How to Save IMAP Emails Locally?

Summary: Saving emails on the computer or hard drive is the best and most suitable solution for all organizations and users to protect their data. In today’s post, we will cover similar user requests to save IMAP emails locally. If you also want to backup emails from the IMAP server to your PC, read the blog to the end. Here you will get a 100% successful solution known as IMAP Backup Wizard to fulfill your request.

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Why Backup of Emails Important?

  • As email is very important for all communication purposes. Losing important emails due to cyber attacks, accidental deletion, and many other reasons can lead to data loss. And by backing up emails, you make sure you have a copy of your important emails.
  • Email data may be lost due to natural disasters and other reasons. By backing up your emails, you can recover from such disasters and keep your important communications and business running.
  • Emails may contain important information such as agreements and other documents that you may need for future use. Once you save IMAP emails locally, you can always access that information, even years after it’s been sent or received.
  • When you switch to a new email client or email service, you will need to migrate your old emails to the new ones. Saving emails locally simplifies this process as you can easily import your emails from your system to your new client or email account.

Best Solution to Save IMAP Emails Locally

Yota Email Backup Wizard is one of the best and most user-friendly solutions to save all emails from an IMAP account. It helps you to backup emails from all folders at the same time without any data loss. The software support saving emails from any IMAP-based services. That means you can effortlessly backup IMAP email to PST file, IMAP to PDF, and other file formats.

With this tool, it becomes easy to backup emails from only selected folders and save storage of your system. It also gives you the option to save your emails at the desired destination or you can make a new folder to store emails. Plus, the software shows a preview of all your account emails in multiple modes before backup.

The best part or you can say the feature of this wizard is that it is a standalone platform and able to save IMAP emails locally without any supportive application. The software is also compatible with all versions of MS Windows such as Windows 11, 10, 8, and others. Moreover, you can install it on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines.

Steps to Save All Emails from IMAP Account Locally are as follows;

Step 1. Launch the software and click Open > Email Accounts > Add Account.

imap backup tool

Step 2. Then enter your IMAP account credentials to proceed.

add your account credentials

Step 3. Next, click Export and select desired saving options from the list.

save imap emails locally

Step 4. Lastly, select a destination to store emails and hit the Save button.
save emails from imap server

You’re done now!

Why Prefer IMAP Archive Tool?

Simple GUI

The tool has a simple and user-friendly interface. This means that any non-technical user can easily save IMAP emails locally in multiple file formats.

Batch Mode Available

With this software, one can easily save multiple emails from an IMAP account in a single attempt. What’s more, you can backup unlimited IMAP emails to a computer or local drive.

Save Emails from Folders

It allows you to save emails from all or only selected folders to the desired destination. You just have to choose the folders you want to back up your emails from.

Set Destination

It offers you the option to save IMAP emails locally in the desired location or folder. After choosing the file saving formats, you can click the Browse button and choose a place to save your emails and access them offline anytime.

Migrate IMAP Emails

It works as IMAP Migration Tool that lets you transfer IMAP emails to another server or account. You can simply import IMAP email to Gmail account, IMAP to Office 365 account, IMAP to Thunderbird, and others in a direct way.

Free Download

In order to review how this tool works, download the demo version to your system. It supports saving the first 10 emails from each folder at no cost. To backup more emails, you can buy the full version directly from the tool’s interface.

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Downloading emails from the IMAP server to the computer is the best option to access data offline anytime. In the blog above, we discussed the best way to save IMAP emails locally and access them in multiple email clients.


Question 1. How do I download an entire IMAP email?
Answer. Using Yota Mail Backup Tool you can download all your emails from the IMAP server to the PC.

Question 2. Can I save all of my IMAP emails at once?
Answer. Yes, it allows you to save all your IMAP emails at the same time with a full accuracy rate.

Question 3. Does the tool delete emails from the server after downloading?
Answer. No, the software only creates a copy of your IMAP emails on the computer. If you want to delete emails from the server, you can do it manually.