How to Migrate AOL to Office 365? – Get Two Best Methods

Introduction: In this blog, you will get to know how to migrate AOL to Office 365. If you also searching for a solution for the same, then your search is ended. Here we will provide you with the best methods that can be used to transfer AOL email to Office 365 account.

AOL Mail is a free web-based email service from AOL, a division of Yahoo! Inc. AOL Mail is packed with features like a 25MB email attachment limit, unlimited mailbox size, supported protocols: POP3, SMTP, IMAP, offers antivirus protection, and more.

Why do Users Need to Transfer AOL Email to Office 365?

There can be many reasons why users transfer emails from AOL account to Office 365 service. Some of the most common reasons are listed below:

  • Office 365 is the most popular cloud-based application offering various services such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook. AOL Mail, on the other hand, offers no additional services.
  • Many users are facing the issue of AOL mail service shutting down too soon and want to migrate from AOL Mmail to Office 365 account.
  • AOL hasn’t released an update in years. Therefore, using AOL Mail poses a security risk and does not protect your data from hackers. Therefore, users prefer to forward emails from AOL to Office 365 to protect their valuable information.

So these are the possible reasons why users need to transfer AOL emails to Office 365 account.

Methods to Migrate AOL to Office 365 Account

Here, we are going to discuss the 2 best possible methods that help you to transfer AOL email to Office 365.

  1. Manual Method Using Office 365 Inbuilt Feature
  2. Automated Method Using Email Backup Wizard

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So let’s start discussing both methods step by step and at the end, you can go with any method that suits you best.

Manually Transfer AOL Emails to Office 365 Account

There are two manual methods that will help you to forward AOL email to Office 365.

Method 1: Migrate Emails Using Office 365 Connected Accounts Feature

  1. Firstly, go to the Office 365 website and sign in to your account.
  2. Open Outlook Web App (OWA) and click on the Settings icon.
  3. Type Accounts in the search box and select the Connected Accounts option.
  4. Now, click the + (Add) icon to add an email account.
  5. Next, enter your AOL account email ID and password. Press OK.
  6. Then a popup will ask you to “Connect your email account”. Click the OK button to migrate AOL to Office 365.


Method 2: Forward AOL Email to Office 365 Individually

This method only allows you to forward some emails. You can follow the below steps to achieve this:

  1. Login to your AOL account.
  2. Open the email you want to forward.
  3. Then click the Forward icon to proceed.
  4. Now, enter your Office 365 email id in the To field.
  5. Finally, click the “Send” button to forward the email.

That’s it!

Limitations of Manual Methods

The manual methods also have some limitations such as:

  • Both methods carry a high risk of data loss or data corruption.
  • Requires strong technical knowledge to execute both methods correctly.
  • Not suitable to forward lots of emails as it is very time-consuming.

Now to transfer emails from AOL to Office 365 cloud account without any limits, you must go with the automated method.

Automated Method to Transfer AOL Email to Office 365

AOL Backup Tool is the best and fast solution to migrate AOL to Office 365 account directly. It only requires the credentials of both accounts to start the migration. The software comes with a simple interface that any novice can easily understand. It also does not leak or store any kind of information from your account. So you can smoothly transfer your emails without worrying about losing any data.

With this wizard, it becomes easy to migrate multiple emails from an AOL Mail account at once. Moreover, you have the option to migrate emails from all or only selected folders as per your needs. Users can also apply filters on their emails according to the date range, time, subject, from, etc.

This migration does not require any supporting application on the system such as Outlook. In addition, the tool keeps all meta properties and email formatting in their original format. The hierarchy of the folders and subfolders is also preserved during the migration.

How to Migrate AOL to Office 365 Directly? – Full Steps

Steps to forward AOL email to Office 365 account are as follows:

  1. Launch the IMAP Backup Wizard and click on Open > Email Accounts > Add Account.add your account
  2. Then enter the email id and password of your AOL Mail account.add your account credentials
  3. Next, select the folder from which you want to migrate folders
  4. Now, click on the Export option and select Office 365 as a saving option.forward aol email to office 365
  5. Finally, enter the credentials of your Office 365 account and hit on the Save button.migrate aol to office 365

You are done now!

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The Final Thoughts

This post has discussed the possible methods to migrate AOL to Office 365 account. The manual methods are time-consuming and carry the risk of data loss. Hence, it is advisable to use the automated tool and transfer AOL email to Office 365 account quickly and directly without losing any data.