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Yota IMAP Migration Tool

The best tool to import emails from IMAP account to another IMAP-supported email clients and accounts.

  • Ability to migrate IMAP emails to multiple email clients
  • Allows to import emails from IMAP to Office 365, G Suite, etc.
  • Can preserve the email folder or sub-folder structure during migration
  • Can extract email addresses, phone numbers, from the mailbox
  • Preview emails from the IMAP mailbox before migration
  • No restrictions for exporting large-sized IMAP emails
  • Dual options available for selecting emails: Choose Files or Folder
  • Enables batch migration of IMAP Emails without any data loss
  • Compatible with all versions of the Windows Operating System
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Why Choose Yota IMAP Migration Tool?

If you need to move your emails from IMAP account to any other email services like Yahoo, Hotmail, Thunderbird, etc., then Yota IMAP Import Wizard: It is very handy to use and can export emails to various email servers and cloud-based email services. It is a comprehensive solution that can migrate all of your data from IMAP account, including emails, contacts, notes, tasks, journals, calendars, and attachments without any restriction.

Dedicated Customer Support

If you ever stuck with our solution, have no fear! We offer all time customer support to help you with any issues at the time of migration. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to help you out. Whether you prefer email or chat support, we've got you covered and make your experience as effortless as possible!

0% Data Loss

Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your email transfer is completed quickly without risking your valuable information during the process. Plus, user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to handle. Also, our self-navigational panel provide complete support at every step of the process. So why wait? Try this IMAP Migration Tool today!

Millions of Users

Ready to migrate your emails to a new service? Look no further than our comprehensive IMAP Export Wizard for Windows! This powerful software is capable to import IMAP emails to any mail server or provider. With over 1 million satisfied users, this tool is being preferred by many professionals accross the world. It is tried and tested tool.

Prime Features of the Best IMAP Migration Tool

Let's look at some highlighted features of this IMAP Import Software

yota imap migrator

Support Various IMAP Servers

This Email Migrator tool has been designed to support over 200 IMAP server clients so that users can import their emails to the desired location, no matter which email client they are using. It supports all popular clients like Yahoo Mail, or any other IMAP server client like Earthlink, IONOS, AOL mail, Zoho mail, etc. With such a great compatibility of IMAP account, you can be confident that it will work with your mailbox data and provide you with a smooth migration experience.

best imap migration tool

Highly Compatible

No matter what version of Windows you're using, this IMAP Migration Tool is fully compatible with all editions. Whether you have Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, or an earlier version, you can easily use this tool to migrate emails from IMAP server to sthe desired location without any concerns about compatibility.

yota imap migration

Selective Email Export

It offers wide range of Filter options that allows users to migrate emails from IMAP account. Now, this feature is very helpful for those who don't want to transfer their entire mailbox data. They can easily select the required filter including date range, name, subject, to, from, bcc, cc, and more to convert only the needed emails. It can save a lot of time also because you can easily filter out irrelevant emails and only export the ones that are important to you.

best imap migrator for windows

Bulk Migration

This versatile software has been equipped with so many advanced features and one of them is its Batch Migration feature. You can migrate multiple IMAP emails in a single process without selecting individual emails over and over again. Instead, you can choose one or multiple folders that contains hundreds and thoudsands of emails and add them into the software panel for conversion. This not only saves time but also makes sure that all emails are migrated accurately.

best imap migration software

Preserve Data Integrity

The software is integrated with a top-notch technology that reatins the data integrity of emails while migrating IMAP emails to other email accounts. This means that all mailbox data, including emails, contacts and attachments is migrated with its original formatting and metadata intact. Out top-most prioroity is to keep your data safe that is why our experts have designed this IMAP Migration Tool in such a way that you will get the accurate results after complete migration.

 imap migrator for windows

Email Preview Option

When using this tool to import emails from IMAP account to other platforms, you'll be able to preview all your emails before starting the migration process. This IMAP Import Tool will display all the information regarding to the emails with all im portant information. You can also view attachments from the same window. Also, this tool lets you assess each and every emails so that you can seelct the emails that you want to convert.

How Does this IMAP Migrator Work for you?

Steps to migrate emails from IMAP to other email services are:

Additional Features of IMAP Migration Software

preview option

Various Preview Options

Introducing IMAP Migrator for Windows that's powerful, comprehensive, and user-friendly all at once! And to make things even better, this software offers a detailed preview feature that lets you have a sneak peek of your emails before importing them.

Available View Options are...
  • Content View
  • Properties View
  • Message Header
  • Hex View
  • Raw Message
extract attachment

Extract Attachments

It's the perfect solution for those who need to extract attachments from IMAP emails. With its user-friendly and intuitive interface, you can easily extract attachments without any hassle.

extract phone numbers

Extract Contact Numbers

Looking for a tool that can extract phone numbers from emails accurately and efficiently? With its high-precision algorithms, this tool can extract thousands of mobile numbers with ease

extract email address

Extract Email Addresses

This software also allows users to extract email addresses from multiple IMAP accounts. With the ability to export email addresses from large or unlimited mailboxes simultaneously, it can save your time and effort.

extract photos

Associated Email and Phone Numbers

This tool is capable of exporting phone numbers from a large number of emails, regardless of the number of contacts present in each email. So, no matter how many contacts you have, this software can easily eport them all.

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Common Questions Asked by User

How to migrate IMAP emails from one email service to other?

Steps to transfer IMAP emails into other mail accounts are as follows:

  • Step 1. Download and install Yota IMAP Migration Wizard in your system.
  • Step 2. Go to Open and select Email Accounts. Choose Add Account option
  • Step 3. Enter login credentials and preview the email data.
  • Step 4. Click on Export and select desired saving options from the list.
  • Step 5. Select the location and click on Save button.

This is how you can easily import IMAP emails into desired format or email service using IMAP Migrator Tool for Windows 11.

Does this software keeps the emails same as the original even after migration?
Yes, this software is designed to move IMAP emails to other email accounts with intact data integrity. The folder structure and mets details of the emails remains the same throughout the process.
Is this sofware capable to migrate multiple emails at once?
Yes, this software is capable of migrating multiple emails at once. It can handle a large number of emails and perform the migration process simultaneously, thus saving a considerable amount of time and effort for the user.