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How to Convert GMX Mail Emails to EML Files?

Introduction: Do you want to know how to convert GMX Mail emails to EML files? If your answer is yes, you will get a quick answer to your request here. In today’s write-up, I am going to tell you the trustworthy solution to export emails from GMX Mail to EML file format.

Before going to the solution, let me clarify that GMX does not have any inbuilt option to export emails in EML files. However using the best email backup wizard for Windows, it is possible to export GMX emails to EML files.

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All About GMX Mail and EML File

GMX Mail is a free, ad-supported email service provided by GMX. Users can access GMX emails received via webmail or via POP3 or IMAP4 protocols. Each GMX account includes email addresses, as well as a mail collector, address book, organizer, and file storage. It offers several features such as:

  • File sharing function
  • Virus and spam protection
  • Drag and drop files and emails, etc.

On the other side, EML files are email messages saved by email applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc. This includes message content, subject, sender, recipients, and date. EML files can also store one or more email attachments, which are files sent along with the message.

Trusted Solution to Convert GMX Mail Emails to EML Files

GMX Mail Backup Wizard is the topmost solution to export emails from GMX Mail to EML files. It offers a simple interface that can be easily understood by technical as well as non-technical users. The software is an advanced solution that lets users export multiple emails from the GMX Mail account at once.

Along with this, it also has a filter option that enables users to filter emails according to date range, time, from, cc, and more. You can also search your emails by a specific keyword and convert only selective emails. It does not require the installation of any additional application on the machine to start this conversion.

The software permits you to convert GMX Mail emails to EML files along with attachments. It does not even change a single piece of information. The tool preserves all email properties and formatting such as name, date, time, links, images, etc. Also, it maintains the structure of folders and sub-folders even after the conversion is completed successfully.

It is also supported by all versions of the Windows operating system such as Windows 11, 10, and others. Moreover, it offers a trial version that lets you export the first 10 emails from the GMX Mail account to the desired file format.

How to Export Emails from GMX Mail to EML File Format? – Quick Steps

Steps to convert GMX Mail emails to EML files are as follows:

  1. Download and install the IMAP Backup Tool then lunch it into your computer.
  2. Click on the Open menu, Email Accounts, and then select Add Account option.add gmx mail account
  3. Then enter the login email address and password of the GMX Mail account. Click on Add option to proceed.add credentials
  4. Now, select the email folders you wish to convert. You can also view GMX Mail emails with attachments in several folders
  5. Apply filters on emails as per your needs to convert only selective emails from GMX Mail.convert gmx mail emails to eml
  6. Next, click on the Export option and then choose EML from the multiple file formats.export emails from gmx mail to eml
  7. Finally, browse for a destination where you wish to store the EML files and hit on the Save button.export gmx emails to eml


This is the easiest and quickest way to export emails from GMX Mail to EML files without losing any kind of information.

Features of GMX Backup Software

This wizard is loaded with a variety of features that can be used by users to convert GMX Mail emails to EML as per their needs. Some of the highlighted features are listed here:

  • Limitless Conversion: It does not have any limits to export GMX emails to EML file format. That means users can convert as many emails from the GMX Mail account with full accuracy.
  • Multiple File Formats: Along with EML format, it gives you the freedom to export GMX Mail to PST file, GMX Mail to PDF documents, GMX Mail to MBOX, GMX Mail to CSV, GMX Mail to HTML, and GMX Mail to Text files.
  • Several Cloud Services: It also supports email accounts and one can transfer GMX Mail to Gmail account, GMX Mail to Office 365, GMX Mail to Thunderbird, and many more.

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Final Notes

Hope you now know how to convert GMX Mail emails to EML file format after reading the blog discussed above. Here I have mentioned the best email converter tool to help you quickly export emails from GMX Mail to EML files on any Windows platform.