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How to Import ProtonMail to IMAP with Attachments?

Introduction: Are you searching for a solution to transfer ProtonMail emails to IMAP server with all mailbox data. In this article, I am offering a comprehensive and easy-to-follow solution to import ProtonMail to a IMAP account. Many users have struggled with the process of exporting ProtonMail emails to other accounts, but with this solution, the task can be completed quickly and efficiently. Try Yota ProtonMail Migration Tool to migrate all the files. This is one of the most reliable method for moving their ProtonMail emails to IMAP webmail account.

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This blog can solve all the queries like:

“Can I move my ProtonMail emails to an IMAP account?”
“Is there a way to transfer ProtonMail to a different email service?”
“What is the best tool to migrate ProtonMail to an IMAP account?”
“Can I import ProtonMail emails to an IMAP account without losing any data?”

Why Users Want to Import ProtonMail emails to IMAP Account

User Query: Hello, I have been using the ProtonMail email server for the past two years, but due to recent changes in regulations and security concerns, my IT administrator has instructed me to switch to a different email platform. After thorough research, I have decided to migrate to IMAP server. So, here I am looking for a powerful solution that can help me to import ProtonMail to IMAP account but without losing any single data. Any thoughtful suggestion will be appreciated.

People may want to import emails from ProtonMail to an IMAP server for a variety of reasons. One possible reason is that they may want to access their emails in a different email client, such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, which may not be directly compatible with ProtonMail. Additionally, some people may prefer to use an IMAP server for better organization and management of their emails. Additionally, if the person is moving from ProtonMail to a different email service, they may want to import their emails from ProtonMail to their new service to keep all their emails in one place.

Easiest and Direct Method to Migrate Emails from ProtonMail to IMAP

Yota Email Migrator Tool is a user-friendly software that allows for easy and efficient migration of emails from ProtonMail to an IMAP server. The tool is specifically designed to migrate ProtonMail data to IMAP servers, ensuring that the entire process is completed without any errors or data loss.

One of the key features of the tool is that it allows for the migration of all email components, including attachments, contacts, calendars, and other important data. This ensures that the user’s emails are fully preserved and all important information is transferred to the new IMAP server.

Another advantage of using this tool is that it is suitable for both technical and non-technical users. The tool has a simple and intuitive interface that guides the user through the ProtonMail to IMAP migration process step-by-step. The software also have an option to filter and select the specific mails and folders that you want to export.

Overall, it is a reliable and user-friendly solution for moving emails from ProtonMail to an IMAP server. It is a good option for those who want a hassle-free and error-free migration process.

How to Move Emails from ProtonMail to IMAP Account?

Follow the below steps to import ProtonMail emails to IMAP server:

Step 1. Download and Install the ProtonMail to IMAP Migration tool on your PC.

Step 2. Click on Open tab and select Email Accounts.

migrate protonmail to imap

Step 3. Now, enter the login details of ProtonMail Account. After that you can preview the files.

import protonmail to imap

Step 4. Click on Export option and select IMAP from the given list.

Step 5. Lastly enter the login credentials of IMAP server and hit the Save button.

protonmail to imap

Features of ProtonMail to IMAP Backup tool

Saves ProtonMail Emails to Local PC: This Email Backup tool allows users to save their ProtonMail emails to their local desktop, giving them a backup of their emails in case they need to access them in the future. This feature is particularly useful for users who want to keep a backup of their emails for personal or business use.

Multiple Advanced Filters Settings: The software provides several advanced filtering options, which allows users to select specific emails or folders, instead of migrating the entire mailbox. This feature is useful for users who want to select specific emails for migration, such as emails from a certain sender, emails with specific keywords, or emails within a certain date range.

Maintains the Original Hierarchy: It is also able to maintain the original folder structure of the ProtonMail mailbox even after transferring the files to IMAP server. This way user’s emails are organized in the same hierarchy as they were in original. This makes it easier for the user to find and access the emails they need.

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Move Emails with Attachments: The tool has the capability to migrate both normal and embedded attachments of the emails. This feature ensures that you transfer all important attachments along with the emails, and that you have access to them on the new IMAP server.

Completely Independent Tool: It is completely independent and does not require any other software or services to work. This means that the user can use the tool to migrate their ProtonMail emails to an IMAP server without having to install any additional software or services.

Technical Support: The tool comes with 24/7 customer support, which means that users can contact a team of technical experts at any time if they have any questions or issues with the tool. This ensures that users have access to the help they need to complete the migration process successfully.


In conclusion, migrating emails from ProtonMail to an IMAP server can be a complex process, but using a third-party tool like the Yota ProtonMail Migration Tool can make it much easier and more efficient. The tool provides several advanced features such as bulk conversion, preview before migration, and more. Additionally, the tool is easy to use and is suitable for both technical and non-technical users.

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It is always a good practice to use the free trial version of the software to analyze the software before purchasing it to ensure it meets your needs. And this tool comes with free demo version that can help you to test the features of the tool. After that you can buy the upgraded version of the software anytime you want.