How to Export IMAP to HTML File Format?

Introduction: Are you searching for a way how to export IMAP to HTML file format? If your answer is yes, then this blog gives you the correct solution to your request. Here we will share the direct and simple-to-use IMAP Backup Tool that helps you to convert IMAP emails to HTML format. So let’s start…

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Benefits of HTML File Format

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, the extension for web pages created to be viewed in browsers. This is a simple text document that contains highly interactive content and is specifically designed for digital viewing. It’s easy to open an HTML text file – just use your web browser of choice.

There are multiple benefits of using HTML file format and some of them are:

  • The HTML file is easy to understand and implement
  • The HTML file is totally free, light, and fast
  • Every browser supports the HTML file format
  • It is the most search engine friendly
  • HTML is easy to edit and easily integrates with other languages
  • HTML file is the most basic of all programming languages

No.1 Tool to Export IMAP to HTML Format

Yota offers the best Email Backup Software that lets you convert IMAP emails to HTML file format. It is capable enough to export emails from any IMAP-based email account such as Google Workspace, Yahoo Mail, Amazon WorkMail, Rackspace, Roundcube, etc.

This allows you to save IMAP emails locally in various file formats. It means you can export IMAP to PST without Outlook, IMAP to EML as a single email, IMAP to MBOX format, IMAP to CSV file, and IMAP to PDF file format.

Moreover, the software export IMAP emails to HTML format without taking the help of any supportive application on the PC. One can smoothly convert IMAP to HTML file without technical expertise. The simple and friendly interface makes it easier for any new users to complete this task in just a few clicks.

You can download the tool for free and check the functionality before moving to the full version. The demo edition helps you to transfer the first 10 emails. And the full version provides support to convert unlimited email from your account.

To export IMAP to HTML file format, download and install the software on your PC. After that follow the listed below instructions.

Steps to Convert IMAP Emails to HTML Format are as follows;

Step 1. Launch the tool, click Open > Email Accounts > Add Account.

imap backup tool

Step 2. Add credentials to your IMAP account to proceed.

add account credentials

Step 3. Click Export and choose HTML from the list of multiple formats.

export imap to html

Step 4. Now, pick a destination where you want to store output and click Save.

convert imap emails to html

It’s Done!

After a few minutes, you will receive a message “conversion completed successfully” on the screen. Click OK and check the exported HTML file from the location or folder you selected in step 4.

Why Choose IMAP to HTML Converter Wizard?

  • No Technical Expertise Required: This software comes up with a very simple and easy-to-understand interface. It helps users who don’t have enough technical knowledge to easily convert IMAP emails to HTML format.
  • No Restrictions: It gives you the full freedom to export multiple IMAP emails at the same time directly to the HTML file format. Apart from that you are able to transfer unlimited emails with no size limit and data loss.
  • Save HTML at Desired Path: This is the perfect tool to export IMAP to HTML file format. It also offers an option to select a location or create a new folder to store the resulting HTML file.
  • Multiple Saving Options: Along with HTML, it provides support to import IMAP email to Gmail or G Suite account, IMAP to Office 365 account, IMAP to Thunderbird, and more in a direct manner.
  • Search Emails: If you don’t want to export all unrequired emails to HTML format, then you can simply search your emails by a specific keyword. Plus, the tool lets you apply filters on emails by name, date, time, attachments, subject, etc.
  • Support Windows: It is totally a Windows-based utility to export IMAP to HTML file format. You can launch this tool on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and others.
  • Preview Emails: The software shows you a quick preview of the emails stored in your account before conversion. You can click on the email and view it in multiple preview modes including all attached information.

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You can also download the trial version of this wizard, which allows you to convert the first 10 emails per folder for free. This way you can check the tool’s performance before investing anything.

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Final Words

This blog shared the fast, reliable, and easy way to convert IMAP emails to HTML file format. Since no official option is available, we have introduced the best IMAP migration tool to make it easier for you to export IMAP to HTML format without installing any external application on the computer.