How to Export Kerio File to EML Format with Attachments?

Overview: Do you want to export Kerio file to EML format along with attachments? If yes, then this is the right place. In this technical write-up, I will give you the step-by-step process to convert Kerio to EML format without getting any error. Here, I am going to introduce you with a powerful tool called Yota Kerio Migrator to make the entire process hassle-free. So, download the tool now for free and start the Kerio to EML conversion.

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Overview of Kerio 

Kerio is a popular company that provides communication and collaboration solutions for businesses. Its main solutions are Kerio Connect and Kerio Control. Kerio Connect is an email and messaging platform whereas Kerio Control is network security and firewall solution. These solutions help users to enhance their productivity, streamline communication and keep their data secured. But still due to some reasons, many users are looking to export Kerio emails to EML format.

Instant Solution to Convert Kerio to EML

Yota Email Migration Tool is an exceptional utility that has been designed with advanced and unique features to export Kerio file to EML file format. It’s optimized algorithm can convert hundreds and thousands of emails with very fast speed. Users can utilize this Kerio Backup tool to convert Kerio emails to different formats like convert Kerio to PST, Kerio to MBOX, Kerio to PDF, Kerio to vCard, Kerio to HTML, Kerio to Text, etc.

Also, the tool is capable to preserve the data integrity during the Kerio to EML export process. It transfer all mailbox items including emails, contacts, attachments, tasks and other email components without modifying them or without compromising your data. The user-interface of the software has been designed for all types of users. You don’t need to be a technical expert to operate the tool.

Detailed Steps to Export Kerio File to EML Format are as follows:

  1. Start with downloading the Email Converter Tool into your Windows machine and follow the simple installation instructions.
  2. After installing the tool, click on Open>> Email Servers>> Kerio Files.
  3. Next, enter the Kerio login details to establish the the connection into the software interface. Please provide correct email address and password of your Kerio account.
  4. Thereafter, the tool will upload all the files into the panel and you can preview them with attachments. You can select the emails that you want to export to EML format.
  5. Now, go to Export option and select EML as your desired output.
  6. Lastly, enter the desired location to save the converted data and hit the Save button to export Kerio file to EML format.

That’s it! The conversion process is complete, and your Kerio emails have been transferred into EML files without any extra efforts.

Prime Features of Yota Kerio to EML Converter

  • Speed And Accuracy: We understand that time is very precious. That is why, our experts have designed this tool in a way that it will always give you the accurate results in just few seconds. You don’t have to spend hours to convert Kerio emails to EML format, irrespective of the number of emails that you want to extract.
  • Move Emails with Attachments: If you are someone who is having lots of attachments into your Kerio mailbox then use this tool to migrate all your emails along with attachments into your desired target location. Additionally, if you want to extract attachments from Kerio emails and save them into a separate folder then also, you can do that using this Kerio Migration tool.
  • Keep Folder Structure and Hierarchy Intact: This best Email backup tool ensures that the converted emails retain the originality of emails. If you are using this tool to export Kerio file to EML format, then you will get the exact results as you want. The meta properties of emails will also remain intact.
  • Bulk Conversion: With the Yota Kerio Migration Tool, you don’t have to extract emails one by one. It supports batch conversion, allowing you to extract and convert multiple Kerio emails simultaneously.
Note: If you want to export Kerio emails to other email clients then also you can try this versatile software. It allows you to export Kerio to Gmail or G Suite, Kerio to Zimbra, Kerio to Exchange Server, Kerio to IMAP server account. Kerio to Thunderbird, Kerio to Yahoo account, and 200+ email accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the tool preserve the email metadata during conversion?

Yes, of course! This tool can very well preserve the email metadata during the conversion process. This includes sender information, recipient information, subject, date, and other elements will be retained throughout the process.

Is it possible to export Kerio emails to Office 365 account using this same tool?

Yes! The tool is efficient to import Kerio emails to Office 365 along with their attachments.


That’s it for today! In the above discussion, I gave you the detailed steps to export Kerio file to EML format using an automated solution. This is highly recommended tool by IT experts that can help you to save multiple Kerio emails to EML and other formats with ease. With its top-notch features like preview before migration, advanced filtering options, pause and resume, it becomes a reliable and efficient tool among the users.

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Additionally, the software comes with a free demo version that can help you to export 10 emails per folder to your desired format. This trial version helps you to test the features of the tool. When you are satisfied with the working, you can buy the full version of the software.