How to Export CommuniGate Emails to PST? – 4 Steps Solution

Are you switching from CommuniGate to Outlook application? Do you want to know how to export CommuniGate emails to PST? If your answer to both questions is yes, then this is the right blog. Here, we will discuss the tried and tested solution to convert emails from CommuniGate to PST file format.

Table of Content

  • CommuniGate vs PST
  • Reasons Behind Conversion
  • Solution to Export CommuniGate Emails to PST
  • Steps to Convert Emails from Communigate to PST
  • Why Choose CommuniGate Email Migrator?
  • Final Thoughts

CommuniGate vs PST

CommuniGate is a popular centralized Internet communications server that offers more than email services. You can store information for email systems and groupware using the SMTP protocol. This is a sophisticated email server known for its email exchange services with all other Internet email servers using the SMTP protocol.

On the other hand, PST is a popular file format that is used by the Microsoft Outlook application. It stores complete Outlook account data including emails, calendars, contacts, etc. Once the user has a PST file, it is easy to access CommuniGate emails to Outlook email client.

Reasons to Export CommuniGate Emails to PST File

There are multiple reasons to convert emails from CommuniGate to Outlook PST. Some of them are listed below:

  • CommuniGate Email Server requires a high degree of technical understanding.
  • A large graphical user interface is a big distraction while the process is running.
  • Upgrades are not available to new users in CommuniGate.

So these are the common reasons behind this conversion.

Many users out there are facing problems while using the CommuniGate email server. Therefore, they want CommuniGate to Outlook migration and looking solution to do so.

As we all know that Outlook is the most popular email client for desktops. It is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. With Outlook, users have the facility to work in offline mode without an internet connection.

Solution to Convert Emails from CommuniGate to PST

Yota CommuniGate Migrator is the top and most successful solution to export CommuniGate emails to PST file format. It makes it easy for users to easily convert multiple emails at once without data loss.

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The software let users export only selective or required emails from the CommuniGate Pro mail server using a search facility. It also does not need an Outlook email application to accomplish this operation.

With this wizard, it is possible to export emails from CommuniGate to Outlook PST even by a normal computer user due to its simple graphical interface. The tool allows you to save the exported file to the desired path for easy access after conversion.

Along with PST, the software gives you the freedom to directly import CommuniGate to Gmail / G Suite, CommuniGate to Office 365, and many cloud-based email accounts.

You can also download the trial version on any Windows version to convert emails from CommuniGate to PST file. The demo version helps you to check the overall working performance of the software.

Steps to Export CommuniGate Emails to PST Without Outlook are;

Step 1. Run CommuniGate Migration Tool and go to the Open Tab.

communigate migrator

Step 2. Then click Email Server and select CommuniGate files.

communigate migrator

Step 3. Preview emails and hit the Export option then select PST format.

Step 4. Set a path for storing exported file and click on the Save button.

That’s it. The task starts automatically and finished within a few seconds. After conversion, it is easy to migrate CommuniGate to Outlook application via importing PST file.

Why Choose CommuniGate to Outlook PST Migration Tool?

There are many reasons that make it the best tool to accomplish this task. It offers several great features to the users and some of them are:

Bulk Migration

The software offers you an option to convert emails from Communigate to PST in bulk mode. You only need to select the files you want to export and the tool will convert them in one go with 0% data loss.

No Outlook Mandatory

It allows you to export CommuniaGate emails to PST without installing the Outlook application on the system. This software is able to perform this task by itself without taking the help of any supporting application.

Apply Filters on Emails

The tool doesn’t force you to export all the unnecessary emails and waste your time. To make this task easier, it provides a search option that allows you to filter emails by subject, sender, date time, attachments, etc. The software only exports selected CommuniGate emails and saves storage space.

Maintain Data Originality

This is the best tool to export CommuniGate emails to PST file format which always gives you an accurate result. It keeps all email properties like to, from, cc, hyperlink, and others. Along with this, it maintains the folder structure during the migration.

Free Demo Available to Download

You can download the trial version of this software and convert emails from Communigate to PST without any cost. It only exports the first 10 emails from each folder. You can go with the full version to export unlimited emails.

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Final Thoughts

There are many users who want to perform CommuniGate to Outlook migration. This is the reason they are looking for a solution to export CommuniGate emails to PST file format. To help those users, we mentioned the step-by-step process to convert emails from CommuniGate to PST using the best tool. So download the software and start the migration.