How to Backup AT&T Emails to Computer or Hard Drive?

If you are using AT&T webmail and want to backup AT&T emails to computer, then you are on the right path. In this blog, we are going to discuss the simple and secure solution to download AT&T emails to PC or hard drive. So keep reading…

Before going to the solution of creating an AT&T backup let’s know about AT&T and why we need to create a backup of emails.

AT&T is the world’s largest telecommunications company. We offer a variety of services, including mobile phone services and email providers. The company acquired several email service provider companies and consolidated them into a single AT&T webmail platform for users.

Why Need to Create AT&T Backup?

Some of the reasons to create a backup of AT&T emails are mentioned below:

  • To avoid accidentally deleting data, it is recommended to backup AT&T emails on computer.
  • Users can access their account information locally at any time after downloading AT&T email to a PC or local drive.
  • Users can print their account emails on demand by saving AT&T emails in PDF file format.

Best Solution to Download AT&T Emails to PC or Hard Drive

To quickly backup AT&T emails to computer, it is highly suggested to use the Yota Email Backup Tool on your system. This is one of the best and most secure solutions to download all emails from your AT&T webmail account at the same time. It has the power to save attachments along with their emails in an accurate way.

The software lets you download AT&T emails to PC in several file formats. You can backup AT&T emails to PST, PDF, MBOX, CSV, HTML, and others. Moreover, it gives you the option of storing downloaded emails in the desired folder on your system.

With this wizard, it is possible to download emails from folders like inbox, sent, draft, and others in a single attempt. Apart from that, it has a filter option that lets you filter your emails by to, date, time, from, cc, attachments, etc. This way you can save your time and create AT&T backup as per your needs.

To start, first download and install AT&T email backup software on your Windows computer. Then follow the below-listed steps.

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Steps to Backup AT&T Emails to Computer are as follows:

  1. Launch Yota AT&T Backup Wizard and go to the Open tab.launch at&t backup tool
  2. Click on Email Accounts and select the Add Account option.add your account
  3. Then enter the Email ID and password of AT&T Webmail.enter at&t webmail credentials
  4. Next, click on the Export option and select the desired file format.backup at&t emails to computer
  5. Lastly, set a destination and hit the Save and download at&t emails to pc

That’s all!

This is the overall working of this tool to download AT&T emails to PC or local drive.

Benefits of AT&T Mail Backup Tool

There are multiple benefits of using the AT&T backup wizard to save emails locally. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • Simple GUI: The software has a simple and graphical user interface by which any type of user can smoothly do their job. Whether you are from a technical background or not, you can easily backup AT&T emails to computer.
  • Save Multiple Emails: It allows you to download multiple emails from your AT&T webmail account at once. There is no size limitations with this tool so you can add and download large-size emails smoothly.
  • Export Emails from All Folders: AT&T backup software provides support to backup emails from all folders at the same time. You can effortlessly download emails from inbox, draft, sent, and other folders at once without data loss.
  • Maintain Hierarchy: It maintains the hierarchy of folders and subfolders during and after the backup. Along with this, it keeps all email formatting in its exact form and gives you an accurate result.
  • Download Attachments: The software helps you to download AT&T emails to PC along with all attachments. No matter what is the type and size of your attachments, it can backup AT&T emails to computer with full accuracy.
  • 100% Secure: It requires login credentials of your account to start creating a backup of your emails. However, the tool does not store any personal information about your account in its database throughout the process. It is a completely secure software that has been tested by hundreds of tech experts.

Want to Know More?

If you want to migrate your emails from AT&T webmail to another account, then this tool also helps you do that. With this, you can import AT&T emails to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, O365,, and many other email accounts directly.

For this, you only have to download and launch the tool on your Windows system and start securely migrating your emails.

The Final Thoughts

Here we have discussed the easiest way to backup AT&T emails to computer or hard drive. To complete this task, we recommend the professional AT&T backup tool. This way, you can download AT&T emails to PC along with attachments. I hope all your doubts about how to create a backup of AT&T webmail are cleared after reading this post.

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