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How to Export MailEnable to PST File? – 5 Quick Steps

Are you worried about how to export MailEnable to PST file? Or are you looking for a solution to export emails from MailEnable to Outlook? If yes, then you will get a complete and reliable solution here. In this blog, we will introduce you a quick method on how MailEnable export mailbox to PST file format.

Migrating emails from one platform to another is necessary for any organization or individual these days. With multiple email services available, users switch from the old email service to another to get new and advanced features.

MailEnable is a Windows-based commercial mail server distributed by MailEnable. It’s features include support for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP email protocols with SSL/TLS support, list servers, antivirus and antispam, and webmail functionality.

There are multiple users out there who want to migrate from MailEnable to Outlook email client. Because MS Outlook is the widely used application for Windows and Mac Operating Systems. It supports PST file format to store all data and it can be easily imported into Outlook. After MailEnable export mailbox to PST file you can open MailEnable emails in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, and other versions.

After conversion, users can access their email whenever they need it. It also helps prevent emails from hackers and accidental deletion of data.

Quick Solution to Export Emails from MailEnable to Outlook

To export MailEnable to PST file format, you can use the professional Email Migration Tool from Yota. This will help you to quickly convert all your emails from the MailEnable Server with a full accuracy rate. It is a Windows-based tool that can be effortlessly installed on Windows 11, 10, and below versions. This is an all-in-one tool that supports almost all IMAP-supported email services.

The software provides support to convert multiple MailEnable emails to PST file format at once. It also has the option to filter emails by date, time, from, cc, and others to export only required emails. Moreover, the tool has a simple interface that any new computer user can easily understand without technical knowledge.

Using this wizard, it is possible to export emails from MailEnable to Outlook without modifying and losing any kind of information. Users can also export MailEnable to PST without installing Outlook email client on their systems.

It is known for its accurate results and maintains folder hierarchy as well as email properties throughout the procedure. You can also view MailEnable emails along with attachments before starting the conversion process.

You can download the tool for free on any Windows system and install it on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines. After that follow the below listed steps to quickly convert MailEnable emails to PST file format.

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Steps to Export MailEnable to PST File are as follows:

  1. Run Yota MailEnable to Outlook PST Export Tool and hit the Open mailenable to pst export tool
  2. Then click on Email Accounts and select the Add Account option.add email account
  3. Next, type the Email ID and Password of the MailEnable Account.type login credentials
  4. Hit the Export option and pick PST from the multiple formats.export mailenable to pst
  5. Click on Save to begin MailEnable export mailbox to PST task.export emails from mailenable to outlook

You are done now!

Once the conversion is completed, you will get a pop-up message of conversion completed successfully on your screen. Afterward, you can import the resultant PST file to the MS Outlook application using import/option > import from another program or file option.

However, if you encounter the Outlook Import Export Greyed Out error, you need to check and update your Outlook version.

Advantages of MailEnable to Outlook PST Tool

The software is equipped with several great features that make MailEnable export mailbox to PST easier for the users. Some of the main features are described below:

  • No Limitations: This is a well-designed tool that lets you export MailEnable to PST file without any type of limitations. You can convert large numbers and large size of emails smoothly without worrying about data loss.
  • Keep Data Intact: It preserves email properties like from, to, date, time, and more. Moreover, the tool maintains the structure of folders during and after the export process.
  • Selective Export: It is compulsory to convert all unrequired emails. You can filter your emails according to your needs and export only selective emails from MailEnable to Outlook.
  • No Outlook Mandatory: The software helps you to export MailEnable to PST without Outlook application. Along with this, it does not need support from any external utilities or programs to accomplish the MailEnable export mailbox to PST task.
  • Save Output: It also gives you the freedom to select the location or folder where you want to store the exported file. This way you can easily access your emails after conversion.

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Final Thoughts

This blog discussed the direct and reliable way to export emails from MailEnable to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, and others. Here we recommend the best tool that can help you export MailEnable to PST in just a few seconds without data loss. So, quickly download the tool and start converting MailEnable emails to PST file.