How to Migrate HostMonster Webmail to Thunderbird?

I want to switch from Hostmonster to Thunderbird to access email on my desktop. But the problem is I still can’t find any solution to help me migrate HostMonster webmail to Thunderbird account. Can anyone help me and provide me with the method to export HostMonster emails to Thunderbird profile?

After reading the query above, you might get an idea of what the topic of today’s blog is. Here we will discuss the top 2 methods to help you migrate HostMonster to Thunderbird accounts. So if you have the same need and are looking for a solution then you are in luck because you will get the right solution for your query.

Methods to Export HostMonster Emails to Thunderbird

There are two methods or solutions available that help you to migrate HostMonster webmail to Thunderbird account. You can perform this task by:

1. Using IMAP Migration Tool (Recommended)

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2. Using Manual Method

You will get all the steps of both methods in the below section. So let’s get started.

Method 1: Direct Way to Migrate HostMonster Webmail to Thunderbird

Yota provides the best and most secure Email Migrator that let you directly import emails from HostMonster to Thunderbird profile. It supports all email services that support IMAP Server for the migration. The software only needs the email id, password, and IMAP server details of the HostMonster account to complete this operation.

With the help of this wizard, it becomes easy to export HostMonster emails to Thunderbird without losing folder hierarchy. This is an advanced solution that preserves key elements of emails such as name, to, from, cc, attachments, date, time, etc. It also provides quick support to import HostMonster emails to Gmail account, forward HostMonster webmail to G Suite account, and import HostMonster to Office 365 directly.

It gives you the option to transfer HostMonster emails from all or only selective folders without doing any modifications or losing a single information. You can also search emails by entering a specific keyword in the search box and migrating only necessary emails from HostMonster webmail. With this program, you can also extract attachments from HostMonster emails effortlessly.

Moreover, the software lets you migrate HostMonster Webmail to Thunderbird on all Windows platforms. Plus, the tool can be installed on both 32 and 64-bit machines.

Steps to Directly Import Emails from HostMonster to Thunderbird are;

Step 1. Go to the Open tab and click Email Accounts then select Add Account.

imap migration tool

Step 2. Then put your login credentials of the HostMonster account.

add credentials

Step 3. After that hit the Export option and choose Thunderbird.

migrate hostmonster webmail to thunderbird

Step 4. Now, select the desired Thunderbird Profile and click Save.

export hostmonster emails to thunderbird

That’s all!

This is how you can directly export HostMonster emails to Thunderbird account using this wizard.

Method 2: Manually Setup HostMonster Account in Thunderbird

Step 1. Select Email under the Create New Account icon.

Step 2. Enter the name that you want to appear on outgoing e-mail messages.

Step 3. Please enter your full email address and password.

setup hostmonster account in thunderbird

Step 4. Click the Next button.

Step 5. Thunderbird will attempt to set up your account automatically. An IMAP account is created and SSL is not used.

add account

Step 6. After automatic configuration is complete, click Manual configuration.

migrate hostmonster webmail to thunderbird

Step 7. For Incoming and Outgoing servers, enter, replacing with your domain name.

Step 8. Enter your full email address as the username for incoming and outgoing emails.

Step 9. Click Retest.


Step 10. Then click Done.


Step 11. If you get a security warning, select Save this exception permanently. Then click Confirm Security Exception.

add hostmonster webmail to thunderbird


Comparison of Both Methods

The manual method is quite lengthy and requires strong technical knowledge to execute the process. There is a chance that you may lose your data while setting up a Hostmonster account in Mozilla Thunderbird. On the other hand, you can directly migrate HostMonster webmail to Thunderbird profile with the suggested IMAP to IMAP migration tool. With just a few clicks, you can safely import emails from HostMonster to Thunderbird without data loss. Even after the migration, all data remains in its original form.

It also offers many useful features such as:

  • Simple interface that any beginner can easily understand
  • Create HostMonster email backup to PC or hard drive
  • Support all versions of Microsoft Windows OS
  • Bulk export HostMonster emails to Thunderbird securely
  • Maintains email properties and folder structure
  • Option to migrate only selective emails from the HostMonster account
  • You have the option to export emails from all folders at once
  • Facility to import HostMonster webmail to desired Thunderbird profile

Last Verdict

The blog above discussed the two approaches to migrate HostMonster webmail to Thunderbird account. We also compare both methods so you can choose one that suits your needs. I hope this post helps you to import emails from HostMonster to Thunderbird profile easily.

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Know More: If you want to download emails from your IMAP account, then you can use IMAP Backup Tool on Windows PC. It let you export IMAP to PST, and other file formats in the desired location.