[Solved] Impossible to Import in This Folder Issue

Introduction: Sometimes it can be frustrating when you find that the file is incomplete, restricted, or otherwise inaccessible during the import process. This can be maddening and often gets in the way of projects being carried out and they need to get done as quickly as possible as they are crucial. This article explains the reason for such type of error: Impossible to import in this folder (IMAP or newsgroup type) and its possible solutions.

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Thunderbird error is one of the most common problems faced by users. When an email has been downloaded and saved to a folder, it cannot be imported into another folder. The error is shown as “impossible to import in this folder (IMAP or newsgroup type)”. It occurs when someone tries to upload MBOX files into IMAP Configured profile but Thunderbird does not allow this. Luckily, there is an incredibly easy way to solve this issue by which allows you greater flexibility when it comes to solving the error mentioned above. It’s a method that almost anyone can follow, regardless of age or technical know-how, so keep reading below for more information on how it works and how our software can help everyone manage their messages effortlessly.

If you try to import MBOX files into any other folder other than Local Folder then you will surely get this type of error.

Free Solution to the problem- Impossible to Import in This Folder (IMAP or newsgroup type)

There are simple steps one can take to ensure that this problem does not occur while importing MBOX files.

Instead of uploading the MBOX file directly to other folders, you could upload it into a Local Folder.

Then transfer the uploaded files into your desired folder using the Drag-Drop method.

Uploading emails this way, not only protects important information but also ensures that they can be accessed through Thunderbird email clients without getting any error. If it does not solved your problem then you should try the best third-party application.

Professional Solution to Fix the Error: Impossible to import in this folder (IMAP or newsgroup type)

If you are worried about the Thunderbird Error and it seems difficult to repair ‘Impossible to import in this folder (IMAP or newsgroup type)‘ using any inbuilt utility. To solve the error, users can make use of Yota Thunderbird Import tool. The tool has few of the amazing features that really add to its credibility.

How to Use this Software to Solve the issue?

Step 1. Download the tool on your Windows PC.

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Step 2. Go to Open>> Email Data Files>> MBOX files. Here you can add the MBOX files to the panel.

Step 3. Now click on Export option and select Thunderbird as a saving option.

Step 4. Select the Thunderbird profile and hit the Save button.

Benefits of This MBOX Import Wizard

Bulk Migration: The software allows you to upload multiple MBOX files into your desired profile. You don’t have to repeat the process over and again. This will save a lot of time.

Preserve Data Integrity: If you are using this tool, then each and every item from the mailbox is preserved with full integrity. So, don’t worry about losing emails or anything like that. The folder structure and hierarchy is maintained with accuracy throughout the migration process.

No Size Limitations: Most of the time users face technical glitches when the software tries to import large-sized files. If you want to avoid such situations then it is suggested to use this MBOX Import tool that can work without any restrictions. It is one of the best tools that is not just as effective but much cheaper and more convenient to get back on track.

Support Different File Formats: If you want to import other files like PST, MSG, PDF, EML, etc. into your Thunderbird account, this can be done using this tool. You don’t have to install any other application to accomplish the task. It is a powerful and comprehensive utility.

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Impossible to Import in This Folder (IMAP or newsgroup type) is a common error, but it can be really annoying. The problem may seem to occur only at certain times. To get rid of this issue, you need to try the above methods. Our experts have provided the manual and automatic methods to solve it. The manual method has its own limitations. So we suggest you try the professional tool i.e. MBOX Migration tool. If you are still facing any difficulty you can contact our technical team who is always available for you to solve your queries.