How to Convert CommuniGate Emails to HTML Format?

Introduction: How do I export emails from the CommuniGate server to HTML file format? If you are searching for the same, then you will get the perfect answer to your request. This blog discusses the stepwise solution to convert CommuniGate emails to HTML format. So read on and find a quick solution.

Reasons for CommuniGate to HTML Conversion

CommuniGate Pro is mail server software that provides a variety of Internet mail services for organizations and individuals. There are many reasons behind the CommuniGate Mail Server to HTML format. Some of them are:

  • The HTML file format offers better formatting options than plain text, allowing you to use font styles, images, links, and more.
  • This file can be easily integrated into your website so that you can view your email content online or access your email through a web-based interface.
  • HTML files are easier to access and view emails, making them suitable for sharing and presenting information to a wider audience.
  • It offers better printing options than plain text, making it easy to create hard copies of emails for archiving or other purposes.

Overall, HTML improves the accessibility, functionality, and management of your mail data.

Solution to Convert CommuniGate Emails to HTML

Yota CommuniGate Migration Tool is a direct and quick way to export emails from CommuniGate to HTML format. It supports converting CommuniGate emails including all attachments. The software allows you to convert as many emails from CommuniGate Server without losing a single piece of information.

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With this tool, it becomes easy to export only necessary CommuniGate emails to HTML file format and save time. It also gives you the option to browse a location to save the HTML file for easy access after conversion. Plus, the user does not need technical knowledge to start this conversion. Its simple interface enables any new users to smoothly convert CommuniGate emails to HTML.

The software is Windows supported and works with Windows 11, 10, and earlier versions. Along with this, you do not need to install any other software or program to accomplish this conversion process. It also provides support to export CommuniGate emails to PST file, CommuniGate to EML as a single message, CommuniGate to MBOX format, CommuniGate to PDF documents, CommuniGate to CSV file, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Free download the software and install it on your Windows system. After that, follow the below-listed steps to begin the conversion.

Steps to Export Emails from CommuniGate to HTML Format are as follows;

Step 1. Run the tool and click Open > Email Server > add CommuniGate files.

communigate migration tool

Step 2. Now, click Export and select HTML from the multiple file formats.

convert communigate emails to html

Step 3. Then select a destination to store output and click on the Save button.

export emails from communigate to html

It’s Done! This is how you can successfully convert CommuniGate emails to HTML file format with this amazing tool.

Why Choose CommuniGate Migrator?

There are many reasons for choosing this tool as it comes with a variety of great features. Some of the eye-catching features are:

  • Convert Unlimited Emails: The software allows you to transfer unlimited emails from the CommuniGate server. The best thing about this tool is that it doesn’t lose any data during the conversion.
  • Simplified Interface: It comes with a user-friendly interface that allows all non-technical users to easily export emails from CommuniGate to HTML file format.
  • No Data Loss: With the software, you can convert CommuniGate emails to HTML format without loss. All your data will remain in its original form during the conversion.
  • Set Destination: The tool gives you the freedom to choose a location where you want to save the resulting HTML file. With it, you can easily access the output.
  • 200 Plus Email Accounts: It gives you the freedom to migrate emails from CommuniGate to IMAP account, CommuniGate to Office 365, CommuniGate to Gmail or Google Workspace, CommuniGate to Thunderbird profile, etc.

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Last Words

To transfer emails from CommuniGate Mail Server to HTML format, we have shared the best tool here. The blog above explained the step-by-step solution to export emails from CommuniGate to HTML format. I hope this blog will help you convert CommuniGate emails to HTML file format instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Can I export CommuniGate Server emails to HTML in bulk?

Answer. Yes, the recommended tool allows you to transfer the bulk of CommuniGate emails to the HTML format.

Question 2. Is there any size restrictions with this software for conversion?

Answer. No, the tool has no limitations, you are free to convert unlimited emails from the CommuniGate server.

Question 3. How can I export selective emails from the CommuniGate server?

Answer. With the tool’s filter function, you can search your emails for a specific keyword and only export selected CommuniGate emails.