How to Backup IONOS Emails to Hard Drive?

Do you want to backup IONOS emails to computer or hard drive? Or searching for a solution to create a 1&1 mail backup? If your answer is yes, then here you will get the proper solution to your requests. This blog describes the complete and simple solution to download IONOS emails to PC.

While working in the cloud, users can easily access their email at any time. However, without the Internet, they cannot access or read their mailbox data. Apart from that, your cloud account can be easily hacked by hackers. To read their emails and prevent hacker attacks, many users want to back up 1&1 emails on computer.

1&1 is now called IONOS. It offers web hosting services owned by a German internet company. It is one of the world’s largest web hosting company and also offers cloud storage and webmail services on websites and apps. IONOS Webmail gives you the option to access your email on any web browser like Chrome.

Best Way to Backup 1&1 Emails to Computer

To backup IONOS emails to hard drive without any hassle, you can use the Yota Email Backup Wizard on the system. This is one of the best and most reliable tool to download emails from IONOS webmail. It supports exporting emails from all folders like inbox, draft, sent, and others in a single attempt.

With the help of this software, users can download IONOS emails including all attachments without restrictions. To start creating an I&1 backup on PC, no support from external applications is required. It also allows you to export IONOS emails from only selected folders and save time.

The tool lets you backup IONOS emails to computer in multiple email formats. You can export emails from IONOS to PST, PDF, EML, MBOX, and other formats. This way, you can access your emails in several email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

You can also backup 1&1 emails from multiple accounts one after one. It keeps all your data in the original format and gives you accurate results. The software is successfully operable on all Windows versions and can be installed on both 32 & 64-bit machines.

To start the backup process, all you need to do is download and install the tool. Then enter your account credentials and select the desired format. Follow the below section for complete steps.

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Steps to Backup IONOS Emails to Hard Drive are as follows:

  1. Launch the Yota IONOS Mail Backup Tool on the PC.install ionos mail backup tool
  2. Click Open > Email Accounts > Add Account.add email account
  3. Type the Email ID and Password of the IONOS webmail.add ionos webmail credentials
  4. Preview all data and click Export then select the desired format.backup ionos emails
  5. Choose a destination and hit the Save button.backup 1&1 emails

It’s done!

These are the overall steps you need to execute to smoothly download IONOS emails to your PC. After conversion, you can review your emails from the selected location.

Benefits of IONOS Mail Backup Tool

The software offers several advantages that help users to smoothly backup 1&1 emails to computer. Some of them are:

  • Download IONOS Emails Locally: It allows you to backup IONOS emails to hard drive in multiple formats. You can choose the desired file format to save your emails and access them in multiple desktop-based email clients.
  • Export all Emails: The 1&1 backup tool allows you to export 1&1 emails from all folders at the same time. For this you just need to check all the folders and the tool will export all the emails available in the folders without any data loss.
  • Compatible with Windows: The software supports all versions of the Windows operating system. You can smoothly backup IONOS emails on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and other versions.
  • Preserve Email Properties: The IONOS mail backup tool also preserves all email properties like subject, links, email addresses, and others during and after the backup. Along with this, it maintains the structure of folders and subfolders so that you can easily access your emails.
  • Filter Emails: If you do not want to download all unrequired emails from your account, then you can use the filter option. The software provides support to filter emails by date, time, from, cc, attachments, etc.
  • Free Trial: The 1&1 backup tool also comes with a demo version that lets you export 10 emails from each folder without any cost. After getting satisfied with the trial version, you can go with the full version and download unlimited emails from IONOS webmail.

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The Final Thoughts

In the above blog, we shared the best way to backup IONOS emails to hard drive. IONOS Mail Backup Tool is an effective utility to quickly download all emails from IONOS Webmail without losing any data. It is a 100% safe and user-friendly tool that any beginner can easily understand.