to other cloud accounts, you can use the email migration tool on the Windows operating system. It helps you directly add Hostinger email to Gmail account, Hostinger to Office 365 account, Hostinger to IMAP, and so on.

Last Notes

This blog discusses the manual and professional solutions to convert Hostinger emails to EML file format. The manual solution cannot transfer multiple Hostinger emails at once. However, the professional tool allows you to bulk export Hostinger emails to EML files. You can also use this tool to move unlimited emails from the Hostinger mail account.