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Yota IMAP Backup Wizard

Reliable and easy-to-use IMAP email backup tool to save emails from all IMAP supported services. This makes it easy to download IMAP emails on the desktop or hard drive.

  • Accurately Archive Emails from all IMAP-based accounts
  • Backup IMAP email to PST, PDF, MBOX, EML, CSV, etc.
  • Easily Import Emails from One IMAP Account to Another
  • Option to Extract all Attachments from an IMAP Based Account
  • Extended Filter Function to Secure Only Necessary Emails
  • Securely Keeps all Email Properties of your Account Intact
  • Archive IMAP Emails including all Attachments of any Size and Type
  • Only Valid Credentials Required to Create IMAP Backup
*Download Yota IMAP Backup Tool free to download all your mailbox data.

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Emails from IMAP Server

Why Choose Yota IMAP Backup Wizard?

This IMAP email backup tool is the fastest and easiest to download emails, contacts, calendars, and other items from any IMAP supported accounts. It makes it easy for users to download IMAP emails to PC or external drive quickly. The software is the best solution to move unlimited emails from IMAP account only with valid credentials.

With this Email Backup Wizard, you can apply filter to your data according to date, time, name, subject, attachments, and others. This helps you to download only necessary emails and save space. It also allows you to backup emails along with all attachments with zero modification. Along with this, it has a separate option to extract attachments, phone numbers, and email addresses from your IMAP account. Overall this is all-in-one IMAP Backup Wizard for downloading IMAP-based email accounts.

Support 200 Plus Services

The best IMAP backup tool supports 200+ email services that support IMAP. You are free to download IMAP emails just by entering the credentials. Don't worry, none of your personal information is stored in the database. You can backup of emails from Google Workspace, YMail, Hotmail, AWS Webmail, etc.

Download Emails Locally

The software allows you to archive IMAP account emails to a local drive so you can always access emails. Users can safely save IMAP emails locally in multiple email types, which allows you to open your emails in multiple desktop-based email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, MS Outlook, etc.

No Loss & Limitations

This is the best IMAP backup wizard with no size limit. That means you can archive / download unlimited and large size emails from your account without any modification. In addition, not a single piece of information of your cloud account is lost and guarantees accurate results in just a few minutes.

Eye-Catching Features of the Best IMAP Backup Tool

Let's look at some amazing features of this IMAP mail backup software.

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Backup Complete Mailbox

This IMAP email backup tool is known for its effective and fast results. It allows you to download emails, calendar, contacts and more data from IMAP account. The tool allows you to download and convert emails from IMAP to PDF file, IMAP to EML files, IMAP to MBOX format, IMAP to HTML, and IMAP to TEXT files. It also offers you the option to export contacts in CSV or vCard file format and export calendars in ICS file format.

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Transfer IMAP to Another Account

It also works as IMAP Migration Tool that has an advanced option to transfer emails from one IMAP account to another directly. To do this, you just need to enter the valid credentials of your two accounts and the software will do the job effectively in a few moments. For example, you can create Bluehost backup and also migrate emails to other services. So if you are switching from your old account to a new account, this IMAP backup wizard is the best choice for you.

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Preview Account Data

Once you added the credentials of your data, the IMAP email backup tool will load all your account data and preview them before backup. You can click on the particular email or other items and preview it including all information. It provides differents modes such as Content View, View Email Attachments, Message Header View, Hex View, and Raw Message View.

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Backup Emails Selectively

The IMAP backup wizard also provides an option to download only necessary emails from the IMAP account. We know that sometimes you don't want to backup all the emails you don't need. This time, you can easily search emails and other items by typing a specific keyword. Even you search within attachments too. So this is the best option to export Gmail to PST and other formats in a selective manner.

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Fully Windows Supportive

No matter which Windows version already installes on your laptop or computer. This is the best IMAP Backup Tool is fully compatible with all latest and earlier versions of Microsoft Windows operating system. You can install it on Windows 11, 10, and previous editions.

Additional Key Features of IMAP Backup Wizard

Simple GUI

This is fully secure and easy to use tool to backup IMAP emails locally to the desired file format. The simple and graphical user interface makes easier for any non-technical users to smoothly download emails from any IMAP-based accounts in just a few clicks. You just need to download and install this tool on your PC, then you can start the IMAP email backup process seamlessly.

Backup Emails from IMAP Server

This is an advanced and most effective IMAP Backup Tool for Windows OS that lets you backup emails from all IMAP supported email services. You can easily export Rackspace email to PST file for Outlook. It is powerful enough to move emails from one IMAP account to another by entering their email id and password only.

0% Data Change

Yota IMAP Backup Wizard offers 100% accurate backup guarantee. It keeps all the key elements of emails like To, From, CC, Date, Time, Hyperlinks, Images, etc. Additionally, the tool maintains the folder and subfolder hierarchy throughout the backup process.

No Additional Utility Needed

It is a completely standalone program that does not require any support from any external applications on the system. Users only have to install this software on their computer and start backing up IMAP emails locally to the required file format.

Unlimited Backup

There is no limitations with this IMAP Backup Tool. You can easily download unlimited emails from the IMAP-based accounts. Moreover, it enables you to backup emails from all folders like inbox, sent items, draft, and others in one go with full safety.

100% Secure

This is a totally safe wizard for backing up IMAP emails locally. With this tool, you don't have to worry about even a single piece of information being lost or misplaced during the backup process. Not even your personal information is stored in the database.

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Common Questions Asked by User
How do I backup my IMAP email?

Steps to backup emails from IMAP account are as follows;

  1. Download and Install Yota IMAP Backup Tool.
  2. Then click Open and select Email Account.
  3. Next, enter login details of your IMAP account to proceed.
  4. After that, hit the Export option and select the required saving option.
  5. At the end, click Save button to start downloading IMAP emails.
Can I download all emails from IMAP server locally?
Yes, the IMAP email backup tool allows you download IMAP emails to the computer in several file types.
Does this tool allow to download emails from multiple IMAP accounts?
Yes, this is the best IMAP backup wizard that supports 200+ email services. You can easily archive emails from all IMAP accounts one by one in desired format and email service.
What is the best IMAP backup tool?
According to the users and technical expert reviews, Yota offers the best IMAP email backup tool to download emails from any IMAP service.
Can I backup multiple emails at once from my IMAP account?
Yes, the IMAP backup tool allows you to download as many emails from your account at the same time with no loss of data.
What is the backup software for IMAP server?
Yota IMAP Backup Tool is an effective solution to backup IMAP mailboxes to the desired file format. It helps users to download emails from any IMAP-based accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Zoho, AOL, and more.
What is IMAP backup?
IMAP email backup allows downloading emails from IMAP supported accounts to a local drive. It helps you protect your email and access it when you need it.