How to Export IMAP Emails to Text Files?

IMAP is an Internet standard protocol used by email clients to retrieve email messages from a mail server. It allows users to access their emails from any device anytime and anywhere. However, to protect emails from hackers and accidental deletion, users want to backup their emails on a local drive. As TXT is a plain text file to store emails without any formatting and is easy to edit, there are many users out there who want to export IMAP emails to Text files.

So, if you also have the same need and still searching for the solution, then your search is end here. In today’s blog, we are going to share with you the most recommended solution to convert IMAP to TXT file format.

Professional Tool to Convert IMAP to TXT Format

Yota provides the best and most effective IMAP Backup Tool that helps you quickly export IMAP emails to Text files. It is an all-in-one solution for all your needs as it allows you to transfer emails from all accounts that support IMAP. In simple words, you can download and convert emails from Google Workspace, AWS, Rackspace webmail, YMail, and more.

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The software enables you to export IMAP to PST file, IMAP to PDF document, IMAP to MBOX format, IMAP to CSV Excel file, IMAP to EML, and IMAP to HTML file formats. Moreover, it let you convert IMAP to Text file format without taking any support from external applications or programs.

With this tool, it becomes easy to export multiple emails from IMAP accounts at once with zero data loss. It also keeps your email properties and folder hierarchy intact even after the conversion is done. This makes it easy for you to access your emails.

This is known as the best software to convert IMAP to TXT format which comes up with a user-friendly interface. Now, any technical as well as non-technical users can smoothly do their job without any hassle.

Steps to Export IMAP Emails to Text Files are as follows;

Step 1. Launch IMAP to TXT Converter and go to the Open tab from the top.

imap backup tool

Step 2. Now, click Open, Email Accounts, and select Add Account.

add account

Step 3. Enter the login details of your account to export emails.

enter credentials

Step 4. Select the folder from which you want to convert emails and click Export then select TEXT.

export imap emails to text files

Step 5. Set a destination where you want to store Text files and click on the Save button.

convert imap to txt

You are done now!

Manual Method to Export IMAP to Text Files

As many email clients and email services support IMAP. Here we are using the Thunderbird application to export IMAP emails to Text files. It includes two different steps such as:

Step 1. Setup IMAP Account in Email Client

  1. First, download and install the Thunderbird application on your PC if not installed.
  2. Enter your credentials into your email client to set up your account.
  3. Select the IMAP option and click the OK button.
  4. Re-enter your credentials for confirmation.

Step 2. Save Emails in Plain Text File

  1. Add ImportExportTools NG addon on your Thunderbird client.
  2. Select a mailbox folder, click the right arrow, and select ImportExportTools NG.
  3. Then select “Export all messages in the folder”.
  4. Now, select the “As a single text file” option and
  5. Then pick a destination to save the text file.

That’s it!

Reasons for IMAP to TXT Conversion

There can be many reasons why users need to convert IMAP to Text files. Some of them are:

  • Text is considered universal or cross-platform because it can be easily read and opened in any program that reads text.
  • Text files are small and versatile. They are smaller in kilobytes or megabytes than the same data stored in other formats and can be exchanged quickly and in bulk via email or disk.
  • If the data in the text file becomes corrupted, it is often easier to recover the remaining contents and continue processing.
  • Text files are widely used to store information because of their simplicity. It avoids some of the problems encountered with other file formats.
  • A big advantage is that the text file can be read and edited by any text editor.

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Last Verdict

The above shared the most successful solution to export IMAP emails to Text files. Here we have discussed the manual and professional approaches to convert IMAP to TXT format. The manual method requires installing an IMAP-supported client on the system. Also, it takes a long time to configure or set up. On the other hand, the professional tool helps you to export IMAP to Text files without installing any external utilities in just a few simple steps.