How to Export IMAP Emails to CSV File Format?

Introduction: CSV is the popular file format for storing and managing emails, which is well compatible with multiple devices and email clients. Due to the multiple benefits of CSV file, many users want to export IMAP emails to CSV format. In this blog, we are going to discuss the fast and secure solution to convert emails from IMAP to CSV file format.

Solution to Convert Emails from IMAP to CSV

In order to quickly export IMAP emails to CSV file format, it is recommended to use Yota IMAP Backup Wizard for Windows. This is the complete solution to download emails from any IMAP-supportive service to CSV format.

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It provides support to save IMAP emails locally in several popular file formats. You can easily convert multiple IMAP emails at the same time directly to the CSV file. The software gives you the freedom to save the exported CSV file in the required folder. Moreover, you can backup IMAP email to PST without Outlook, IMAP to PDF, and many other email formats.

Using this tool, one can convert emails from IMAP to CSV file format without any modification. It keeps all email properties intact such as subject, from, to, cc, and others. Plus, it maintains a hierarchy of folders even after the conversion. Once you saved your emails in a CSV file, you can easily open emails in Excel spreadsheets and many email services.

There is no limitation imposed with this software. You can export large size of emails without corrupting or losing a single kind of information. It is also able to convert unlimited emails from your account with a full accuracy rate.

Steps to Export IMAP Emails to CSV File Format are as follows;

Step 1. Run IMAP to CSV Converter, click Open > Email Accounts, and select Add Account.

imap backup wizard

Step 2. Now, type the email id, password, and IMAP server details of your account to continue.

add credentials

Step 3. Then hit the Export option and choose CSV format from the list.

export imap emails to csv

Step 4. Finally, pick a location to store the CSV file and click on the Save button.

convert emails from imap to csv

It’s done!

This is the overall process you need to follow to quickly convert IMAP emails to CSV file format using this tool. It also gives you the direct option to import IMAP email to Gmail or G Suite account, IMAP to Office 365 account, IMAP to Thunderbird, and more.

Advantages of IMAP to CSV Converter Tool

Easy Acces

The tool is well-programmed and offers a user-friendly interface. This makes it easy for all non-technical users to export IMAP emails to CSV file format smoothly. So no matter whether you are technical or not, this software is easily accessible by all users.

Batch Export Emails

The software is powerful enough to convert emails from IMAP to CSV files in batch mode. Users are free to transfer multiple IMAP emails in a single attempt. You can also export emails from all folders at once and save your precious time.

Support All IMAP Services

It supports exporting emails from all IMAP-based accounts. You can convert Gmail emails to CSV files, Rackspace to CSV, and others. To start the conversion, you only have to type the valid credentials of your account.

Zero Data Leakage

This is a completely secure utility that does not store and share any personal information about your account. It keeps all your email data intact in its original format and gives you accurate results within minutes, guaranteed.

Compatibility with Windows

It is a Windows-supported tool that facilitates export IMAP emails to CSV file format on all versions of the Windows operating system. You can easily download and install the software on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and earlier editions.

Provides Extra Options

Once you select CSV as file saving format, multiple additional options are provided on the software screen. These include: Open folder after export is done, skip greyed out folder, create empty folders, delete old folders, omit folder structure, and include email headers.

Why Need to Export IMAP Emails to CSV Format?

CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a data storage file format that looks like a text file. The information is organized in one record per line, with each field separated by a comma. This file can be managed in Microsoft Excel or similar programs. There are many benefits of CSV file such as:

  • The CSV file is humanly readable and easy to edit manually
  • It is lightweight and easy to share over the internet. So this is the best format for data exchange.
  • CSV is a reliable file format for storing data as it is easy to validate and check for errors.
  • It can be used to store a variety of data types, including numeric, text, date, and time. You can also customize it to suit your specific needs.

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Final Words

This blog explained how easy it is to export IMAP emails to CSV files. We have introduced the best IMAP to CSV converter tool to help you convert emails from IMAP account to CSV file format quickly.

You can also checkout IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool to migrate emails from IMAP to another account in a direct manner.