How to Backup Emails to Hard Drive?

If you are still finding a reliable solution to backup emails to hard drive, you will get a perfect answer to your request here. In this write-up, we are going to explore the best and effective way to download emails to PC or computer.

When users work with cloud-based email services, they face many problems. You can only access your email when there is an internet connection. Moreover, nowadays the account can be hacked by users and they can do anything wrong with your account.

To read emails offline at any time and protect your emails from hackers, creating a backup on a local drive is the best option. Once you downloaded your account emails locally, you can access and share them with others when you need. Plus, you can open emails in multiple email clients by configuring your account with them.

Now let’s discuss the solution, but first let’s talk about what is

All About and its Email Settings is a popular email service provider in China. The company is owned by the American brand Mark Monitor. The majority of Chinese people use the webmail service to send and receive emails. This web-based email service allows users to read their email from anywhere online for free.

If you also want to backup emails to hard drive or computer, then must read the following section. Before that, let us know about the 126 IMAP settings.

Email Settings for IMAP Incoming mail server:
Port Number: 993, requires SSL and 143, non-secure POP3 Incoming mail server:
Port Number: 995, requires SSL and 110, non-secure SMTP Outgoing mail server:
Port Number: 465, requires SSL and 587, non-secure

How to Backup Emails to Computer?

To securely download emails from webmail to a local drive, you use Yota Email Backup Wizard on your Windows PC. It is an easy-to-use tool that lets any type of user effortlessly backup 126 emails to computer. The software is designed with an advanced algorithm and allows users to download entire emails from accounts with zero data loss.

It only requires login credentials of your account to download emails to PC or hard drive. You can export emails from to several file formats such as PDF, PST, MBOX, EML, etc. Also, if you are worrying about leaking your data, then don’t worry! This software is 100% secure and does not leak any personal information from your account during the whole process.

Moreover, the tool is powerful enough to backup emails to hard drive in a selective manner. You have the option to filter your emails and download only necessary emails from 126 webmail accounts. Apart from that, you can create 126 backup from all email folders at a single time. Additionally, all of your email properties and folder hierarchy are preserved even after your emails are downloaded to your PC.

The software also saves all attachments along with their emails without any issue of size and type. The user also has the option of saving downloaded emails at the desired location on the computer. Along with this, if you want to test the working of the tool, you can download the trial version. It allows you to export the first 10 emails from each folder for free.

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Steps to Backup 126 Emails to Hard Drive are as follows:

Step 1. Install the Yota 126 Backup Tool on your PC and click Open.

run backup tool

Step 2. Then go to Email Accounts and click on the Add Account option.

add or open configured account

Step 3. Next, enter the valid email address and password of the account.

enter webmail credentials

Step 4. Select the email folder and click Export then pick the desired saving format.

select format to backup emails

Step 5. Finally, choose a destination and hit the Save button to download emails.

click save and download emails

You are done now!

The tool will automatically start creating a 126 email backup on the PC. It also shows you a live backup process progress report and status. You can also pause and resume backup according to your needs. The tool will start the process where you stopped it.

Once your emails are downloaded to your computer, you can review your emails from the location you selected in Step 5.

Final Thoughts

The above post has mentioned the most successful solution to backup emails to hard drive. Here we suggested the reliable and tested backup tool that lets you download emails from webmail. Users can free download the tool on any Windows OS version and backup 126 emails to computer with attachments in just a few clicks.

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