How to Export Emails from SiteGround to Text Files?

Summary: This blog provides step-by-step instructions on how to export emails from SiteGround to text files. Here we are going to introduce the reliable and fast Email Backup Wizard for Windows platform that lets you export SiteGround emails to TXT format. So keep reading and get the complete solution to your request.

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Why Need to Save Email from SiteGround to TXT Format?

SiteGround, a popular web hosting provider, offers a variety of email hosting services to its users. It also provides a Webmail service for sending or receiving emails on any browser. Users can access and open their accounts anytime and anywhere via internet connectivity.

There can be many reasons why users need to save their SiteGround emails to Text files. Some of them are:

  • Exporting emails from SiteGround to Text files is an appropriate way to back up important email messages to the computer or hard disk.
  • By exporting emails to TXT file format, you can easily access the contents of your emails and save them in a readable format that you can view without using an email client.
  • Users can simply share the Text file with someone or migrate to another email client.
  • Text files are easy to read and edit by any text editor like Notepad.

Ultimate Solution to Export Emails from SiteGround to Text Files

Sadly no official way is available to export SiteGround emails to TXT file format. However, using the best IMAP Backup Wizard you can accomplish this task. This is the most secure and fast utility that gives you the freedom to convert SiteGround webmail emails to Text files in a few seconds.

The software has a user-friendly interface which is the best part. Now, any non-technical user can easily save SiteGround Mail account emails in plain text files without taking the help of tech experts. It is free from limits so users can export unlimited emails from SiteGround webmail without losing a single piece of information.

Moreover, the tool provides users the option to convert bulk and selective emails as per their needs. It lets you export SiteGround emails from all folders at a time. Plus, users can filter their emails and save only necessary emails in plain text files.

With this wizard, users can export emails from SiteGround to Text files including attachments without any file type issues. It also permits you to save the resulting TXT files at the desired path on your computer to access them easily. Once you select the location or folder, the software will automatically open the folder after completing the conversion.

It also shows a quick preview of your emails in multiple view modes before starting the conversion. The software shows you emails with all the attached information like images, links, icons, etc. Moreover, it is successfully compatible with all editions of the MS Windows Operating System such as Windows 11.

Step-by-Step Process of How to Export SiteGround Emails to TXT Format

Follow these steps to quickly convert SiteGround emails to plain text files:

  1. Download, install, and launch the SiteGround Backup Tool on your system.
  2. Go to the Open tab >> Email Accounts >> Add Account option to continue.siteground email backup tool
  3. Put the email address and password of the SiteGround Mail account then click on the Add button.add credentials
  4. The software automatically loads all emails of your account and you can choose the folder in which you want to export emails from SiteGround to Text folders to export emails from siteground to text
  5. After that, click on the Export option and pick Text format from the list of several saving options.export siteground emails to txt
  6. Finally, browse for a location where you would like to store the text files and hit on the Save button to start conversion.export emails from siteground to txt

It’s Done!

Key Features of SiteGround to TXT Converter

The tool offers so many features and some of the highlighted features are mentioned here:

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Final Words

I hope you learned how to export SiteGround emails to TXT file format after reading this post. The recommended email converter tool will help you export emails from SiteGround to Text files without losing any information.