How to Export CommuniGate Emails to PDF With Attachments?

Are you wondering how to export CommuniGate emails to PDF format? If your answer is yes, then this post will be very useful for you. This blog discusses the most successful way to export CommuniGate to PDF file format. So let’s start.

Introduction of CommuniGate

CommuniGate Pro is web-based email and collaboration software developed by Stalker Software. Designed to provide an all-in-one solution for businesses and organizations, it includes features such as email, calendar, contacts, tasks, instant messaging, and file sharing.

The webmail component, known as the CommuniGate Pro WebMail interface, allows users to access their email and other features through their web browser, making it easy to use and accessible from anywhere.

Quick Solution: Try Yota CommuniGate Migration Tool which allows you to quickly convert multiple CommuniGate emails at once to the PDF file format. It also saves attachments along with its emails in an accurate manner. Plus, it preserves key elements of emails even after the conversion.

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Why Do Users Need to Export CommuniGate to PDF?

Users want to export CommuniGate emails to PDF for various reasons. Here are some reasons:

  • Archiving: Saving emails as PDF allows users to save permanent copies of emails in a format that cannot be easily edited. This will help you retrieve important emails such as Legal or Financial Documents.
  • Backup: Exporting emails to PDF also helps in backing up important emails. This is useful when a user’s email account has been compromised or deleted, or when the user needs to switch to a different email service.
  • Share: With PDF you can share your e-mails with other users who do not have access to your CommuniGate account. This is useful for sharing emails with colleagues, clients, or family.
  • Legal Notice or Compliance: Email may be required as evidence in a legal proceeding or to comply with regulations. In such scenarios, exporting emails to PDF can be useful as tamper-proof evidence.
  • Ease of Access: PDF is also useful for users who need to access their emails on devices that do not have CommuniGate installed, or who prefer to read their emails in a PDF viewer.

Best Solution to Export CommuniGate Emails to PDF File

In order to save multiple emails from the CommuniGate Mail account to PDF at once, it is suggested to go with Yota CommuniGate Migrator. This is an advanced solution that lets you export CommuniGate to PDF along with all email attachments. Along with PDF, it helps you to export CommuniGate emails to PST without Outlook.

The best thing about this software is that it is easy to understand and any regular computer user can easily get the job done. It keeps all email data in its original form even after conversion. At the same time, the folder structure of the emails is also preserved, so users can easily access their emails after conversion.

This tool allows users to convert multiple as well as selected emails from the CommuniGate Mail account. You can search for a specific keyword in the search box and the tool will only export selected emails. In addition, you can see the preview of all emails along with the information attached just before you start the conversion process.

Apart from that, it is able to directly import CommuniGate to Gmail account, CommuniGate to Thunderbird Profile, CommuniGate to Office 365, and many more accounts.

In order to begin the process, first download the tool and install it on your PC. After that follow the below-listed instructions to export CommuniGate emails to PDF files.

Steps to Export CommuniGate to PDF Format are as follows;

Step 1. Run the tool and click Open >> Email Server >> select CommuniGate Files.

communigate migrator

Step 2. Then select emails and hit the Export option then select PDF format.

export communigate to pdf

Step 3. Choose a location where you want to store PDF files and click the Save button.

export communigate emails to pdf

The conversion starts immediately and the software provides a live progress report and status. Once this is done, you will receive a completion message. Then click OK and check the exported PDF files.

Advantages of CommuniGate Converter Tool

Fast Conversion: The software is capable enough to export CommuniGate emails to PDF in just a few seconds. No matter the size of your emails, the tool is able to export them quickly in 3 easy steps.

Export Bulk of Emails: If you are one of those users who have multiple emails for conversion, then don’t worry. This tool allows you to save multiple CommuniGate emails at the same time to the PDF file format.

Select Destination: This is the perfect tool to export CommuniGate to PDF format which offers several advanced features. One of them is the freedom to choose a location to create a new folder to store the resulting PDF files.

5 Preview Modes: Before starting the conversion, the software shows a quick preview of emails including all attachments. You can see the preview in different modes such as Content, Properties, Message Header, Hex View, and Raw Message.

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Final Words

Exporting emails from CommuniGate to PDF is a straightforward process that can be done with the best email conversion tool. Here we have talked about the most effective software to help you export CommuniGate emails to PDF with attachments. So why wait? Download the tool for free and start converting your emails and get accurate results in a few simple steps.