How to Migrate IMAP to Account?

Summary: Are you switching from IMAP mailbox to If so, then you need to migrate IMAP to account. In today’s blog, we will share two effective methods that help you to transfer emails from an IMAP account to an account. So let’s start.

Why Prefer is a webmail service that is part of the Microsoft 365 product family. It provides email, calendar, contacts, and task services. Some features of are:

  • is integrated with other Microsoft services such as OneDrive, Skype, and Office Online. This allows you to access and share files, video calls, and emails.
  • It provides users with a simple interface for managing their email. It offers multiple features such as drag and drop, customizable swipe gestures, and a smart inbox that separates important and unimportant emails.
  • The Calendar feature lets you schedule appointments and events, set reminders, and share your calendar data.
  • It also provides a contact management system that allows you to store and organize your contacts in one place.
  • Task management features allow you to create and manage to-do lists, set reminders, and tasks.

Direct Method to Migrate IMAP to

Yota IMAP Backup Tool lets you directly import IMAP emails to account. It only requires the credentials of both accounts to start the direct migration process. This is the complete solution for all your migration needs and offers several useful features. With this, you can also save IMAP emails locally or external hard drive.

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With this tool, it becomes easy for you to transfer IMAP emails from all folders at the same time. Apart from that you have the option to migrate emails from selected folders only and save your precious time. It also does not need the support of any external applications to perform the migration.

You can easily migrate IMAP to without having technical knowledge. It offers an easy-to-use interface that any new user can understand and perform the migration quickly. The tool is also capable enough to migrate unlimited IMAP emails without any size limit and data loss issues.

It also allows you to import IMAP email to Gmail or G Suite, IMAP to Office 365 account, IMAP to Thunderbird, and other email services in a direct manner.

Steps to Import IMAP Emails to Account are:

Step 1. Download and Install the Email Backup Tool on your system.

Step 2. Click Open >> Email Accounts >> Add Account.

add your account

Step 3. Next, enter your email address, password, and IMAP server details.

enter account credentials

Step 4. Select email folders, click Export and select IMAP from the list.

migrate imap to

Step 5. Now, enter the login credentials of the account and click Save.

import imap emails to

That’s all!

This is how you can directly migrate IMAP to account with a 100% accuracy rate.

Manual Method to Add IMAP to Account

Note: Be sure to enable two-factor authentication, create an app password, and use the method above.

Step 1. First, sign in to your account.

Step 2. Then click on Settings and select View all settings.

Step 3. After that, Go to email sync options.

Step 4. Select your email account in the Connected Accounts section.

Step 5. Then enter your IMAP account email address and password to connect with your account.

Step 6. Finally, click OK to finalize this process.

You are done now!

Comparison of Methods

  • You need strong technical knowledge to migrate IMAP to account manually
  • The manual method is risky as it can lead to severe data loss issues
  • Also, there may be changes in the folder hierarchy.

Features Offered by IMAP Mail Backup Software

  • Maintain Data Integrity: It preserves key elements of IMAP emails such as from, to, cc, subject, and more. Also, the software maintains folder hierarchy so it is easy to access your emails even after the migration.
  • Direct Migration: This software is an advanced solution that lets you directly migrate IMAP to account. You do not need to download and install any external applications on your system to accomplish this task. It is also known as IMAP to IMAP migration tool and allows you to directly import emails from one account to another.
  • Migrate Unlimited Emails: It allows you to import IMAP emails to account without any limitations. You have the option to transfer unlimited emails from the IMAP account without losing any data.
  • Transfer All Folders: The tool gives you the facility to migrate emails from all folders at once. Moreover, you can select the folders from which you want to transfer your emails to the account.

Free Download

The software offers a demo version to download that lets you migrate the first 10 emails from each folder. This makes it easy for you to check the functionality of the tool before moving further. For migrating unlimited emails from an IMAP account to, you can buy the full version directly from the tool.

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The Final Thoughts

The above blog has discussed the 2 methods that can be used to migrate IMAP to The manual approach requires high technical knowledge and the risk of data loss. On the other hand, you can directly import IMAP emails to account with the recommended backup tool. It offers a simple user interface that can be used by any beginner without any technical expertise.