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How to Export Libraesva Archive to Outlook?

Do you want to export Libraesva Archive to Outlook? Then you will get a 100% reliable solution to your request. Here we will explore the best method to migrate Libraesva Archive emails to Outlook. So keep reading the post.

But before exploring the methods, must know about Libraesva Archive and Outlook. And also know why users want to migrate Libraesva Archive to Outlook email client.

It is one of the most widely used email archiving services and is used by many companies to protect their important data. To protect corporate data in the event of a data breach or natural disaster, Libraesva Email Archiver duplicates each user’s email and stores it in a central archive.

On the other hand, Outlook is a widely used email client available on Windows and Mac OS. It allows users to send/receive emails, manage contacts or calendars, and create notes and lists. MS Outlook is used by multiple organizations and also for personal use.

Why Need to Export Libraesva Archive to Outlook?

There are many situations when users want to migrate Libraesva Archive emails to Outlook. Some of them are:

  • Outlook offers a simple and user-friendly interface that anyone can easily understand.
  • Microsoft Outlook offers new and enhanced features to help users easily manage their email.
  • It also has high security, which is the most attractive thing about Outlook that attracts users.
  • Users can easily send or receive emails, and create calendars, contacts, and tasks with Outlook email client.

How to Migrate Libraesva Archive Emails to Outlook?

If you want to export Libraesva Archive to Outlook, then you first need to export emails from Libraesva Archiver. After that, you must convert the archived emails to Outlook PST. In the following section, we will mention the full steps. So keep reading.

  1. Extract Emails from Libraesva Archiver
  2. Convert Extracted Files to PST for Outlook

How to Export Emails from Libraesva Archiver?

Step 1. First, open the Libraesva Email Archiver application and go to the “Export archived messages” section.

Step 2. You will see three options here:

  • Export all emails from a specific tenant
  • Export all emails assigned to a specific user
  • Export all emails matching a saved search

extact emails from Libraesva

Step 3. After selecting the options, select the Add Date filter-based option.

Step 4. Now, select a location to save the exported file.

Step 5. You cannot start an export job until the export volume is configured.

export emails from Libraesva

Step 6. There are three formats you can choose from when exporting emails from Libraesva Email Archiver.

  • Raw: Exported emails are saved as separate EML files
  • Zip: EML is saved in a compressed zip archive containing the exported emails. The zip password is an optional setting that can be configured along with the zip file size.
  • PST: If you select this option, archive data is saved in PST file format and can be used in Outlook and Office 365.

export Libraesva archive emails

Step 7. Once you select the export option, the final step is to confirm the export job configuration, and then the export process begins.

start export

Step 8. Once the task is complete, open the job details, browse to the export volume, and download the exported file.

Export Libraesva Archive to Outlook

Instant Solution to Migrate Libraesva Archived Emails to Outlook

If your Libreseva archive data is exported in RAW and ZIP formats, you can extract these file formats and you will get an EML file format. So, to open Libreseva archived emails in Outlook, you need to convert the extracted file to Outlook Outlook-supported PST file. To accomplish this task, you can use the Yota EML to PST Converter Tool on your Windows PC. It allows you to convert Libraesva Archive to PST for Outlook.

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It has a simplified interface and any normal computer user can effortlessly perform this conversion without taking the help of a technical expert. The software provides support to export Libraesva Archive to Outlook by saving all your emails in PST file format. Later, you can import the resulting file to the MS Outlook application using the inbuilt import option.

With this software, you can convert multiple as well as selective emails without losing any data. It also does not need support from external applications including Outlook to accomplish this task.

Steps to Export Libraesva Archive to Outlook Using PST are:

  1. Download and Install the Yota Libraesva Archive to PST Tool on a Windows system.
  2. Then click Open > Email Data Files and choose EML files or folders.choose eml files
  3. Now, hit the Export option and select PST as a saving file format.export Libraesva Archive to Outlook
  4. Pick a desired location to store output and click on the Save button.convert Libraesva Archive to pst

That’s all!

After conversion, you can import the exported PST file into your Outlook application. However, if you find that Import Export Greyed Out in Outlook and the file cannot be imported, you can check and update the Outlook version.

Final Verdict

Here we have discussed the most reliable and effective solution to export Libraesva archive to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010. To complete this task, you first need to extract emails from Libreseva Archiver and then convert the extracted files to PST. So convert Libraesva Archive to PST and then you can easily open Libraesva archive emails in Outlook application.

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