How to Convert Thunderbird Emails to CSV File Format?

Introduction: This blog is going to cover the user’s most requested query on how to convert Thunderbird emails to CSV file? If you have the same request, then keep reading this post. Here we will mention the different solutions that can be used to export Thunderbird emails to Excel file.

Thunderbird vs CSV File

Thunderbird is a free and most-used email application for desktops. It enables users to access their multiple email accounts at a single time without signing out. Mozilla Thunderbird can be easily operable on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

On the other hand, CSV stands for Comma Separated Value. It stores data in a comma-separated tabular format. CSV files can be easily opened in multiple applications such as MS Excel, Libera Office, Google Sheets, etc.

In today’s time, there are many needs when users want to save emails from Thunderbird to CSV file. When the emails increase and take up most storage space, users want to save their emails in a CSV file format. CSV is the best format to store large amounts of data without losing any data. The best part of a CSV file is that it contains emails, contacts, calendars, and other data items. Plus it can be opened on any device or system without installing any specific application.

Methods to Convert Thunderbird Emails to CSV Files

There are two methods that let you export Thunderbird emails to Excel.

  1. Manual Method Using ImportExportTools NG
  2. Automatic Method Using Thunderbird Migrator

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After discussing both methods, you can choose the method that suits you best and is easy for you to perform.

Solution 1: Save Emails from Thunderbird to CSV via ImportExportTools NG

  1. First of all, you have to install ImportExportTools NG in Thunderbird.
  2. If you already installed this add-on, then you can simply open the Thunderbird application.
  3. Now, right-click on the folder from which you want to save emails in a CSV file. Then select ImportExportTools NG >> Export all messages in the folder >> Spreadsheet CSV.
  4. Then choose a folder in which you want to save the CSV file on your computer.

It’s done!

However, this task is not good to export batch emails from Thunderbird to Excel file. To save bulk emails at once, it is recommended to go with the second method that we are going to explain in the below section.

Solution 2: Export Thunderbird Emails to Excel in Bulk Mode

Email Migration Tool is the best solution to convert Thunderbird emails to CSV file format with attachments. It enables users to save multiple emails from their Thunderbird account in a single attempt. The software also does not need the installation of any supportive application to begin the conversion.

With this wizard, it becomes possible to export emails from any version of Mozilla Thunderbird. It also automatically detects the configured Thunderbird profile from your system and loads all mailbox data. Then you can view your emails with all attached data in multiple preview modes such as hex view, content, message header, etc.

The best feature of the software is that it supports several file formats. Users can export Thunderbird to PST file, Thunderbird to PDF documents, Thunderbird to EML files, Thunderbird to Text, and Thunderbird to HTML file format.

It remains all email properties and folder hierarchies exactly the same as they were before the conversion. The software is fully safe & secure that does not store or lose a single piece of information throughout the procedure. Using this, any beginner can effortlessly export Thunderbird emails to Excel. It offers a simple graphical user interface that can be accessed by any kind of person.

To proceed, download and install the wizard on your Windows system. After that, follow the below-listed instructions.

Steps to Convert Thunderbird Emails to CSV With Attachments are:

  1. Click on the Open menu from the top and click Desktop Email Clients then select Thunderbird account.thunderbird migrator
  2. Now the software loads the mailbox data of your account. After that, select the folder from which you want to save email folder
  3. Next, click on the Export option from the top and select CSV from the list of multiple file formats.convert thunderbird emails to csv
  4. Choose a location on your PC where you wish to store the resulting CSV file and hit on the Save button.export thunderbird emails to excel


The software also lets you directly import Thunderbird to Gmail or G Suite account, Thunderbird to Office 365, and many other IMAP-supported email services.

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Final Notes

CSV is the perfect file format for sharing and storing large amounts of data. Therefore, many users want to export Thunderbird emails to Excel CSV file. To help you, we have introduced the two methods to convert Thunderbird emails to CSV file format. You can choose any method that suits your needs.